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Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better1 How can we guide ourselves & our children towards the higher dimensions of Education, Work and Life? How do I Guarantee.

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1 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better1 How can we guide ourselves & our children towards the higher dimensions of Education, Work and Life? How do I Guarantee Success with Peace & Joy? How to inculcate Commitment to: Fundamental Duties Quality & Excellence Love, care & concern for people & society

2 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better2 UNESCO: Learning the Treasure within Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man. The very essence of education is concentration of mind, not the collecting of facts. Education is the training by which the current and the expression of WILL are brought under control and becomes fruitful in life. The mind is crammed with facts before it knows how to think; Control of mind must be taught first

3 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better3 Higher Dimensions; Walking the Talk; Life Skills; Becoming better 1.Higher Dimensions:Education, Work, Life 2.Thoughts are the building blocks of life 3.Partnership between School & Parents 4.Strategy to inculcate higher values 5.Mind & its control 6.How “Work” can take us Higher 7.Becoming Better to BEST: Each soul is potentially divine, has infinite potential

4 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better4 Higher Dimensions Education, Work, Life

5 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better5 Higher Dimensions in Education Issues raised by UNESCO *A re we giving adequate attention to teach ‘peace’? Are our schools really interested in producing a ‘peaceful’ young generation? *Those who want ‘war’ (consumerism, sex, violence, drugs, lower pleasures and entertainment) prepare the young for war; but those who want peace have neglected training the young for peace

6 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better6 Inculcate Habit of daily self-development to purify mind to be on path to higher UNESCO: Wars begin in the minds of men and peace can be installed by ‘cleansing’ of the minds of men. How? UNESCO: By ‘Training the mind to control desire, balancing between deserving and desiring, developing tolerance and respect for differences, concern and love for others, and moving from competition to cooperation’

7 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better7 Higher Dimensions IQ+EQ+SQ, Imagination ( Right Brain ) is more important than knowledge ( Left Brain ) - Albert Einstein UNESCO: Learning ‘to be’ Learning to ‘Live Together’ Learning the ‘Treasure within’ What is this treasure within? How can it help to be & live together in peace?

8 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better8 Know the truth and the truth shall make you free 1. Vision: Awareness of Higher Dimensions in education, work & life. 2. Goals: Awareness of Need to Harmonize Goals, Desires & Thoughts towards higher 3. Actions: Awareness of strategies to develop Quality Mind-set: Creativity, Vivek, Will, Concentration

9 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better9 What do we understand by Higher: EDUCATION Education: IQ + EQ + SQ IQ is something which we are born with, it can certainly be developed to some extent, for some initial years, but not life long. EQ & SQ are more important in life and can be developed throughout life: Life Skills EQ: Relationships, Emotional maturity, Ability to handle negative emotions

10 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better10 What do we understand by Higher: WORK (choices, thought, words, action) WORK: Not just 9am to 5pm; each thought, word, action is an outgo of energy & hence is Work & leaves a permanent impression on our Mind & we are ‘slaves’ of these. Each TWA can take us Higher or Lower Daily ‘Work’ becomes an opportunity to manifest our full potential if we develop Holistic Vision of Reality SQ & Emotional Stability EQ

11 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better11 How “WORK” can take us higher Fulfillment of all our duties Quality and Excellence in whatever we do Continuous improvement in our relationships and work Working for the good and well being of all Accepting fruits of our work as ‘prasad’ Continuous Awareness of Divinity within every being so that all duties and work is done in a spirit of service and worship

12 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better12 What do we understand by Higher: LIFE What is the Aim & Purpose of Life? Is there a common goal where we can be all united and help each other towards it? Who can be our guides? Are we aware of these fundamental issues academically? Who & How do we guide people towards this higher vision?

13 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better13 Guide towards Higher: VIVEKA SQ: Ability to think, plan and act on the basis of Long-term good not just short-term pleasant & for the good of more & more Ram/Yuddhishtar Vs Ravan/Duryodhan; Hero/Villain - all have equally good IQ & EQ, but not SQ As Parents do we ‘Walk the Talk & Follow self-development processes to awaken Viveka

14 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better14 Thoughts are the building blocks of life Making Right Choices

15 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better15 ALICE: Which road should I take ? Mad Hatter: Where do you want to go? ? Perpetual purposelessness Alvin Toffler Decisions between right & right are Defining Moments, which test, reveal & form us

16 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better16 Every moment I have a Choice. What do I choose?Be Aware of ‘moment’ Short Term Pleasure Artha & Kaama Acquiring ‘money’ to Fulfill various Desires ? Each each choice/thought,action Leaves permanent RECORD in Mind Vision: Our Goals & desires must give Long term Ananda

17 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better17 VISION-Self-realization: Universal Needs: Peace & Bliss My Values, beliefs Vs Universal Principles Long Term Goals Short Term Goals DailyT-W-Action Harmonizing my desires, values,beliefs towards Aim of life:Ananda Win/Win choices Work-Life is series of events & our responses to them Can be controlled

18 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better18 Partnership between School & Parents

19 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better19 Thoughts are the building blocks of life We must find time to pour higher thoughts in our mind. HOW? Provide TIME, SPACE, ENVIRONMENT & INSPIRATION for DAILY Introspection & Reflection Reflect & Determine your Goals & Governing Values; Harmonize your Thoughts-Words-Actions towards your Vision

20 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better20 What we can do Partnership between School & Parents & Experts in Life Skills Daily reflection on: Vision>Goal>Action Study Circle meeting 1 hour/week at School & Homes facilitated by Parents/Teachers Select/Train Parents & Teachers so they can conduct VEP in their schools & be Mentors Be available on fixed days/hours as Mentors/counsel in Schools. Take help of HRD of corporate sectors

21 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better21 Strategy to inculcate higher values

22 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better22 Request Teachers to give 30 minutes everyday for ‘Rewriting’ Mind-set i) Study of selected inspiring passages & reflection on them ii) Habit of SILENCE/ Prayers & Meditation iii) Self-introspection to think, plan, review daily Time-table/Weekly Plans to go towards higher iv) SI to harmonize their immediate/short/ long term Goals, values, beliefs so that they remain on path to the higher v) Respect of elders; Commitment to Duties & Work as Worship; helping juniors; mentoring

23 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better23 MIND & ITS CONTROL Imagination ( Right Brain ) is more important than knowledge ( Left Brain ) - Albert Einstein Right Brain, the door to ‘Self’, the Infinite Potential within

24 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better24 Improving powers of concentration: I am not the mind  Mind is the flow of, and repository of thoughts.  Both Wanted and unwanted thoughts flow through the mind. Source of Thought? Sense organs  We can observe/perceive the thoughts; we are thus the subject, the observer of the mind.  We are not the thoughts. We are the knower.  We forget this and get identified with our thoughts and flow with them. All stress, worry is in mind!

25 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better25 Concentration of mind is directly proportional to purity of mind Who are its Enemies Watch your breath / Watch your thoughts Mind is a continuous Flow of Thoughts Wanted & Unwanted flow of Thoughts We are not the thoughts, we are the witness, observers, we have the choice to act or not We forget this & flow with the thoughts Unwanted thoughts are our enemies: Practice & Focus: Shama, Dama, 3 Monkey

26 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better26 Managing Thoughts towards Higher HOW? Develop the habit of being aware of the flow of thoughts. Reduce Quantity of Thoughts, Improve Quality & control Direction of Thoughts  QUANTITY: Higher the frequency and number of thoughts – Quantity, the more is the mind disturbed. Thoughts are a load on the mind. Do not carry the load of unwanted thoughts.  Learn how to stop creating unwanted thoughts.  Following a time-table, keeping busy with ‘Planned Activities’ keeps quantity under check.

27 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better27 OUR ENEMIES ‘UWT’  Mind wants enjoyment. You want success. Mind will not give up easily. Only repeated better thoughts, repeated better habits can overcome past tendencies and impressions.  There is no short cut – “Practice & Detachment”; Manage rebel mind like: Mother, Father, Teacher, Police, Unwanted Guest  Continuous exposure to good thoughts is the best method of giving a new direction to flow of thoughts

28 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better28 Discipline, Timetable/Weekly Plan, Long term Goals & Vision, force the mind to become our slave  Mind is one track in nature. It is very difficult to change the Direction of thoughts. Pour opposite thoughts to change track.  When angry or hateful, think of love and goodwill, think of the divinity.  How much time we give for D&M as compared to Wealth & Desire fulfillment? What is freedom? Doing what you want to do is slavery, not freedom. Freedom is NOT having to do, what the mind wants to do

29 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better29 WHERE DOES MIND GO? i) Towards things which ‘attract’ our attention – likes/dislikes ii) Towards Trivialities For developing powers of concentration we have to continuously PRACTICE, PRACTICE: i) Detaching from unwanted things, which attract our attention; keeping it on PRESENT job. Focus ii) Practise bringing back the mind each time it goes away to trivialities; keeping it in PRESENT Mind travels in Time –past, future; Space; to Temptations. It needs training to go to ‘good’!

30 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better30 How “Work” can take us Higher WORK: Not just 9am to 5pm But, Every Choice, Thought, Work, Action is Work

31 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better31 Positive “Work” Attitudes  Know that everyone has the potential for perfection and happiness - and the goal of education, work, and life is to manifest this perfection. Know that our duties, problems we face, and our work is our opportunity to manifest the perfection within, provided we work with ‘Seva, and Tyaga Bhava’, treating our work as Yagna, tapas and daana.

32 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better32 Vivekmanagement I will treat all my duties at home, in society and at work as worship. I shall strive to fulfill all my duties, and I am willing to take responsibility for results. I shall work for the good of society. I shall respect everyone. I shall strive to concentrate totally on the work at hand.

33 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better33 Am I a ‘problem solver’, a ‘useful person’ or just a Job doer/seeker? I will develop an Entrepreneurship spirit: What is the problem, bottleneck, crisis? How can I be of help? Can I give a better solution? How can I reduce costs? How can I eliminate wasteful practices? With a calm, controlled mind I will strive to evolve Strategy to solve the problem to help society Sama+aja.

34 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better34 Becoming Better to BEST

35 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better35 Each soul is potentially divine…. Vivekananda: “I have found a new light today. This ecstatic utterance of the Master has shown me that Vedanta need not be a dry, other worldly – affair. Vedanta of the forest can be brought to the homes of ordinary people and it can be applied in day-to- day life. Teach yourselves, teach everyone, his real nature; call upon the sleeping soul and see how it awakes.

36 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better36 Understanding our Real Nature Body+Mind=Matter. Atman is “Life” “Sat” Shareer & Jagat are ever changing, “Asat” Waking: B+M+(A which gives ‘life’) Dream: (B)+M-Buddhi+(A gives ‘light’) Deep sleep:(B)+(M)+A gives pure bliss We feel our Real SELF everyday,‘Oneness’ Growth is feeling of ONENESS with all

37 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better37 Life is covered by 5 Sheaths:Body, Prana, Mind, Buddhi & Sheath of Bliss-innermost Waking=B+M+(L) >Deep Sleep(B)+(M)+L Prana Mind Buddhi Ananda Kosha LIFE My Real SELF My Swaroopa My potential Atman Spirit, Rooha Kingdom of God InfiniteBliss Ana-al-Haqq T&D>Identify more & more with Life

38 Sunil Kumar/RKMBecoming Better38 Self Awareness Exercise: living in the Present; I am not thoughts & Pouring holy thoughts Pray for welfare of all to purify the mind Be aware of the Sound. Be aware of body Be aware of breathing. Be aware of thoughts. Repetition of holy name/prayer Visualization of form, symbol, qualities of holy saint, God, life & teachings Mind imbibes that on which it dwells. Pour Good I am separate from body/mind. I am the witness, knower. Thus I can control my mind

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