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Supervising Instruction Week 5 Collegial Supervision.

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1 Supervising Instruction Week 5 Collegial Supervision

2 What is Collegial Supervision? Collegial supervision is supervision where colleagues work together and offer one another feedback on their performance as educators.

3 Clinical Supervision What do others say Collegial Supervision is? Allan Glatthorn says that collegial supervision is “cooperative professional development”. This definition assumes that the teachers enjoy working together, that they are professionals operating in a professional environment, and that they desire to develop and mutually respect and grow together.

4 Collegial Supervision Allan Glatthorn says that this process is a process where by teachers agree with one another to work together for their own professional development.

5 Collegial Supervision What Does Collegial Supervision Entail? Teachers working together in agreement. Teacher observing one another in their classroom. Teacher’s giving feedback to one another. Teacher’s having conversations or other correspondence with one another to discuss professional concerns in a sharing fashion.

6 Collegial Supervision Must Have’s with Collegial Supervision Teacher’s must have or develop a mutual trust. Teacher’s must be mature enough to take ownership of their responsibilities in this process. The teacher’s must be able to work professionally with one another and independently without the supervision of an administrator.

7 Collegial Supervision This form of supervision allows two or more teachers to work together for their professional growth and development. This is typically done by observing one another in their classroom or professional setting. In this process they give each other feedback about what they observed.

8 Collegial Supervision Possible Activities Opportunities for curriculum development Opportunities for professional dialogue and improvement in professionalism Opportunities for peer supervision Opportunities for workshops, sharing new methods Opportunities for peer coaching Opportunities to study problems and possible solutions Opportunities for action research

9 Quick Quiz 1.What is Allan Glatthorn’s definition of collegial supervision? 2.What does collegial supervision entail? Name three things. 3.What are some must have’s of collegial supervision? Name three things. 4. How many teachers work together with collegial supervision? 5. What ministries would benefit from collegial supervision the most? 6. What are some possible activities or opportunities that are available to participants in collegial supervision?

10 Assignments in Week 5 1.Read PowerPoint notes. 2.Read 3.Master’s students: read 30-40 additional pages and use Reading Report Form 4.Begin preparing for Test 2. 5.Write up: Write ways that collegial supervision can be used in the church. Include the ministries and ways some ministries might utilize it. (This is Journal 5 for online students.) 6.Begin working on writing assignment (see Week 9).

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