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Week 3 – There’s Nothing Wrong With ME! Annie Kaszina.

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1 Week 3 – There’s Nothing Wrong With ME! Annie Kaszina

2 We will always try to answer our own questions. Whether that is a strength or a weakness depends solely on the quality of the question.

3 Hades Clone Absolute Ruler of Your Underworld, walking his dog 3 headed Cerberus Hostility Humiliation Hurtfulness



6 With all that programming It’s APPROPRIATE Not to feel okay

7 You know what’s seriously WEIRD?

8 N What Mr Nasty says doesn’t matter – Except to Mr Nasty. “His opinion is problematic…” What he says doesn’t have to be relevant to you.

9 You’ve seen the best in him for how long?! You’ve persisted in trying…for how long?! You’ve done better by him, and your children than you experienced. You haven’t turned into a person like him. You’ve not given up on the values you believe in. The only person you’ve given a hard time is yourself. You’ve not given up on your dreams. You have given endlessly – selflessly – of yourself. Your badge of honor

10 You still believe with all your might in love. You don’t feel that what you’ve been through gives you the right to grow into a Nasty clone. You’re modest, trustworthy, hard- working, you’d fight like a lion to protect your children… In short… you’re just a MASS of overdone strengths. Or maybe you like this badge of honor better…

11 What??!!! This CANNOT be true – I always thought I was… Weak!!!

12 Strengths Generous Trusting Loyal Hardworking Undemanding Forgiving Loving Overdone strengths Generous to a fault Overly trusting to the point of naivete Total uncritical Suffering from Straw-that-broke- the-camel’s-back syndrome The turkey voting for Christmas Too forgiving to realize that forgiveness may have to be earned Loving irresponsibly

13 I hate to be the one to put this to you, but…. “You are emotionally totally musclebound.”

14 You’ve forgotten how to dance with Life

15 There is NOTHING that you need that you do not already have inside you. All that you need to do now is get rid of the excess baggage that is weighing you down.


17 How will you start to dance with Life? How playful can you be?


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