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Peer Coaching Job-Embedded Professional Learning Steve Barkley.

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1 Peer Coaching Job-Embedded Professional Learning Steve Barkley


3 Coaching Beliefs 1.Everyone working in the school should be observed once a week and receive feedback. 2.The most skilled and professional educators should be coached the most.

4 Instructional Coaching EVALUATION Outside Criteria MENTORING PEER COACHING Teacher’s Choice SUPERVISION

5 School Change Source: Model developed by Stephen Barkley 5 Change in Teaching Behavior Change in Student Behavior

6 Student Achievement What is the definition of student achievement that drives your work?

7 7 STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT GOALS ACADEMICS - knowledge and skills to be successful in school and life. LIFE SKILLS - aptitude, attitude and skills to lead responsible, fulfilling and respectful lives. RESPONSIBILITY TO THE COMMUNITY - attributes that contribute to an effective and productive community and the common good of all.

8 Student Behaviors What student behaviors need to be initiated or increased to gain the desired student achievement?

9 Student Behaviors Reading as choice Writing Finding problem to solve Researching Asking Questions Following a Passion Persevering/Effort Working independently and collaboratively Taking risk in learning Using technology to research and produce Adapting to change

10 10 Teacher Behaviors What teacher behaviors are most likely to generate the desired student behaviors?

11 Teacher Behaviors Teach the desired student behavior. Model the desired student behavior.

12 School Change Source: Model developed by Stephen Barkley 12 Change in Teaching Behavior Change in Student Behavior

13 13 Celebrate Gain Options Practice Consciously

14 14 Unconsciously Talented Unconsciously Unskilled Consciously Unskilled Consciously Skilled Unconsciously Skilled Gordon’s (1974) Skill Development Ladder Gordon’s Skill Development Ladder The Art of Teaching

15 15 Learning Dip

16 16 Teacher Relationships Parallel Play Adversarial Relationships Congenial Relationships Collegial Relationships Roland S. Barth Relationships Within the Schoolhouse ASCD 2006

17 How Administrators Support Peer Coaching Technical Coaching Staff Development Collegial Coaching Relationships Challenge Coaching Solutions & Opportunities Robert J. Garmston (1987)

18 Barth: By collegiality I mean four things One, teachers talking with one another about the work they do -- talking in faculty meetings, in hallways, in classrooms, at the dinner table about practice. Second, sharing that craft knowledge, shouting it from the mountaintop, and honoring it when someone else is sharing it.

19 Barth Third, making our practice mutually visible. That is, you come into my classroom and watch me teach seventh-grade biology and I come into your classroom and watch you teach ninth-grade geometry, and, afterward, we talk about what we are doing and why, and what we can learn from each other. Above all, collegiality means rooting for the success of one another. If every adult in the school is rooting for you, when the alarm clock rings at six a.m., you jump out of bed to go to that school

20 20


22 LISTENING TEST You believe that........... My focus is............... I should notice.............

23 Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud


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