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Queensland Industrial

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1 Queensland Industrial
Minerals Holdings Ltd Project Development Plan

2 QIMH Development Plan Queensland Industrial Minerals Holdings Ltd QIMH Prepared in October 2014

3 Company Structure Queensland Industrial Minerals Holdings Ltd (QIMH)
An unlisted public company 100% ownership of Queensland Industrial Minerals Pty Ltd (QIM) An operating entity 100% ownership of 100% ownership of 3

4 Non- Executive Directors
The Board of Director Chairman & Director David Li Non- Executive Directors Felix Cheung Harry Mavrolefterou Yi Wei Shi Company Secretary Tony Tao Ian Mitchell 4

5 Tenement 5 EPM 13278 Size: 77.6 km2 Date Granted: 06 March 2001
Minerals Sought: All Minerals other than coal Location: 25km SE of Mount Perry Town MDL 355 Size: km2 Date Granted: 01 August 2004 Minerals Sought: Ilmenite, Feldspar, Apatite, Zircon, Iron-Magnetite, Corundum, Rutile and Scandium Location: 25km SE of Mount Perry Town MLA 80116 Size: km2 Term Sought: 50 Years Minerals Sought: Ilmenite, Feldspar, Apatite, Zircon, Iron-Magnetite, Corundum, Rutile and Scandium 5

6 Development Overview Development Overview
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was lodged on 05 April 2013. CHMP was approved by QLD Government on 03 September 2014. EIS was approved and Draft EA (MLA 80116) was received on 19 September 2014 Mining Lease Application (MLA 80116) is to be approved in due course in accordance with statutory timeframe. MLA Underlying Land Parcel - Native Title extinguished New drilling program is started in Northern tenement. 6

7 Construction & Mining Plans
Construction Plan Mine Construction expects to commence in 2015. High Level Process Plant Design is completed and verified by independent third party expert. Detailed modular plant has been confirmed. Plant & Equipment suppliers have been identified. Capex ranges have been verified. Potential EPC has been identified. 7

8 Plant & Infrastructure
Construction Plan Plant & Infrastructure Design Document Generation Detailed Design Tender Packages & Procurement & Construction Commissioning & Operation Mine & Infrastructure Detailed Mine Design Mine Schedule Waste Management Plan Procurement & QA Mining 8

9 Mine Plan 9

10 Mining & Backfilling Sequencing

11 Investment Highlights
ASX Listing Plan Investment Highlights IPO – BBY Lead Manager for ASX Listing Australia’s largest independent stock broker Significant high grade JORC Resource 69Mt JORC classified 5.1% Upside from Additional Resource Drilling in the contiguous northern section indicate significantly higher resources at higher yields. Initial estimates indicate a further 40Mt of additional resource. Low Cost Operation Minimal overburden with no drilling and blasting required Simple Processing Flow sheet 11

12 Investment Highlights
ASX Listing Plan Investment Highlights Close Proximity to Existing Infrastructure (1) Located next to the Burnett River (2) 150km to Port of Bundaberg for shipment (3) 2 economical routes to be chosen to haul without further refurbishment. Advanced Regulatory Approvals Expected Strong Cash flows & Investor Returns (1) NPV of $25M before capital raising (2) Expected potential IRR over 60% (3) Expected Payback period less than 3 years Attractive Discount for Pre-IPO Subscription 12

13 Port Access & Facilities
Key Infrastructure Power Road Access 4 Port Access & Facilities Water 1 2 3 13

14 Power KMS-1000KW C2G Diesel Generator Set is equipped with Cummins KTA38-G9 diesel engine made by CCEC Cummins Engine Company, Ltd. as original power. It is consisted of three-phase pure copper brushless AC alternator. Cummins 1000KW C2G DIESEL GENERATOR SET Besides Solar Power, a KMS-1000KW DIESEL GENERATOR SET will be our power alternative before the Government's power line stretched into out sites a few years later. 14

15 Water 15

16 Road Access Northern route to Bundaberg port - 150km
The most economical route is travelling north from the site to Bundaberg Port by road via Mt Perry and GinGin. 16

17 Port Access & Facilities
Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with Queensland Sugar Limited (Port facilities owner) and Port authority in term of the utilisation of Bundaberg BST Shiploading Facilities for mineral sands exports and land for further development. QIMH will have privilege to its loading facilities and indoor pile sites. 17

18 Wateranga Project Sydney 18

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