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Algeria Africa 02 非 洲阿爾及利亞 李常生 (Eddie) 、林小圓 (Amy) 整理 All photos from Internet All photos from 2/8/2010.

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Presentation on theme: "Algeria Africa 02 非 洲阿爾及利亞 李常生 (Eddie) 、林小圓 (Amy) 整理 All photos from Internet All photos from 2/8/2010."— Presentation transcript:

1 Algeria Africa 02 非 洲阿爾及利亞 李常生 (Eddie) 、林小圓 (Amy) 整理 All photos from Internet All photos from 2/8/2010 台北 Taipei Taiwan I appreciate it if you send me some music for this PowerPoint. 歡迎您幫我加點音樂上去,假如您願意的話

2 city transport by millevitchmillevitch Algeria by maccoyemaccoye

3 merry christmas by delkoodelkoo Telepathic Eye Pain by fplohofffplohoff

4 In the big city by millevitchmillevitch Timgad by arabhamidarabhamid

5 African Festival Algiers by arabhamidarabhamid

6 African Festival by arabhamidarabhamid

7 Somewhere on Didouche Mourad street by ExposureExposure

8 Hama Park by arabhamidarabhamid

9 Sand and the city by holmertzholmertz

10 Busy market, men only by holmertzholmertz

11 Overloaded by holmertzholmertz A minaret in the desert by holmertzholmertz

12 Mawlid by millevitchmillevitch

13 View on first Algerian oasis by bernardecbernardec

14 bergère curieuse by ddupre2ddupre2 Child by jasmins49jasmins49

15 Algeria sahara by jasmins49jasmins49

16 hoggar by jasmins49jasmins49

17 Adrar N-Ahnet by photilusphotilusAssekrem by photilusphotilus

18 M'chounech by M_yOOsM_yOOs

19 Girl with a yellow shawl by holmertzholmertz -inspiration- by gabrielpatgabrielpat

20 Lunch break also for me by KhokhaKhokha Sidi Fredj by KhokhaKhokha

21 Our Lady of Africa by ExposureExposure

22 UMBB by raftadraftad

23 Algerian Donkey (1974) by mafeganmafegan

24 Can I talk tou you Mesdemoiselles? by vitaminedzvitaminedz

25 The place by MiguelPMiguelP

26 Les pigeons d'Alger by raftadraftad

27 Fate of Atlantis? by lomaxlomax

28 Alger la blanche by raftadraftad

29 Dancing the night away by MichielMolMichielMol

30 by gabrielpatgabrielpat

31 Sidi Fedjh by drofykcebdrofykceb La Grande Poste by raftadraftad

32 -take a seat- by gabrielpatgabrielpat

33 by gabrielpatgabrielpat - kind of "tea time"- by gabrielpatgabrielpat

34 -catch me, if you can- by gabrielpatgabrielpat

35 -departure- by gabrielpatgabrielpat Oran - Santa Cruz by MoncefMoncef

36 Sidi Kada Kids by vitaminedzvitaminedz

37 -petit prince- by gabrielpatgabrielpat

38 Rakb Sidi Cheikh by vitaminedzvitaminedz

39 the mallow city by delkoodelkoo

40 sardine's seller by delkoodelkoo

41 Abd-El-Kader place by ExposureExposure

42 Pose by engieengie

43 MADAURE II by delkoodelkoo

44 MADAURE by delkoodelkoo gard of Madaure by delkoodelkoo

45 Sacré Coeur by hasboxhasbox

46 Sacré Coeur by hasboxhasbox

47 Labyrinth in Tala by vitaminedzvitaminedz

48 The end

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