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Solahart Industries Pty Ltd. Product Overview Presenter Vaughan Boultwood.

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2 Solahart Industries Pty Ltd. Product Overview Presenter Vaughan Boultwood

3 Solahart’s Humble Beginnings

4 Solahart History 1901 SW Hart & Co incorporated in WA. Plumber and ironworkers business. 1940s commenced manufacturing hot water storage systems. 1953 first solar water heater manufactured. 1973 employees buy out shares in SW Hart. 1978 commenced manufacturing 300litre/80ge vitreous lined cylinders.

5 Solahart History 1994 (October) Johan Holdings acquired the assets of Solahart from James Hardie via the entity Solahart Industries Pty Ltd. 1998 (July) Rheem acquires Solahart Industries.

6 Almost 80 countries of the world Includes –North America – California, Hawaii, Arizona, Oregon, Florida –South America – Chile, Bolivia, (Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru) –Caribbean – FWI, Netherlands Antilles, Anguilla, US Virgin Is. –Europe – Italy, Spain, Portugal, Canary Is. France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Estonia, Romania, Poland. –Nth Africa – Morocco, Tunisia –Africa – South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion. –S.E. Asia – Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand –Sth Asia – India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal –Nth Asia – Japan, China, Korea –Middle East – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan –Pacific Islands – NZ, Tahiti, Fiji, New Caledonia, PNG, Cook Islands.

7 Key Success Factors The Low Cost manufacturer Long term highly skilled work force Strong Organisational Culture Team based work environment Technically innovative and advanced product design, strong R&D team. Superior brand name almost generic world, wide brand ownership.

8 Key Success Factors Global distribution network. Worlds largest distribution structure. Direct sell strategy. Lead generation. Strongly identified within Government and Utilities. Weak competitors both in product design, range, quality and channels to markets.

9 No job is too difficult

10 Various International Approvals

11 Solahart Products 50 variations to our passive systems (thermosiphon) 2 active (pump systems) 2 Commercial systems 10 models of collectors

12 Products - what do we make?

13 Solahart Test field in Australia ( NATA Approved Laboratory) Introduction CollectorsThermo siphon systemsMultiple Thermo siphon systems

14 Two different absorbers available: Kf Collector : A multiflow absorber with 35 channels. steel absorber with nickel corrosion protection and Black Chrome selective surface. Designed for Indirect Thermosiphon systems only. Bt Collector : An absorber with 13 copper tubes and a copper absorber plate with Blue sputtered selective surface. Selected for pumped systems Introduction Collectors Thermo siphon systemsMultiple Thermo siphon systems

15 Multi Flow - 35 risers by pressing process Large relation between internal flow surface and outer surface Low pressure drop (perfect for thermosyphon) Minimum energy loss Low pressure resistance (0,8 bar) Nickel plated Steel-Base material Protects base material against corrosion Nickel can withstand high temperatures Black-Chrome selective top layer (Kf) High solar absorption  = 0.93 Low Emission  = 0.12 Resistant against high temperatures Long experience in the field

16 An Industrial Automation Process Introduction Collectors Thermo siphon systemsMultiple Thermo siphon systems

17 Bt Collector Introduction Collectors Thermo siphon systemsMultiple Thermo siphon systems Full Copper absorber 13 Copper riser tubes - Copper header tubes - Copper absorber plate - 0.2 mm Maximum pressure of 10 bar Blue Sputtered selective coating High solar absorption  = 0.93 Low Emission  = 0.10 Resistant against high temperatures

18 Bt Collector : with 13 copper risers and a single copper absorber plate with a Blue sputterd selective surface. Designed specifically for Active (Pump) systems Introduction Collectors Thermo siphon systemsMultiple Thermo siphon systems

19 A 30 Year old Solahart system in Tahiti secured for cyclones

20 India

21 Italy


23 Bolivia

24 Introducing Streamline Solahart Solahart Streamline

25 Cold water is pumped to base of collectors. The solar control unit receives constant temperature information from a hot sensor located in the hot return line of the collector and a cold sensor located at the storage tank. When a temperature differential of greater than 8°C is encountered the circulating pump is activated and cold water is pumped from the bottom of the storage tank to the base of the collectors. As the water is heated it passes to the top of the collectors where it is returned to storage heater This process continues until the temperature differential falls to less than 4°C. Solahart Streamline How the Streamline Works

26 Two systems available 340lt & 430lt Boost Capacity o 340lt – 200lt with 4.8kw element o 430lt – 285lt with 4.8kw element Both units have a recovery of 103lt per hour over 40 °C rise. Booster element can be connected to continuous or off-peak power. Warranty Performance Solahart Streamline Electric LabourParts Tank5 years3 years1 year Collectors5 years1 year

27 Estimated Yearly Running Cost

28 Household Energy Use

29 Any Questions?

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