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a)The lack of concern 1 Susan has for school gives her no prospect 2 of future success. She should first give up _____________________________ and start.

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2 a)The lack of concern 1 Susan has for school gives her no prospect 2 of future success. She should first give up _____________________________ and start studying. b)According to specialists 3, if parents ________ their children ____________________ some of their peers who seemingly are bad examples, this may cause a reverse 4 effect. That is to say, they will develop a stronger desire to meet those forbidden 5 friends. c)Teenagers who go through a turbulent 6 period are bound 7 to _________________ and get into trouble. Therefore, they need strong supervision 8 until they are mature. d)Mark and his cohorts 9 are on the verge of 10 getting ________________________ as a result of the disruptive 11 behaviour they keep demonstrating at school. e)Meghan’s excellent ________________________ enables her to face up to difficulties more easily, which marks her out from the rest of her friends. 1.Interest 2.Possibility; chance 3.People who have done a lot of research into a subject 4.In the opposite direction 5.Not allowed; not permitted 6.Characterized by frequent ups and downs 1BE EXPELLED 2COMMIT 3DENY 4HANG AROUND 5ATTITUDE ANY CONTACT WITHTO THE WORLD A CRIME FROM SCHOOL THE STREETS 1 2 3 4 5 BE EXPELLED FROM SCHOOL COMMIT A CRIME DENY ANY CONTACT WITH … HANG AROUND THE STREETS ATTITUDE TO THE WORLD HANGING AROUND THE STREETS DENY ANY CONTACT WITH COMMIT A CRIME EXPELLED FROM SCHOOL ATTITUDE TO THE WORLD 7.Certain 8.Guidance and advice 9.People misbehaving together 10.Very close to happen 11.Having the quality of causing discomfort

3 a)When Henry was at high school he was such a delinquent 1 youngster that everyone thought he would ____________________________. However, he later met Jessica, whose love changed him into a hardworking decent 2 man. b)The teacher seems to be in trouble with the unruly 3 kids in his classroom, but he hasn’t said his final words yet. He __________________________________. c)Most young people ____________________________, which usually puts them in trouble. Therefore, schools should offer counselling 4 programs to help the young to stay calm under pressure. d)Mary desperately needs some strong supervision 5. Her parents don’t seem to mind her wayward 6 lifestyle. Can’t they just see that she _______________________________? e)Educators should spot the causes of a delinquent behaviour very carefully, and they should provide troublemakers with necessary counselling. Expelling offenders 7 from school should be something that a school board will ________________________________. 1.Someone habitually misbehaving 2.Nice; admirable 3.Misbehaving and very difficult to control 1DO AS A 2HEAD FOR 3CHEAT ’s WAY 4 HAVE ONE LAST TRICK 5HAVE THROUGH LIFE UP ’s SLEEVES A TEMPER DISASTER LAST RESORT 1 2 3 4 5 DO AS A LAST RESORT CHEAT ’s WAY THROUGH LIFE HAVE ONE LAST TRICK UP ’s SLEEVES HAVE A TEMPER CHEAT HIS WAY THROUGH LIFE HAS ONE LAST TRICK UP HIS SLEEVES HAVE A TEMPER IS HEADING FOR DISASTER DO AS A LAST RESORT 4.Guidance; advice 5.Guidance; advice 6.Not obeying any rule and doing what you please 7.People who break the rules or cause problems HEAD FOR DISASTER

4 a)Juvenile delinquents 1 should be encouraged to ____________________________ where they can try out their skills and concentrate on more constructive 2 things. b)Clara, whose friends were out partying, ____________________________ to join them, but her strict father rejected as usual. c)His new friends took Seth to a desolate 3 place where he could hear the howl of the wolves around. It was a place ____________________________. He felt fear go through his body. d)In ‘Dead Poets’ Society’, Robbie Williams stars as an English Literature instructor in a highly prestigious college. He touches the lives of his students, who have to compete in a stiff educational environment, by helping them ________________________________ through reading provoking 4 poems. e)Peer pressure is very common among young people. The most common type of such pressure is the desire to be popular. Most young people who ____________________________ start imitating these role models by changing their looks from head to toe. 1.Young people demonstrating ill behaviour 2.Having the characteristic to build up; positive; helpful 1FIND A ROLE MODEL 2IN THE MIDDLE OF 3ASK FOR 4TAKE 5ACQUIRE NOWHERE PART IN ACTIVITIES PERMISSION A NEW OUTLOOK ON LIFE IN OTHERS 1 2 3 4 5 FIND A ROLE MODEL IN A PERSON ASK FOR PERMISSION TAKE PART IN ACTIVITIES ACQUIRE A NEW OUTLOOK ON LIFE TAKE PART IN ACTIVITIES ASKED FOR PERMISSION IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE ACQUIRE A NEW OUTLOOK ON LIFE FIND A ROLE MODEL IN OTHERS 3.Left and lonely; forsaken 4.Having the quality to motivate people to act in an inappropriate way IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE

5 a)As Sam had been in the habit of __________________ her schoolmates __________________, no one really wanted to talk to her after some time. Then, having no friends at school around, she strayed 1 into playing truant 2 and hanging around the streets. b) “What I am surprised at is that Larson can __________________ all those absurd 3 rap song lyrics ________________, but when it comes to studying his lessons, he says he just can’t take in 4 so much information,” said his mother to the psychiatrist. c)The teenagers from hell in the TV programme __________________ a lot of delinquency __________________ each other. All of them would lie, cheat, steal, behave rudely and grow violently aggressive under pressure. d)Sarah had ____________________________ and her passport at the airport. She felt like she was in the middle of nowhere with no one to come to her rescue. Then, right out of the blue 5, she caught a glimpse of 6 her handbag under a bench. When she opened the bag and saw that nothing was missing in it, she ____________________________. 1.To move away from the correct place or path 2.To deliberately avoid going to school 3.Stupid; fatuous 1LEARN STH 2BE 3MESS 4MISS 5HAVE … OVER THE MOON IN COMMON WITH YOUR BELONGINGS BY HEART ABOUT 1 2 3 4 5 LEARN … BY HEART BE OVER THE MOON MESS ABOUT MISS ’S BELONGINGS HAVE … IN COMMON WITH MESSING LEARN HAD MISSED HER BELONGINGS WAS OVER THE MOON 4.To learn; understand; comprehend 5.Suddenly 6.To notice suddenly and usually unexpectedly ABOUT BY HEART IN COMMON WITH

6 a)Brad has got quite rude and aggressive recently. He is always messing his parents about, and when they criticise him he doesn’t hesitate to ____________________________ them. b)According to specialists, too many rules that parents set their young in order to protect them ____________________________ of maintaining 1 a healthy communication between the parent and the child. They say rules should not impair 2 communication. c)When Beth was a teenager, there was a strong friction 3 between her and her parents. Both sides could not understand ____________________________ was happening between them. That was a tough period to the whole family. d)For Lucy’s mother, everything had turned into a nightmare. She could neither recognise her daughter nor communicate with her on positive grounds. Lucy, once her sweet daughter, had become an unruly ___________________________. e)Lucy suffered a lot under the pressure at home. The ______________________ that her mother ______________________ were endless. “Don’t come home late, don’t hang around with her, do this, don’t do that...” 1.To keep things be or work in their usual fashion 2.To destroy; to make something unable to function 1WHAT 2 FROM 3HAVE A 4WASH AWAY 5HAND OUT ROW WITH HELL RULES ON EARTH THE CHANCES 1 2 3 4 5 WHAT ON EARTH FROM HELL HAVE A ROW WITH WASH AWAY THE CHANCES HAND OUT RULES HAVE A ROW WITH WASH AWAY THE CHANCES WHAT ON EARTH PERSON FROM HELL RULES 3.A cause for things not to run smoothly HANDED OUT

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