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The nature and civilization 2009 05 All photos From 李常生 林小圓

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1 The nature and civilization 2009 05 All photos From http://www.trekearth.com 李常生 林小圓 11/02/2009 Taipei

2 after the rain... by nirvana73 土耳其 Turkeynirvana73

3 Pers Glacier by ls7902 Switzerland 瑞士ls7902

4 Autumn in Binntal by dta Switzerland 瑞士dta Richmond Bridge by mattharvey1 England 英國mattharvey1


6 Window of light in Ihlara Valley by Cretense 土耳其 TurkeyCretense

7 H O M A by abdolrashidi 伊朗 Iranabdolrashidi temple‘s garden by fagner Brazil 巴西fagner

8 Grey Crowned Crane by gnuri 義大利 Italygnuri

9 Wild Geese by wolf38 Germany 德國wolf38

10 November in the forest by dim 希臘 Greecedim

11 Fall Colors by cbrman Switzerland 瑞士cbrman

12 Ma.. (Mother) by sid_sn 印度 Indiasid_sn Hopper Barge by delpeoples 澳洲 Australiadelpeoples

13 Arête Midi-plan by julia74 法國 Franc3julia74

14 Everything Is Illuminated by fomasfomas 波蘭 Poland Caineville Badlands, Utah by photoray 猶它 Utahphotoray

15 Lara Croft by corniste Switzerland 瑞士corniste

16 Foam moving by ptibelo France 法國ptibelo

17 Close Encounters of the Bird Kind by skylark Utah 猶它skylark

18 Waves by hamurkaroglu 土耳其 Turkeyhamurkaroglu

19 Autumn delights by martou 加拿大 Canadamartou

20 Terrace fields by ongtien1960 印度 Indiaongtien1960

21 Autumn colours 5 by MisheMishe

22 Now, let's see what this is about... by fannifanni Belmore Falls by ifege Austrli 澳洲 Austrliaifege

23 Dried Chila by cheaphal 柬埔寨 Cambodiacheaphal

24 Sorrento...Tornato by delpeoples 澳洲 Australiadelpeoples

25 Gold Blues and Blacks by chandan_a Nepal 尼泊爾chandan_a

26 Right place, right time by evgord 保加利亞 Bulgariaevgord

27 Rêves d'automne... suite by vbourrut Switzerlandvbourrut The Bedesten of Kayseri by Cretense 土耳其Cretense

28 Paddy-field by pattabe Thailandpattabe

29 Pic de la Moulinière by PHILVERC France 法國PHILVERC

30 Autumn glow by ktanska 芬蘭 Finlandktanska

31 moring light on autumn forest by AKITA JapanAKITA

32 The Saints Go Marching In by jasmisjasmis

33 Charmey by Nihilist SwitzerlandNihilist

34 The Jetsons are Japanese by InasiaJones TokyoInasiaJones Seeing the forest for the trees by ktanskaktanska

35 Cascade Ponds Morning Mist by PJE CanadaPJE

36 Delhi épisode 2 by patdephpatdeph

37 Kionsom Waterfall by metalzmetalz

38 Reflex in Trieste by paololg Italypaololg

39 Chaine Memorial Tower by Signal-Womb UKSignal-Womb

40 Versailles Garden by Dalloo ParisDalloo

41 last one / last colors by leo61 Germanyleo61

42 the island by ngk Greecengk

43 Artestic Statue by nitinrathod_in Indianitinrathod_in

44 Hoodoos in Drumheller by louda Canadalouda

45 Fall and Fallen II by mporterfmporterf

46 The end

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