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Mount Vernon Area Transportation Plans for the Coming Year Fairfax County February 3, 2007.

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1 Mount Vernon Area Transportation Plans for the Coming Year Fairfax County February 3, 2007

2 Transportation Initiatives Current Projects: Richmond Highway Public Transportation Initiative Woodlawn/Old Mill Rd Replacement-Connector Rd (new Mulligan Road) Route 1 Transit Study Fairfax County Parkway Project – EPG Section BRAC Woodrow Wilson Bridge Telegraph Road Interchange Completed: Route 1 and Engleside Post Office Improvements

3 Richmond Highway Public Transportation Initiative Based on Route 1 Corridor Study and Regional Bus Study Part of the County’s Four-Year Transportation Plan A $55 Million Program To Upgrade Transit Services and Facilities along Richmond Highway Multi-Year Project Started in 2004

4 Richmond Highway Public Transportation Initiatives South County Bus Plan REX Bus Service – Sept 2004 Limited Stops Complements Fairfax Connector Fairfax Connector – Sept 2004 Added 40% more service More weekday and midday service Extended hours of operations Enhances weekend/holiday operations Results (2005-2006) 6.6% Increase in weekday ridership 15.7% Increase in weekend ridership Each year has shown an increase in ridership since implementation

5 Richmond Highway Public Transportation Initiatives Design and Construction of Pedestrian, Transit Passenger, and Intersection Improvements (includes sidewalks, crosswalks, median refuges, bus shelters, pedestrian signals, lighting) 31 intersections along Route 1 identified to be improved Phase 1 – 11 REX stop locations 6.8 miles of sidewalk gaps identified for construction Phase 1 – ~2¼ miles, 14 walkway segments Current Status Survey completed for 11 REX Stops and 2¼ miles of sidewalk segments Design in progress on 7 intersections (Route 1 @ Old Mill Road, Lukens Lane, Frye Road, Mohawk Lane, Ladson Lane, Belford Drive, and Kings Highway) Design in progress on 2¼ miles of walkway segments NEPA environmental clearance obtained for walkway and intersection projects Land acquisition will be required for intersection improvements and most sidewalk segments Public Hearing anticipated Spring 2007 Project not fully funded – working with multiple funding sources Transit Center locations still not identified

6 Expedited Projects for Construction Walkways SB Mobile Home Sales Park to Sacramento Center (300 ft) – Construction Prep NB South of Sherwood Hall Lane to Gum Springs Center (650 ft) – Completed NB Dart Drive to Grand View Drive (1200 ft) – Under Construction SB Belle Haven Towers (850 ft) –Under Construction NB Quander Road (475 ft) – Completed Intersection Improvements Frye Road (NB side) – Est. Construction 8/07 Kings Highway – Est. Construction 8/07 REX Bus Stop Improvements Sacramento Drive SB REX Bus Stop – Under Construction Frye Road NB REX Bus Stop – Est. Construction 8/07 Kings Highway NB & SB REX Bus Stops – Est. Construction 8/07 Richmond Highway Public Transportation Initiatives

7 After Before

8 Richmond Highway Public Transportation Initiatives KINGS HWY RICHMOND HWY Proposed stop location New crosswalk Kings Hwy Intersection Improvements New northbound REX stop at existing stop location, including all amenities - Sidewalk and accessibility spot improvements associated with new stops New southbound REX stop at existing stop location, including all amenities - Sidewalk and accessibility spot improvements associated with new stops New painted crosswalks as indicated

9 VDOT, Fairfax Co. DOT, and FHWA concerns for Levels of Service. Richmond Highway at Woodlawn Plantation is a “gateway” to historic district. Benefits of aligning of Mt. Vernon Highway with Old Mill Road for traffic operations. Options incorporate context sensitive solutions for improved pedestrian/bicycle access. Woodlawn entrance may be relocated further south down Richmond Highway away from intersection. Woodlawn/Old Mill Connector Road

10 Humphreys Engineering Support DCEETA Telegraph Road Connector Road Old Telegraph Road

11 Woodlawn/Old Mill Connector Road TENTATIVE PROCESSEstimated Date NEPA Documentation and Public HearingAugust 2006 Commonwealth Transportation Board Approval February 2007 Roadway Design Initiated (preliminary/final)January 2007 Complete Design July 2008 Complete Right of Way Acquisition July 2008 Start ConstructionOctober 2008 Complete ConstructionOctober 2010

12 Richmond Highway Transportation Initiatives Completed Route 1 Location Study Route 1 Corridor from Fairfax County to Prince William County CTB Approved portion section of Route 1 south of Lorton Road along with section in Prince William County BOS directed VDOT include transit options on section from Fort Belvoir to Huntington/Alexandria Current Transit Study

13 Issues: Status of Land Transfer: Fort Belvoir was scheduled to have all environmental work completed by April 2005 Clean up not completed VDOT procurement process put on hold because of the unresolved issues with EPG environmental clean up BRAC action: As a result of BRAC, VDOT has requested the Army construct the Parkway as part of EPG VDOT and the Dept. of the Army are negotiating who will construct Environmental document will have to be revised based on Parkway design modifications associated with BRAC Bottom-line – Project remains on hold. VDOT and the Army continue to negotiate outstanding issues Fairfax County Parkway - EPG


15 Fort Belvoir - BRAC BRAC Highlights 22,000 new jobs by 2011 (date set by law) Hospital, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and DoD/Army leased space 4,000 new jobs at Fort Belvoir 18,000 at EPG Employee zip code data/demographic information critical in planning support for BRAC Fort Belvoir will revise Master Plan based on BRAC Transportation Plan assumes the Fairfax County Parkway will be built through the EPG to serve as the spine road for the relocated commands Also assumes the widening of I-95 to 4 lanes. $1.6 billion in road and transit improvements necessary to prevent gridlock have been identified, of which only an estimated $200 million is available. Transportation projects require a great deal of time to plan, design and construct

16 Top Priority Transportation Improvements Improvements to Fairfax County Parkway (FCP) $50 Million construction beyond those included in the original design Reconstruction of I-95/FCP Interchange at Newington$75 Million Additional and improved ramps to and from I-95 $40 Million for the EPG FCP/Neuman Street Interchange$50 Million High Priority Transit Improvements Transit center and ridesharing facilities $45 Million Implementation of expanded bus service $75 Million and circulator service Extension of Metrorail to Fort Belvoir $600 Million Fort Belvoir - BRAC

17 High Priority Roadway Improvements Improvements to existing EPG entrance at Barta and Backlick Roads$ 2 Million Additional intersection improvements in the impacted areas$15 Million Improvements to FCP between I-95 and Kingman Road$55 Million Interchange at FCP and Kingman Road$30 Million Widening I-95 from 3 lanes to 4 from Newington Road to Rt. 123$68 Million Additional crossings over US Rt. 1 between North and South posts $15 Million Improvements to Beulah, Telegraph, Backlick, Loisdale and Newington Roads $50 Million Widening of U.S. Route 1 through Fort Belvoir$75 Million Interchange at U.S. Route 1 and FCP$55 Million Interchange at Telegraph Road and U.S. Route 1$75 Million Completion of Van Dorn Street/Franconia Road Interchange$90 Million Traffic Signals and ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Fort Belvoir - BRAC

18 Virginia National Defense Industrial Authority (VNDIA) Funding Fairfax County recently applied for and received $2.5 million from the VNDIA’s Military Strategic Response Fund, for BRAC related improvements. $1 million towards the design of improvements to Telegraph Road from Beulah Street to South Kings Highway $1.5 million for Spot Transportation Improvements and a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program Fort Belvoir - BRAC

19 Spot Transportation Improvements and TDM Program to partially fund the following improvements: South Kings Highway at Harrison Street– Left turn lane on WB King’s Hwy; Right turn lane on EB Kings Hwy; 2nd left turn lane on NB Harrison St; Second receiving lane on WB King’s Hwy for 500 feet to receive dual left turns. Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program– On Fort Belvoir including shuttle bus service to and from Franconia- Springfield and Huntington Metrorail stations and Lorton VRE station. Route 1 at Pohick Road (Tulley Gate)– Increase NB Route 1 right turn lane radius and add additional NB right turn lane. Route 1 at Sacramento Drive– Extend NB Route 1 left turn lane. Route 1 at Frye Road– Add EB right turn lane on Frye Rd and SB right turn lane on Route 1. Route 1 at Lockheed Boulevard– Add EB right turn lane on Lockheed Blvd. Kingman Road at Fairfax County Pkwy– Second right turn lane on Kingman Rd. Fort Belvoir - BRAC

20 Woodrow Wilson Bridge

21 Completion – 2011 Total project cost – $2.4 billion Project remains on schedule and on budget

22 Woodrow Wilson Bridge Upcoming Milestones 1st Quarter 2007 Partial completion of new Route 1 bridge over Beltway Open new ramp from I-95 North/Outer Loop to both northbound and southbound Route 1 2nd Quarter 2007 Open new flyover ramp from northbound Route 1 to I-95 South/Inner Loop Demolition of the existing Route 1 bridge overpass 4th Quarter 2007 Award I-95/Telegraph Road Interchange improvement construction contract, the final major construction contract in the bridge project

23 Telegraph Road Interchange

24 Richmond Highway Transportation Initiatives Route 1 and Engleside Post Office Completed November 06 NB left turn lane into the Post Office NB sidewalk

25 Other Mount Vernon Area Transportation Initiatives 2007 Transportation Bond Spot Roadway Improvements Pedestrian/Bicycle Improvements Bus Stop Improvements Capital Beltway Southside Mobility Survey Laurel Hill Rt. 123 Occoquan River Bridge – Complete early 2007 Hooes Road Safety Improvements – Complete April 2007 Huntington Ave./Fenwick Drive Pedestrian Improvements – Complete by Fall 2007 Huntington Metro Parking Expansion – 1425 Spaces Complete Late 2007 Springfield Interchange Rolling Road I-95, I-495 HOT Lanes

26 Transportation Initiatives Questions

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