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1 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Andrew Watts

2 Overview of CSR. “ A concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their a interactions with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis” “CSR concerns actions by companies over and above their legal obligations towards society and the environment”

3 Benefits of CSR. A strategic approach to CSR is increasingly important to the competitiveness of enterprise. It brings benefits in-terms of risk management, cost savings, access to capital, customer relationship, HR management and innovation capacity.

4 Benefits of CSR. Part of Commissioning / Tendering Assessments Publicity Opportunities Staff Involvement / Ownership Customer Relationships Community / Social Benefits Environmental Benefits Cost Savings

5 Corporate Volunteering. Local volunteering opportunities provide business, environmental and community benefit as well as in-kind funding support. “We recognise that our employees have many good causes that they feel passionately about, and who give their time supporting these causes. As a company we value the enthusiasm and commitment that employees show to such causes and strive to support them in whatever way we can, both corporately and personally.”

6 Corporate Volunteering. Give & Gain Day 2013 The UK’s only national day of employee volunteering, will take place on Friday 17th May 2013. Thousands of employees across the UK, and globally, will be donating their time to the communities they live or work in by taking part in this day of action.

7 Charitable Governance. Support to Voluntary and Community organisations through trusteeships, corporate advice and in-kind support. Access to Legal Advice Free Accommodation Board / Committee Members

8 Corporate Giving. Donations both financial and in-kind to local voluntary and community allows delivery of services and development of projects. Donation of equipment or material Donation to Project Donation to Organisation

9 Corporate Sponsorship Sponsorship of events, awards, projects provides great visual community and business benefits M&S – Plan A Carrier Bags Cadbury – Spots & Stripes Britvic – Transform your Patch Port of Tyne – Export Award Harlow Printing – Child of Courage Award

10 Business Tax Benefits Your company can claim tax relief as long as the donation is a payment of money and meets all the qualifying conditions. Your business can get tax relief if it makes a gift of equipment or trading stock to a charity or Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC). You'll be able to reduce the taxable profits your business makes by the cost of the gift made, so you'll pay less tax. This applies whether you're in business as a sole trader, a partnership or a company. Your business can get tax relief for the costs of temporarily transferring an employee to work for a charity - on 'secondment'. This relief is not available for employees seconded to CASCs.

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