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2 GOOD FOR WOOD2 INTRODUCTION WOOD IS PRECIOUS. SAVE IT Composition of wood Properties Of wood Enemies of wood Environment and insects Why preservation of wood Types of wood preservation Types of wood preservatives Features of wood preservative Major manufacturers

3 GOOD FOR WOOD3  Wood can’t be manufactured synthetically  Wood is rare and precious  Wood is eco friendly Save wood- save earth

4 GOOD FOR WOOD4 Composition of wood  Wood is composed of minute, hollow fibers  Some wood is composed of short, hollow brick shaped cells  Zone of lighter wood is called sapwood  Zone of darker wood is called heartwood  Through the fibers the tree transports water and nutrients vertically within the tree  Wood is composed of a complex mixture of substances but the main constituent of all wood is a complex sugar called cellulose

5 GOOD FOR WOOD5 Properties of wood  Wood may be destroyed and damaged by fungi, insects and marine borers  Under proper use conditions, wood can give centuries of good service  Under unfavorable conditions wood can be crushed in powder  Wood is affected by environment factors such as temperature,moisture,winds,salty air, water etc  Wood can be cut,mould,bend,chip,stick etc

6 GOOD FOR WOOD6 Wood enemies  Water,moisture,wind,salts,chemicals  Wood- inhabiting fungi- feed on living or dead wood and produce spores (microscopic seeds)  Spores can infect moist wood  Fungi need favorable temperature and moisture content  Types of fungi- wood decay fungi sap staining fungi  decay fungi grows in interiors of wood  Fungi break down the cellulose component of wood

7 GOOD FOR WOOD7 Wood enemies- contd. Wood decay fungi types Brown rots White rots Soft rots Effects of fungi Excessive wood shrinkage Cross grain cracking Powder Chemical stains – chemical changes in wood during processing or seasoning of wood

8 GOOD FOR WOOD8 Wood enemies contd.- Insects  Termites, carpenter ants and beetles Beetles  Powder post beetles  Anobiid beetles  Bostrichid borers  Carpenter ants  Round headed and flat headed beetles  Marine borers

9 GOOD FOR WOOD9 Why wood preservation  To overcome environmental effects and insect control  To increase life span of wood  To preserve and protect wood  To maintain natural resources of wood

10 GOOD FOR WOOD10 Types of wood preservation Moisture control and temperature control- Basic preservation Drying - kiln drying and air drying Chemical control a)vacuum pressure treatment b)Mixing with glue c)Dipping d)Spray application e)Brush application f)impregnation

11 GOOD FOR WOOD11 Types of wood preservative  Solvent borne Creosote base Copper base- c uNAP,ACQ,HDO,AZOLE,ACC,CN SL  WATER BORNE Copper chrome arsenic Copper chrome boron Acid cupric chrome Zinc base Oxine copper Copper naphthenate Silicates Glycol base

12 GOOD FOR WOOD12 Characteristics of wood preservative  Effectiveness  Toxicity  Broad spectrum  Eco friendly  Marine pollutant  Aquatic poisonous  Fixation capacity  Penetration capacity  Leaching in soil and water  Retention capacity  Distribution in the wood  Availability  Economical

13 GOOD FOR WOOD13 Wood Preservative Associations and Institutes  American wood preserver’s association AWPA  Wood protection association  European wood preservative manufacturer's association  Wood preservative science council WPSC  Institute of wood sciences and technology,Bangloe  Leonard wood Institute, USA  Wood Institute of California  Forest Research Institute, Dehradun  South African wood preserver’s association

14 GOOD FOR WOOD14 Major manufacturers  Merichem Ltd.USA  Valhalla Wood Preservatives Ltd. USA  Wolman,USA  Solignum, UK  TWP, USA  Otter Ind. Malaysia  Rockwood, Germany  Dattashri Enterprises, India  Lada organics, India  Pidilite Industries, India  Ascu hickson, India

15 GOOD FOR WOOD15 Termites and borers

16 GOOD FOR WOOD16 Carpenter ants

17 GOOD FOR WOOD17 Beetles

18 GOOD FOR WOOD18 Fungi Decay

19 GOOD FOR WOOD19 Dry Rot Fungi

20 GOOD FOR WOOD20 Brown rot fungi

21 GOOD FOR WOOD21 Blue stain fungi

22 GOOD FOR WOOD22 Wood preservation plant

23 GOOD FOR WOOD23 Thank you

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