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GO! NC Presented by: NCDOT GIS Unit Overview and Demonstration DiscoverBuildConnect

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1 GO! NC Presented by: NCDOT GIS Unit Overview and Demonstration DiscoverBuildConnect

2 DiscoverBuildConnect GO! NC What is GO! NC ?  GO! NC = GIS Online at NCDOT  It is NCDOT’s implementation of ArcGIS Online (AGOL).  It is also, a larger system that supports the publishing of NCDOT user’s geospatial data to the world.  How you use GO! NC depends on if you are a NCDOT user with data to publish or a user of that published data.  Most people here will fall into the USER category.

3 Quick 2 minute videovideo

4 DiscoverBuildConnect GO! NC  Ability to reach multiple users simultaneously  No install required! Entirely web-based  Easy to create maps to share data Video Highlights

5 DiscoverBuildConnect GO! NC Where Does the Data Come From?  NCDOT users publish their spatial data through GO! NC when they want.  NCDOT users own and manage their published spatial data. -Transportation Planning Branch Functional Class -Natural Environmental Unit Wetland Mitigation Sites  Other Services Across the Web -NOAA -NCONEMAP

6 DiscoverBuildConnect GO! NC Data Services – Data provided through web services that can be consumed by tools users use every day – ArcMap, Web Maps, SDV Online, Mobile devices. Online Web Maps and Apps – Ready-to-use maps and application templates users can access with any browser. And anyone can create their own for their use. Discovery Tools – Tools to help users find your data and maps. User Capabilities

7 DiscoverBuildConnect GO! NC GO! NC Content Gallery Library of publicly shared published maps through GO! NC Deployed Web Apps Deployed Mobile Apps (none at this time) More links to find maps Map A place to create your own Web Map from scratch Ability to add layers of published feature services and then save it Groups links to sets of different types of information

8 DiscoverBuildConnect GO! NC Exploring the GO! NC Portal All you really need: Internet access

9 DiscoverBuildConnect GO! NC It is an Online Spatial Viewer to: Easily view data published by NCDOT Perform simple queries View tabular data Use NCDOT custom tools Find and use map services published on the web

10 DiscoverBuildConnect GO! NC

11 DiscoverBuildConnect GO! NC Bentley Microstation Web Map Service (WMS) is a standard protocol for serving georeferenced map images over the Internet that are generated by a map server using data from a GIS database. Bentley SELECTseries 2 and above accessed through: Raster Manager Web Feature Service (WFS) returns actual features with geometry and attributes that clients can use in any type of geospatial analysis. Bentley Map V8i (SELECTseries 3) accessed through: Map Manager

12 DiscoverBuildConnect GO! NC

13 DiscoverBuildConnect GO! NC All Other Support: Internal User Support Site: Coming Soon GO! NC Portal https:// http:// Internal Publisher Support Site:

14 DiscoverBuildConnect GO! NC Questions?

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