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Slide 1 ASX Code: OMH Website: OMH – An Overview Accessing Land for Mineral Exploration in the NT 6 June 2006.

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1 Slide 1 ASX Code: OMH Website: OMH – An Overview Accessing Land for Mineral Exploration in the NT 6 June 2006

2 Slide 2 2 Disclaimer This presentation may contain forward looking statements that are subject to risk factors associated with commodities businesses. It is believed that the expectations reflected in these statements are reasonable but they may be affected by a variety of variables and changes in underlying assumptions which could cause actual results or trends to differ materially, including but not limited to: price fluctuations, actual demand, currency fluctuations, drilling and production results, reserve estimates, loss of market, industry competition, environmental risks, physical risks, legislative, fiscal and regulatory developments, economic and financial market conditions in various countries and regions, political risks, project delay or advancement, approvals and cost estimates.

3 Slide 3 3 Agenda Overview Marketing Manganese Operations –Qinzhou Ferro-alloy Smelter –Bootu Creek Manganese Mine Summary

4 Slide 4 4 Overview Singapore based commodity house –ASX listing, March 1998 China focussed marketing division –Ores, alloys, metals Integrated manganese producer –Qinzhou Ferro-alloy Smelter –Bootu Creek Manganese Mine

5 Slide 5 5 Overview - Divisions Mining Bootu Creek Manganese Mine Territory Iron Ltd (18.5%) ASX:TFE Marketing Singapore Marketing & Logistics Manufacturing Qinzhou Ferro-alloy Smelter Liaoyang Boron Alloy (51%)

6 Slide 6 6 Overview - Capital Issued Capital Listed ordinary Unlisted options Major Shareholders Institutions Strategic partners Board/management Top 20 shareholders Market Capitalisation 136.3m 5.6m 141.9m 30% 5% 25% ~75% ~$150m

7 Slide 7 7 Overview - Financial Returns Dec HalfJune Half Continuous dividends since 1998

8 Slide 8 8 Marketing Services Core Products

9 Slide 9 9 Marketing Services –Source materials for Chinese buyers –Logistics, credit & product management –Fee for service, not a position taker Products –Ores: manganese, chrome, iron –Alloys: manganese, chrome, silicon, ferro-silicon / boron –Metals: stainless scrap, zinc ingots New business –New relationships/products welcome

10 Slide 10 10 Marketing – Core Products Chrome ore –Improved chrome & ferrochrome prices Iron ore –Territory Iron, trial of Indian product –Positive price outlook Manganese ore –Supply ~ 20% of China’s Mn ore –Destocking, prices soft but steady –Price improvement expected post June –Expected medium term range US$2.50-3.00

11 Slide 11 11 Manganese - Qinzhou Smelter Overview Expansion Competitive Advantage

12 Slide 12 12 Manganese - Qinzhou Smelter Overview –Investment to date ~US$7 million –Significant appreciation in land value –Three furnaces - 55k tpa ferro alloy –Power constrained until early 2007 Shanghai Shenjia Joint Venture –Large ferro-alloy smelter & marketer –OMH 70% –Agreement 2006, expansion 2007 –140k tpa at minimal cost to OMH

13 Slide 13 13 Manganese - Qinzhou Smelter Significant competitive advantage – Power cost & availability – Inland freight differentials

14 Slide 14 14 Manganese - Bootu Creek Overview Operations Finance Growth

15 Slide 15 15 Manganese – NT Background Nov. 2000: Scriven Agreement Sep. 2001: Exploration Agreement with NLC & Granted EL Oct. 2001: First drill hole Sep. 2003: 26,000 meters drilling completed Aug. 2004: Feasibility Study Sep. 2004: Environmental approvals Oct. 2004: Mining & Haul Road Lease Agreements, Tripartite Agreement re native title claimants Oct. 2004: Site access granted, construction commenced Apr. 2006: Production commences Jun. 2006: First shipment

16 Slide 16 16 Manganese – Native Title Matters for negotiation –Exploration access –Mine located on Banka Banka station (Native Title) –Haul road to rail siding on Aboriginal freehold land Native Title process –NT’s first Exploration Agreement under Native Title process –Mineral Lease negotiated within 9 months –NLC employment service Benefits –Economic multiplier impact –Employment opportunities

17 Slide 17 17 Manganese – NT Experience Transport infrastructure Ready access to all levels of NT Government Supportive and co-operative approach, including: –Chief Minister’s Office, Special Projects Group –NT Geological Survey –Northern Land Council –Member for Barkly

18 Slide 18 18 Manganese - Bootu Creek

19 Slide 19 19 Manganese - Bootu Creek Mining - Good consistency & widths - Ore stocks ~2 months - Shekuma pit optimisation underway - Pit sequencing under review

20 Slide 20 20 Manganese - Bootu Creek Processing –Plant completed –Performing to expectation –Availability improving –Excellent product quality (>45% Mn)

21 Slide 21 21 Manganese - Bootu Creek Road, rail, port –All tested First shipment –Early June 2006 – ≥45% Mn, 30kt lump 550-600k tpa @ 45% manganese product

22 Slide 22 22 Manganese - Bootu Creek Exploration –Target: double resource base, >10 year life of mine –20,000 metres / $2 million –Shekuma resource ~↑20% –Chugga encouraging drilling –Tourag commenced –Helicopter EM (27 strike kms)

23 Slide 23 23 Manganese - Bootu Creek Expansion option to 1 million tpa –Parallel drum plant, accommodation, logistics –Incremental cost ~A$10 million, requires feasibility study Timing –Expanded resource base –Market conditions

24 Slide 24 24 Summary Marketing –China focused, extensive networks Integrated manganese producer –Bootu Creek in production –Price improvement expected Growth opportunities –Qinzhou expansion –Exploration program, early successes –Expansion option

25 Slide 25 ASX Code: OMH Website: OMH – An Overview Accessing Land for Mineral Exploration in the NT 6 June 2006

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