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Purchased Utilities and OMP Roundtable UC Budget Conference October 22-23, 2007 Clif Bowen, Moderator.

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1 Purchased Utilities and OMP Roundtable UC Budget Conference October 22-23, 2007 Clif Bowen, Moderator

2 University of California Change in Systemwide Purchased Utilities Costs for State-Eligible Space (SOMP) and Budgeted OMP

3 University of California Change in Natural Gas and Electricity Consumption and Expenditures between 1999-00 and 2006-07 (with 1999-00 as baseline)

4 University of California Current 3-Year UC/IOU Partnership $16.5 million in projects 49 projects Of this total, $8 million covered by incentive grants (at $1/therm and $.24/kWh) and $8.6 million financed by UC Yielding: –Avoided 32 million kWh/year –Avoided 1.8 million therms/year 22 MBCx projects included yielding: –Savings of 7.3 million kWh/year –Savings of 940,000 therms/year Of $3.7 million in project costs, $2.7 million was covered by incentive grants. UC contributions totaled $1 million (or 27.2% of total costs) Average payback period: a little over half a year

5 University of California Policy on Sustainable Practices Clean Energy Standard: “…As with renewable energy projects, the University will develop funding sources and establish a program for financing retrofit projects. The initial goal for energy efficiency projects will be to reduce systemwide growth-adjusted energy consumption by 10 percent or more by 2014 from the year 2000 base consumption level…” (From March 22, 2007 revision of Policy on Sustainable Practices and implementation guidelines.)

6 University of California Proposed New IOU Partnership Opportunity for significantly increased IOU funding for UC energy projects. IF UC can by June 2008 (March 2008 – preliminary findings): –Produce a Strategic Energy Plan (we’ve set aside $1.8 million from Enron settlement) –Address internal barriers to timely implementation –Identify and commit central matching funding THEN IOUs would be prepared to fund up to $300 million over 6-year period starting in January 2009. –UC matching funds of approximately $200 million ($33 million a year) at established partnership rates (currently $.24 per kWh and $1 per therm, with cap of 80% project value) –Partnership consultant estimated a 10% reduction goal in 2014 would equal a reduction of 1300 million kWh, or up to $130 million per year in perpetual energy savings (in current dollars) for UC’s $200 million investment –Potential inclusion of Municipal Utilities (to be negotiated)

7 University of California State-Eligible Space By Building Type (Small Buildings = < 20,000 gsf) A survey of the 20 largest buildings at four UC campuses suggests that on average COMPLEX buildings use 2.2 times as much energy as BASIC buildings.

8 University of California Building Construction By Decade (All Buildings in Blue and State-Eligible Buildings in Red) Opportunities for energy retrofits of existing buildings: 58% of UC facilities were constructed before 1976 46% were built between 1950 and 1975

9 UCSB Natural Gas, Electricity and Water Consumption Percentage Change Between 1999-00 and 2006-07 (using 1999 as baseline)

10 UCLA’s Energy Conservation Initiative: Estimated Costs and Energy Savings from Multi-Building HVAC System Upgrade Total Program Cost –Fan Subsystems 185 (in 25 buildings) –Cost per System$90,000 –Total Program Cost$16.7 M Savings and Payback –Project Cost/SF$16.7 M/4,2 M SF $3.93/SF –Current Energy Cost/SF $4.10/SF –Projected Energy Savings25% of $4.10/SF $1.02/SF –Projected Payback$3.93/SF/$1.02SF/YR 3.83 Years

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