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ROBOCON - 2009 ELECTRICAL ASPECTS. Motor Drivers 1. Sabertooth Link - om/Sabertooth2X10.htm

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2 Motor Drivers 1. Sabertooth Link - http://www.dimensionengineering.c om/Sabertooth2X10.htm http://www.dimensionengineering.c om/Sabertooth2X10.htm Dual motor driver Current: 10x2 A Voltage: upto 24V Price: $80 tried and tested, no problems reported yet.

3 2. Pololu Link- robot-parts/motor-controllers/brushed- motor-controllers/motor-controllers-by- interface/pwm-motor-controllers/pololu- dual-motor-driver-9a.html- robot-parts/motor-controllers/brushed- motor-controllers/motor-controllers-by- interface/pwm-motor-controllers/pololu- dual-motor-driver-9a.html Dual motor driver Current: 2x9 A Voltage: upto 36V Price: $50 current limit slightly lower than sabertooth Seems less hardy than sabertooth Cost effective, worth a try

4 3. Bakatronics MXA066 Link :- op/item.aspx?itemid=581 op/item.aspx?itemid=581 Single motor driver Current: 1x30A Voltage: 12/24V Price: $30 (=$60 effectively for dual motors) very high current limit (of no use to us though) Cost effective (since some of our applications may require only single motor control) Website and documentation not very credible

5 SENSORS (IFM) 1 ) OO5006 Link :- 006.htm 006.htm Specification:-  6 channels for 6 glass fibre optics  No mutual optical interference  Graphic display  Electronic lock & Function check output Sensing range:-  0... 400mm (Through-beam sensor)  0... 200mm (Diffuse reflection sensor) Dimensions:-123.9X76.5X70.7mm

6 2). OK5001 Link :- s/IND/ds/OK5001.htm s/IND/ds/OK5001.htm Used last year Sensing Range:  0 - 120mm (Through-beam sensor)  0 - 40mm (Diffuse reflection sensor) Dimensions:- 50X30X19mm

7 Lithium Ion Batteries Energy to weight ratio No memory effect Slow loss of charge when not in use 1 battery for each microcontroller circuit is to be used

8 1. Panasonic strial/battery/oem/chem/lithi on/ Produce 3.6 V Weight – around 45 g Capacity – vary from 2.05 -2.5 Ah Cylindrical Prismatic have lower capacity Other Manufacturers Ultralife –  /dealer_info.php?ID=505 /dealer_info.php?ID=505  Banglore, India

9 Lithium ion Battery Charger Separate charging circuit required since they can be damaged if overcharged Diptrace diagram of circuit is shown

10 DISTANCE SENSORS Requirement The need of using distance sensors arose from the fact that Carrier bot (Autonomous) needed a signal to start moving once the traveller bot completes the task of boarding the kago. The obstacle(traveller bot) is approximately 50 cm from the sensor and well within the range of 80 cm which the distance sensor can successfully detect.

11 SHARP GP2D12 AVAILABILITY FEATURES 5 sensors of the same type are already available with us providing good number of backups. The Sharp GP2D12 is an analog distance sensor that uses infrared to detect an object between 10 cm and 80 cm away. The GP2D12 provides a non-linear voltage output in relation to the distance an object is from the sensor and interfaces easily using any analog to digital converter.

12 ENCODERS Requirements Task of synchronizing the cago height and angle Moving carrier bot after 2 nd check point We are getting encoders from IFM and probably be using them.

13 Incremental Encoder RU1045 6 encoders are already available Different from the absolute in the sense they require only 2 sensors, hence cheaper Work on 5V dc Can give accuracy upto 5000 counts per revolution

14 Absolute Encoders RN6026 2 encoders are available They require n contacts for 2^n counts Work on 10-30V dc

15 EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory To store small amounts of data that must be saved when power is removed. We are using the serial interface to EEPROM. Price:-Freely available on microchip of any memory size ranging from 128bit to 1Mb.

16 I²C™ Serial EEPROM SPI Serial EEPROM

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