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T HE S OLUTION R OOM FOR M EMBER I SSUES C. Leigh Minter, DeKalb Medical Foundation.

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1 T HE S OLUTION R OOM FOR M EMBER I SSUES C. Leigh Minter, DeKalb Medical Foundation

2 Board Members

3 L OOKING FOR AN EFFECTIVE BOARD CHAIR ? Would you like for them to be certified through GHA – GADP?

4 N ON -P ROFIT B OARD S TATISTICS Average size of a US nonprofit board is 16 voting members compared to for profit boards which average 11 members. 79% of boards average above 75% attendance. Inability to raise money is cited as the major weakness of many charities’ board of directors, while only 5% listed fund raising as a board strength. FUNDRAISING ranks #1 among board areas needing improvement. The average number of board meetings per year is 6.9. The average board meeting lasts 3.3 hours.

5 N ON -P ROFIT B OARD S TATISTICS Most Common Board Terms: 3 years – 70% Most Common Consecutive Board Terms: 2 terms – 43% Boards Requiring Personal Contributions from Members – 68% Boards Requiring Donor Identification – 61% Boards Requiring Attendance at Fundraising Events – 60% 85% of boards have board members with financial expertise.

6 B Y -L AWS W HAT ARE YOUR B OARD MEMBER T ERMS ? 3 year / 3 year with mandatory 1 year off 3 year / 3 year with option to renew 2 year / 2 year

7 Do you ever get the feeling that you would like to “Plaque and Wack” them all?


9 J UST A LETTERHEAD HOLDER NOT A B OARD M EMBER Mr. John Doe Address City, State Zip Dear John: On behalf of the Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation, I would like to thank you for your service and generous contributions as a member of the GMC Foundation Board of Directors. Your three-year term will be fulfilled on December 31, 2013. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your time and commitment to our mission. Your leadership over the past three years has helped shape the future of healthcare at Gwinnett Medical Center. You should take great pride in knowing that you played a role in bringing Open Heart services to our community. Thousands of people’s lives will be materially and positively impacted by your kindness and philanthropic efforts. I hope you will continue to be a roaring advocate for the Gwinnett Medical Center as we continue on our path to transforming healthcare! Sincerely,

10 There are so many men and women who hold no distinctive positions but whose contribution towards the development of society has been enormous. Nelson Mandela

11 Events or No-Events Events or No-Events


13 Employee Giving Employee Giving


15 Major Gifts “The Big Money” Major Gifts “The Big Money”

16 H OW ARE YOU RECOGNIZING YOUR LARGER DONORS ? Portrait in your “Hall of Heroes” Naming Opportunities Atlanta Business Chronicle – AJC – Local Paper Donor Reception Hospital / Foundation Board Meeting

17 Planned Gifts

18 Do you have the never ending planned gift? Or maybe the very generous unexpected gift?

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