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2 Map Genius Philosophy:

3 What is my zoning?, What school zone am I in?, Is my property in a flood zone? Why is it so hard to find what I need?!

4 Convergence of Technology GIS, Internet and Mobile Technologies

5 Mashup of latest web technologies ++ ArcGIS Server: Allow us to serve maps over the internet. Fast, powerful, well supported-pa Tightly integrated with ArcGIS desktop software. “Live” system Up to date high quality base maps Aerials flown in 2013 Street View Oblique aerials perspective view from above Generous free usage limits Helpers to create applications that work on desktop browsers and mobile devices. One application-the future

6 One community wide mapping portal City of Gainesville and other municipalities Alachua County Departments Alachua County Departments Property Appraiser ArcGIS Server (Enterprise Wide GIS Database) Web accessible map layers ArcGIS Server (Enterprise Wide GIS Database) Web accessible map layers Grass Roots effort to tie all resources together Web applications, GIS data layers, pre-made maps, and other resources MAP GENIUS


8 1.Road Project Dashboard (maps, charts, graphs) 2.Citizen Service Request: Report a code violation, pothole or other location based request directly on a map from your phone. 3.What Voting precinct am I in and where do I vote? 1.High quality printing with custom map templates 2.Find what’s near my location (parks, schools and more..) 3.More tabs. Parks & Recreation, Road projects. Talk to each department and other agencies.

9 Map Genius Demonstration: Lot 17 of Westpoint 7405 SW 22ND PL Lot 40 of Black Pines 06466-039-000 Land Developer ‘Collinstown’: parcel 4340-000-000

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