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Sitefinity Sitefinity’s Mobile App Builder Alon Rotem Telerik.

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1 Sitefinity Sitefinity’s Mobile App Builder Alon Rotem Telerik

2 Introductions Senior Telerik Sitefinity SDK & Documentation Team Telerik Academy A proud member of the Telerockers rock band Contact Google+: Sitefinity’s blogs: Personal blog:

3 Webinar Overview Building the mobile app Creating a dynamic module Creating a mobile application Publishing the mobile app to Sitefinity Box What’s Sitefinity Box? Publishing the app to Sitefinity Box Using Sitefinity Box Customizing / debugging with ICENIUM What is ICENIUM Hello World sample app Using ICENIUM Graphite and ICENIUM Mist for Sitefinity’s mobile apps Publishing the application to the marketplaces

4 Sitefinity’s Mobile Apps Based on Sitefinity’s dynamic modules. Access/management of the data items on the mobile device. Downloadable as a zipped project for manual manipulation. Integration with the Sitefinity Box app. Integration with the ICENIUM cloud and IDE.

5 The Sitefinity Box A mobile application in itself Connects to the Sitefinity instance and runs the mobile apps directly from there. Available on Apple’s iTunes store: Available on Google’s Play store:

6 Live Demo Creating a mobile app and pushing it to the Sitefinity Box

7 Using ICENIUM Cloud management of the mobile app projects. An option to download/upload updates to the app. Project templates for quick creation of apps, integrated with Kendo, JQuery, Cordova frontend frameworks. An integrated HTML5 mobile device + location simulator. Integration with Telerik’s Everlive cloud storage. Connection with real / emulated devices. Chrome debug tools. Publish right to Google Play / AppStore Version control integration

8 Using ICENIUM ICENIUM Graphite A Windows application ICENIUM Mist An online development environment All the ICENIUM IDE features An option to download a prebuilt pack (APK)

9 Live Demo  Pushing the Sitefinity app to ICENIUM  The Sitefinity mobile app project parts  Editing, downloading, uploading and customizing  Debugging on a simulated, emulated or hardware device.  Getting the APK package.  Publishing

10 Sitefinity around the world Sofia London Munich Boston Winnipeg Austin Houston San Diego Sydney NORTH AMERICA BULGARIA UNITED KINGDOM GERMANY AUSTRALIA Delhi

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