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The First and Future Webs 1 International Workshop on Information Science Brasilia 5 December 2006 Kim H Veltman.

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1 The First and Future Webs 1 International Workshop on Information Science Brasilia 5 December 2006 Kim H Veltman

2 Man would no longer need documentation if he were assimilated into an omniscient being - as with God himself. But to a less ultimate degree, a technology will be created acting at a distance and combining radio, X-rays, cinema and microscopic photography. Everything in the universe, and everything of man, would be registered at a distance as it was produced. In this way a moving image of the world will be established, a true mirror of his memory. From a distance, everyone will be able to read text, enlarged and limited to the desired subject, projected on an individual screen. In this way, everyone from his armchair will be able to contemplate creation, as a whole or in certain of its parts. Paul Otlet, Monde: essaie d'universalisme -- connaissance du monde; sentiment du monde; action organisée et plan du monde Brussels, Editions du Mundaneum, 1935

3 Paul Otlet, La machine a penser le monde, 1943

4 Parts Minutes 1. Present Past Future 30

5 Part 1 Present Web

6 In 1964, Paul Baran studied 3 kinds of networks and suggested a distributed network as the best option.

7 In 1992 Donna Cox and Robert Patterson (NCSA) visualized the Internet as a Web

8 Since then there have been many web like visualizations: e.g. J.A Brown et al.(2000).

9 million million million million Today 1086 million Fixed Internet Growth

10 GFlops GFlops GFlops ,600,000 GFlops Top 500 Computers


12 Very Different Solutions are Being Explored.

13 1gramme of dried DNA can hold as much information as 1 trillion CDs. DNA takes shape, BBC News,12 January 2000

14 In 1995 the Internet was 95% English. In 2004 it was 36.2 % English. Global Internet Statistics September

15 In September 2006, the Internet was 28% English.

16 There are visions of complete usage: e.g. European Schoolnet Vision _Pucci/ Sestri.ppt#341,13,Complete usage scenario

17 Wikipedia is Growing Enormously and is now the largest Encyclopedia in history.

18 New Plans 6 October 2006 Citizendium or Citizen's Compendium guided by expert editors, and contributors will be expected to use their own names, not anonymous pseudonyms.

19 Full Text Scanning is Exploding in Size: Dates Volumes Project Index Thomisticus Father Busa ,000 Thesaurus Linguae Graecae ,000 Project Gutenberg Michael Hart 1990s- 125,000+ Pollard Chadwyck >Proquest million Dissertations Proquest million Books, Raj Reddy, CMU million Books, Google million Books, European Commission via BNF

20 Internet as Ethernet and Internet as a Cloud:

21 Internet as Ethernet and Internet as a Cloud:

22 The Semantic Web is focussing on these addresses (URLS, URNS) to establish security. As a result the WWW acts as if the web of connections were effectively an Ether- net independent of objects in the physical world and different layers of reality.

23 Meanwhile the Internet has spread beyond this cloud to include: SpaceAstronomy EarthGeography (GIS, GPS, UMTS) Oceans Oceanography

24 Hubble Telescope Images

25 Microsoft Virtual Earth

26 VENUS ( Victoria Experimental Network Under the Sea) project

27 Three Worlds: Virtual Heavens, Earth and Oceans and a WWW

28 This is part of a larger trend to Map and Scan different worlds : 1. Metaphysical Philosophy, Religion 2. Mental Literature, Mathematics 3. Physical SpaceAstronomy EarthGeography Oceans Oceanography 4. Man Made Architecture 5. Social Sociology, Psychology

29 The deeper challenges for Semantic Webs of the future lie in linking information and knowledge beyond the Ethernet clouds to these different: 1) Levels of Reality 2) Scales of Reality

30 The Semantic Web has focussed on the logical truth of 1-1 links via URLS. A Semantic Web for Culture requires multiple sets of links which show how these 3 worlds are linked via many variants in terms of names and even explanations.

31 Ideas for the deeper challenges of future webs are found in the earliest webs of language and knowledge in India and the East that are claimed to go back 10,000 years.

32 Part 2 The First Webs

33 The idea of a web goes back to stories of creation.

34 The Aksak dung beetle created first man and woman from clay scarabs.html

35 In India the story of creation is told as the story of the creation of language.

36 One of their starting points was study of 3 Phases of Moon.

37 Man = like Sun Woman = like Moon 3 Worlds = 3 Goddesses =3 Phases Heaven Sarasvati Rhea Earth Parvati Hera Underworld Durga Demeter

38 3 phases of moon = 3 worlds = 3 phases of life: Heaven Sarasvati Young Earth Parvati Mother Underworld Durga Crone

39 Juno Minerva Aphrodite Thus the monthly cycle entails either 2 x 15 days (30), 3 x 9 days (27) or of 4 x 7 days (28).

40 Female India Young WomanMature WomanOld Woman Kali Lakshmi Durga Lakshmi Durga Saraswati Arabia Al-UzzaAl-LatManat ‘UzzaAllat (al-ilāhat Goddess) Manat VirginMotherVisionary, witch Greece Aphrodite Hera Minerva Selene ArtemisHecate Luna Diana Persephone Persephone Demeter Hecate This inspires the Triple goddess in East and West.

41 In terms of Information architecture this points to a first need: we need to go beyond 1-1 “is a” statements to represent the complexities of the triple goddess as her name moves from East to West.

42 The mysteries of woman weave 3 ages of life 3 worlds with 3 x 3 = 9 threads.

43 In Sanskrit MAMA = Nutritive Principle which shows how 1 becomes 2 becomes 3.

44 It also leads to triple symbolism: Moon, as nutritive force (Mama); as rooftop in Japan; as Triskell. [ii [i][i], h)]; i) as triskell [i] [i] [ii][ii] Photo by author from temple in Nikko. Cf. Symbol, Japanese Version and Triskellhttp://www.iecn.u-

45 It also leads to triple symbolism: Labyrinths in Celtic Ireland; Trinacria in Sicily and variants in Celtic Northern France.

46 3 Worlds of Knowledge evolve in a Matrix in 7 Stages

47 Stages 1. ANAM Nameless 2. AGAM Inaccessible 3. ALAKSA Incomprehensible 4. AUM Vibration 5. Kala Time 6. Desh Space 7. Patra or Anu Individuation

48 Stage 1 is A ANAM Nameless

49 Stage 1 of Pre -creation results in one point.

50 A The prime force is 1 with 3 forces potentially that will become 3 phases of the day. K A Downward force in the evening I +V sideways at noon > K. Upward force in the morning. Λ Λ Λ I

51 Stage 2 is A AGAM Inaccessible

52 Stage 2 of Pre -creation results in two points.

53 In terms of Geometry, Stage 2 results in a line.

54 Stage 3 is A ALAKSA Incomprehensible

55 Stage 3a of Pre -creation results in 3 points as an upward triangle: A, Ka, Tha.

56 In terms of the Sephiroth this entails 1, 2 and 3 com/ tarot2.htmlwww.crystalinks. com/ tarot2.html

57 Stage 3b of Pre -creation results in 3 points as a downward triangle

58 In terms of the Sephiroth this becomes 2 and 3 and 6. com/ tarot2.htmlwww.crystalinks. com/ tarot2.html

59 In terms of Geometry this results in a Triangle.

60 Stage 4 is AUM Vibration Creative force: obscures Ever-Uncreated

61 Stage 4 of Pre -creation results in 4 points.

62 In terms of the Sephiroth this effectively entails 2, 3, 4, 5 com/ tarot2.htmlwww.crystalinks. com/ tarot2.html

63 In terms of Geometry this lead to a first square that generates the matrix.

64 Stage 5 is Time Kal Change in the Ever-Unchangeable

65 Kala or Time entails 5 Points

66 In terms of the Sephiroth this effectively entails 4,5, 6, 7, 8 com/ tarot2.htmlwww.crystalinks. com/ tarot2.html

67 These become the central spokes of Ginnungapap 1 — Мидгард, 2 — Муспельхейм, 3 — Нифльхейм, 4 — Асгард, 5 — Хель, 6 — Ванахейм, 7 — Ётунхейм, 8 — Свартальвхейм, 9 — Юсальфхейм.

68 Kala or Time entails 5 Points which can be re-arranged.

69 In geometry these five points generate a matrix of 4 squares.

70 These four squares entail 9 points, which leads to 9 squares.

71 This becomes the Indian matrix of 3x 3 (9 squares) linked with the image of a Tortoise or Kurma (avatar 2 of Vishnu).

72 In China this tortoise becomes the Lo Shu Diagram also involving a matrix of 3 x 3 squares.

73 A Geometrical version of same Chinese Diagram shows how the numbers always add up to 15 = 1 phase of the moon.

74 A Geometrical version of same Chinese Lo Shu Diagram shows how the 9 (3x 3) squares produce 16 (4 x 4 dots): the 15 days of the moon plus a 16 th when it remains at its maximum

75 In China the 5 points are drawn as 5 points with 4 joining lines.

76 This helps us to recognize that the Chinese and Indian methods are two versions of the same matrix.

77 In India these 5 points become 4 squares of an inner matrix.

78 In like manner the 5 upper and lower lines in China generate 4 x 4 squares in India or conversely 5 x 5 points.

79 These 16 squares entail 25 points.

80 The Same 25 points arranged as 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 = all the male numbers under 10 in China.

81 21 January = Aquarius (formerly 21 December = Capricorn) Draco, mirrored and the sign of 25 in the Tribu Restaurant.

82 In terms of Geometry this is the pentagon that combines with triangles to generate the Five Pointed Star of SiVA that leads x 12 = Dodecahedron

83 Stage 6 is Space Desh Division is produced in Ever-Indivisible

84 Stage 6 of Pre -creation results in 6 points.

85 The upward and the downward triangle now meet as the Six pointed star linked with the seal and stars of Vishnu, Solomon, and David.

86 Stage 6 of Pre -creation also results in 6 points of the 3-D pyramid.

87 Stage 7 is Atomic Form Patra or Anu One appears as innumerable objects

88 Stage 7 of Pre -creation results in 7 points.

89 In terms of the Sephiroth this effectively entails 4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9 com/ tarot2.htmlwww.crystalinks. com/ tarot2.html

90 Stage 7 of Pre -creation results in 7 points.

91 These 7 points become the 4 directions + up, down and centre.

92 The 28 days of the month can then be drawn as a pyramid of points as a square of 28 points or as 6 x 6 squares with 49 points.

93 In the West arithmetic = discrete quantity geometry = continuous quantity and treated separately. In the East Arithmetic and geometry are integrated.

94 This leads to matrices of squares and dots: x 3 (9) 4 x 4 = 16 4 x 4 (16) 5 x x 5 (25) 6 x x 6 (36) 7 x x 7 (49) 8 x x 8 (64) 9 x x 9 (81) 10 x x 10 (100)

95 The 3x 3 square leads to a 4 x 4 square which, as we shall see, becomes central in the development of alphabets.

96 This 4x 4 = 16 pattern x 4 = 8 x 8 = 64 Squares = chessboard, checkers the game of Go (= Sanskrit for heavenly cow).

97 In India this culminates in a 9 x 9 ( = 3 x 3 x 3 x3 = the 3 principle of Λ applied to the 4 directions) as the Vastu Purusha Mandala as basis for positioning gods and directions tecture/vastu-shastra-2.html

98 These matrices are found also in the New World.

99 The Vastu Purusha becomes the Indian Equivalent of Vitruvian Man. sstp-mgpuja3.html

100 In China, the I Ching uses dots with implicit Magic Squares.

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