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1 Uttar Pradesh 12 th December, 2008. 2 Mid-term Plan review – Uttar Pradesh A Presentation Part-I :Trends in State Finances Part-II :Plan Performance.

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1 1 Uttar Pradesh 12 th December, 2008

2 2 Mid-term Plan review – Uttar Pradesh A Presentation Part-I :Trends in State Finances Part-II :Plan Performance – An Overview Part-III : Sectorwise performance including flagship programmes

3 3 Part – I Trends in State Finances Approx 10 min.

4 4 Fiscal Consolidation in Uttar Pradesh The FRBM act envisages elimination of revenue deficit and reduction of the fiscal deficit/GSDP ratio to 3.0% by the year Both the targets have been achieved two years in advance in The State continues to remain in revenue surplus and fiscal/GSDP ratio turns out to be 3.9% Important features in changes in fiscal stance of the State-  Improvement in tax performances  Major jump in plan expenditure.  Sustained increase in capital outlays.  Debt/GSDP ratio begins to fall

5 5 Own Tax Revenue Receipts (Amount in Crore Rs.) Upto Nov’08 ActualGrowth over prev year (%) ActualGrowth over prev year (%) ActualGrowth over prev year (%) ActualGrowth over Nov’07 (%) 1. Trade Tax Stamp & Registration State Excise Motor Vehicle and goods & Passenger tax Others Total

6 6 Capital Outlay % increase over previous year Capital Outlay/Net Borrowing Capital Outlay/ GSDP (%) (AG Actual) (AG Actual) (RE) (BE) (Including SE)

7 7 Revenue Deficit (-)/Surplus(+) YearCr. Rs.As % of GSDP (AG Actual) (AG Actual) (AG Actual) (BE)

8 8 Fiscal Deficit YearIn crore RsAs % of GSDP (AG Actual) (AG Actual) (AG Actual) (BE)

9 9 Performance in terms of Select Fiscal Indicators Indicator (In %ge) Actual BE * Own Tax Revenue/GSDP Debt/GSDP Salary/Revenue Receipts Salary/Revenue Expenditure Pension/Revenue Receipts Pension/Revenue Expenditure Pay+Pension+Interest/ Revenue Receipts Pay+Pension+Interest/ Revenue Expenditure * Impact of Recommendation of 6 th Pay commission included.

10 10 Debt Waiver (Crore Rs.) Total Debt waiver admissible to GoUP under TFC award per year Actual Debt Waiver received so far For the year For the year For the year

11 11 Part-II Plan Performance ( & ) An Overview Approx 10 min.

12 12 State Economy : GDP’s Composition & Growth Rate (%) $ Advance Estimates Sector GDP’s composition ( ) Growth Rate IndiaU.P.Tenth Plan $ Ist QtrIInd Qtr Primary of which Agri & AH Secondary of which Manufactu ring Tertiary Over-all

13 13 Plan Outlay / Expenditure (Cr. Rs.) Sectors (upto oct. 2007) (upto oct.08) Outlay Expenditure (96.8%) (26.0) (40.5%) Central share Target Releases by GoI (69.1%) (31.1%) (35.2%) Expentiture (%age against release) (91.9%) (71.3 %) (89.7) Total expected funds (through budget + outside budget) Total expenditure * (81.5%) (24.1%) (36.9%) *Which is higher by 25.7% than expenditure of Rs Cr.

14 14 Eleventh Plan performance ( Cr.Rs.) Item Eleventh Plan Outlay Expend Anticipated Expnd. Two year anticipated Expnd %age Expnd. Against Eleventh Plan Outlay Agriculture & Allied Activities % Rural Development % Special Area Programme % Irrigation & Flood Control % Energy % Transport % Education % Medical and Health % Water Supply & Sanitation % Urban Development % Housing % Social Safety Net % Others % Total %

15 15 Part-III Sectorwise performance (including flagship programmes) Agriculture & Allied Activities Rural Development Irrigation & Flood Control Energy Roads & Bridges Education Medical & Public Health Water Supply & Sanitation Urban Development Social Safety Net Information Technology Information Technology

16 16 Agriculture & Allied Activities

17 17 Initiatives in Agriculture Around hectare fallow, barren, ravine land reclaimed and brought under cultivation In Bundelkhand 100 % subsidy on sprinkler system to small, marginal, SC/ST farmers and 75% subsidy to other farmers Subsidy of Rs per quintal on hybrid seed of Paddy and of Rs. 200 on certified seed of Paddy and Wheat.

18 18 Productivity & Production Item Unit XI Plan Target Achievement Target Productivity CerealsQ/Ha PulsesQ/Ha Food Grains Q/Ha Rice Q/Ha Wheat Q/Ha Production CerealsLac MT PulsesLac MT Food GrainsLac MT RiceLac MT WheatLac MT

19 19 ItemUnit TargetAchievementTargetAchievement till Sep., 08 Seed Replacement Rate % Seed Distribution Lakh Qtls Soil SamplesLakh Farmer School No Kisan mitras placed in all villages 2075 Farmer Schools operationalised Progress – Key items

20 20 Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY) YearApproved ProjectsReleaseExpenditure (up to ) No.Cost Total Cr. Rs. Financial Progress * Planning Commission allocated Rs. 450 Cr., whereas MoAg has given Adminstrative approval of Rs Cr, GOI must release assistance to the tune of Rs. 450 Cr.

21 21 RKVY- allocation for Cr. Rs. SectorAmount 1Soil Health Seed Production Transfer Of Technology Irrigation facilitites Diversification Strenghthening of AI & Fodder Horticulture Development Fish Development9.33 9Dairy Development Others51.51 Total487.00

22 22 National Food Security Mission – Financial Item Allocation Release Expenditure (Cr Rs)

23 23 National Food Security Mission -Physical Componentunit AchievementTargetAchievement (Up to Nov. 08) 1. Seed distribution  Wheat  Paddy  Pulses Lakh Qtls Farm mechanization  Rotavator  Zero till seeddrill  Pump set No Seed Minikits (Wheat &Paddy) Lakh No Demonstration  Wheat  Paddy No Impact qtls. per ha. enhancement in wheat productivity.

24 24 Food Security Mission- Issues 1050 Rotavators distributed against target of 587. Target needs to be enhanced. Subsidy may be allowed on notified hybrid varieties of paddy in addition to certified hybrid seeds.

25 25 YearFruitVegetablePotatoTotal AreaProd.Pvty.AreaProd.Pvty.AreaProd.Pvty.AreaProd.Pvty (pro.) Status of Horticultural Crops Area in Lac Hact./ Prod. In Lac MT Pvty. in M.T.per ha. Total area covered under fruits and vegetables went up by 2.11 lakh ha in – an increase of 7.22% over Overall productivity of fruits and vegetables in registered an increase of 0.04 MT per ha. which works out to an increase of 7.48% over

26 26 NATIONAL HORTICULTURE MISSION (NHM) (Amount in Cr. Rs.) Expn. upto Nov 2008 is Rs Cr. more than in the corresponding period of ProgrammeUnit (Achiev. upto Nov.08) Achiev.PhysicalFinancial Phy.Fin.Tar.Ach.OutlayExp. 1Estab. of new gardensha Estab. of NurseriesNo Potato & Veg. Seed Prod.ha Area Expansion - Flowersha Area Expansion - Spices, Medicinal & Aromatic ha Rejuvenation of old orchardsha Promotion of INM/IPMha Organic Farmingha Estab. of Vermi-Compost UnitsNo HRD (Training of Farmers)No Other Project based Prog.No Mission Mgmt. & Others Total

27 27 Issues - NHM NHM’s coverage may be extended to all 71 districts and 820 blocks of the state. Unit cost of cultivation of Banana and Gladiolus needs to be enhanced. Subsidy on Project Based Activities needs to be enhanced from 25% to 50%. Credit linked back-ended subsidy programmes with small credit requirement need to be accommodated within the limit of Kisan Credit Card.

28 28 Rural Development

29 29 PMGSY YearFunds Available (Cr. Rs.) Expenditure (Cr. Rs.) Length of Roads Constructed ( kms.) (Progress Till Oct.-08) All habitations with > 1000 population to be connected by March 2009

30 30 PMGSY:Year-wise Amount of Works Sanctioned (Crore Rs.)

31 31 PMGSY:: Year-Wise Expenditure (Crore Rs.) Note: Ach. Till Nov.

32 32 NREGS YearExpenditure (Crore Rs.) Mandays Generated (In lakh) (Progress Till Nov.-08) Note :: Progress During & is including SGRY.

33 33 NREGS: Expenditure (Cr. Rs.) During and includes progress under SGRY also.

34 34 NREGS: Mandays Generated (Lakh Mandays)

35 35 Issues- NREGS Labour Budget of is Rs Cr. (Central Share). The central share may henceforth be released in two tranches into State Guarantee Fund which has been set up. If the target is to give 100 days employment to all those households asking for it, entire fund should be available to Gram Panchayats at least by December.

36 36 Districts are asking for say 40 crore, they are being released 10 crore. This hampers the availability of funds at G.P. level. District Districts without fund for long time- Balrampur, Sonebhadra, Ambedkarnagar, Etawah Amount proposed for release in proposal (Cr. Rs.) Amount Released By GOI (Crore Rs.) 1-Gorakhpur Jhansi Barabanki

37 37 Indira Awas Yojana YearOutlay (Crore Rs.) No. Of Houses (Lakh Nos.) (Progress Till Nov.)

38 38 Mahamaya Awas Yojana YearOutlay (Crore Rs.) No. of houses (Lakh no.) (Progress Till Nov.) State Govt.’s initiative in Rural Housing

39 39 Rural Water Supply YearOutlayExpenditure (till Oct.) (Cr. Rs.)

40 40 Physical Progress ( No.) YearUnitNew Hand-PumpsRe-bore targetach.targetach Lakh no Lakh no Lakh no (till Oct.) (till Oct.)

41 41 Irrigation & Flood control

42 42 Major initiatives Institutional Reform U.P. Water Management & Regulatory Commission Act Participatory Irrigation Management Bill ready for presentation to the Legislature.

43 43 Potential Creation/Utilisation ( In Thousand Ha.) ItemPotential Creation/ Utilisation targetach.targetanti. ach. (Oct 08) 1Major & Medium Creation Utilisation State Minor Irrigation Creation Utilisation TotalCreation Utilisation

44 AIBP (Cr Rs) AIBP (Cr Rs) YearExpenditureACA dueACA released by GoI Balance ACA due BP Total : Projects completed : Projects to be completed 04 New project proposals submitted 07

45 45 Under A.I.B.P., ACA backlog of Rs Cr (Rs Cr for & Rs Cr for ) due which is yet to be released by GoI. Allocation for should be enhanced to Rs 400 Cr 07 new projects submitted under AIBP. Sanction awaited. 03 projects should be cleared against projects completed during projects of drought prone area of Bundelkhand to be approved without waiting for completion of existing projects.

46 46 Flood Control 1Total Area Flood Prone Area Total area which may be protected Area protected upto Eleventh Plan target3.00 6Area protected during Target for Anticipated achievement (upto Nov 2008)0.30 9Area to be protected by the end of Due to wide gap in the protectable and protected area, sufficient needs to be provided for flood protection and liberal allocation be made under flood management programmes of GoI. (Lakh Ha.)

47 47 Energy

48 48 RGGVY Village electrification infrastructure created in villages against target of villages and villages energised lac BPL connections released. Notified rural electrification plan of Rs Crore submitted to GOI. Hamlet electrification projects need immediate approval and sanction of GoI.

49 49 Power Generation Achievements of the 11th Plan 1.Generation Projects of 3930 MW under construction. A)State Sector MW. B)Private Sector MW. 2.Generation Capacity of 814 MW added. 3.Projects of 5940 MW in the final stages of start- up. 4.Start-up activity on projects of 7000 MW in progress.

50 50 Transmission Sector Transmission capacity addition of MVA approved by CEA. Estimated investment on these projects - Rs Crore. Projects of Rs Crore proposed for PPP model. Projects of Rs Crore to be executed through State Finance/support of Financial Institutions.

51 51 Distribution Sector 1.Revenue increase Rs. 974 Cr upto Oct i.e. 22 % during AT&C loss reduced by 5.5% till September Engagement of 407 Collection based franchisee covering villages Km Arial Bunched Conductors laid in and 2225 Km. in upto oct Double metering of consumers of 10 KVA and above load - increase in consumption by more than 33%. 6.Disconnection of 1.26 lac high value arrear consumers. 7.Programme for sustained improvement. –Energy Audit in Urban and Rural areas from boundary meters to distribution transformer meters. –Implementation of 5 year business plan drafted by ICRA Management Consultancy services.

52 52 Issues - Power Rational formula for allocation of power from central generating stations. UI rates of Rs per unit and additional congestion charge of Rs per unit very high Unregulated trading and high cost of power in the market. Procedure for determination of tariff of Central Generating Stations needs revision to the benefit of consumers One Ultra Mega Power project may be allotted to Uttar Pradesh – suitable site Dopaha in District Sonebhadra. Earmarking of National Electricity Fund among the States.

53 53 Roads & Bridges

54 54 Roads and bridges - Financial (State sector, CRF & ISC ) (Cr. Rs.) constructionexpenditure outlay expn. (upto Oct. 2008) New village roads1,4451, Widening & strengthening 1,4621, Bridges/ROBs Others Total 3,405 3, Expenditure in is up by 15.5% over Outlay in is higher by 24.9% over expenditure in Progress of expenditure upto Oct., 2008 is 51.8% of outlay

55 55 Roads and bridges –Physical (kms./no.) Constructionachievementstargets progress upto Oct New village roads 5,2967,862 8,5003,441 Widening & strengthening 3,1772,192 2,6001,182 Bridges/ROBs 67 nos.80 nos. 100 nos. 19 nos. others -8,822 5,2001,672  2403 villages were connected during  3576 villages were connected during  1101 villages connected upto Oct.2008 against target of 4000

56 56 YearTotal Expenditure (including CRF/ISC) Expenditure under CRF/ISC By State Govt.Reimbursement ,405# , , (anti.) 150 Total Comparative contributions - State and GoI # This includes balance brought forward of previous years amounting to Rs. 215 crores (Cr Rs)

57 57 Rs Cr. ( kms ) projects of Indo- Nepal border roads awaiting sanction. Proposals worth Rs Cr. under CRF and inter-state connectivity scheme awaiting sanction. Required NH length in U.P. by March kms. present length – only 5700 kms. NHAI Act - no provision for solatium or negotiation with farmers. NHAI has not adopted 2007 rehabilitation policy of GoI Issues – Roads & bridges

58 58 Education

59 59 Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Rs. in crore YearOutlayFunds receivedTotal Expenditure TotalGOI Share State Share From GOI From State Govt. Total (94%) (86.7%) (till Nov.08) (66.3%) (till Nov.08) Financial Progress  Expenditure during till was Rs cr. There is increase of Rs. 900 cr. (81.6%) in over the same period in

60 60 Construction of School Buildings YearPrimary SchoolsUpper primary schools TargetCompletedIn progress TargetCompletedIn progress (Nov. 2008) 2702 (Nov. 2008) (Nov. 2008) 4124 (Nov. 2008)

61 61 Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) YearTargetOperational (Nov. 2008) Total  Remaining 122 KGBVs are expected to be operational by  Out of operational 332 KGBVs, 120 KGBVs are located in minority blocks and towns.

62 62 Improving Quality Distribution of free textbooks and workbooks to children One month remedial teaching campaign for weak students of class 2 & 3 has been conducted. Remedial teaching will be extended to upper primary classes in Enhancement of teaching skills of teachers through 20 days in- service training. Emphasis is being given on Science & Maths teaching. Grading of schools on prescribed parameters is done twice in a year. School development plans are prepared for low grade schools special BTC teachers training almost complete. Placement of teachers by March, 2009, teachers by June,2009 and remaining teachers in next academic session.

63 63 Indicators Indicator anticipated Out of school children (in lakh) * % of girls enrolment (class 1-5) % of girls enrolment (class 6-8) Teacher pupil ratio Student classroom ratio % single teacher schools ** Ratio of primary schools to upper primary schools Average dropout rate (class 1-5) (%) * Household survey completed in August, 08. Strategy of 9988 alternative & innovative education centres/bridge courses is in place to enroll remaining out of school children ** Placement of 60,000 Special BTC teachers is in process.

64 64 Issues - SSA  During , the funding pattern under SSA is 65:35 between Govt. of India and State Govt. The same pattern needs to be maintained upto  Requirement of infrastructure in schools ItemPhysical requirement (No. of Schools) Unit cost (Rs.) Funds required (in Crore) Toilet Hand pumps Boundary walls Electrification Total

65 65 Mid Day Meal Financial yearCentral assistance released)Expenditure * (target ) (unspent balance of previous year) (Cr. Rs.) * 1.46 cr children benefitted and kitchen sheds constructed Conversion cost needs to be increased in the light of inflation. One time grant for Gas burner and double gas cylinder

66 66 Medical & Public Health

67 67 Total agreed outlay XI th Five Year Plan ( ) Rs Crores YearOutlay (Crore Rs.) Expenditure (Crore Rs.) (BP) (Up to Oct.08)

68 68 Item/ UnitStatus as on (Ach.) XI Plan (target) (Ach.) (Target) (Ach. Upto Oct.08) Totalof which with building Sub-centre PHC CHC DH/ Combined & others Physical progress

69 69 Medical and Health – Infrastructure strengthening and improved service delivery Expenditure of Rs 761 cr in : –10 DH, 54 CHCs and 381 PHCs constructed. Expenditure of Rs 360 cr over April-Sept 2008, against budget provision of Rs crore. –till Oct.,08 3 DH, 21 CHCs & 160 PHCs constructed A New Food and Drug Authority set up. Quality improvement initiatives: –ISO /NABH accreditation of hospitals. –Essential drug lists Figure in lakh IPDOPD DH (M) DWH CHC/ PHC Significant increase in OPD and IPD (Jan-October)

70 70 NRHM – Improved Programme Implementation More than 3 times increase in expenditure levels over previous year: April - Oct 2007 : Rs crore April – Oct 2008 : Rs crore Significant increase in JSY beneficiaries: April – Oct 2007 : 2.0 Lakh April – Oct 2008 : 7.64 Lakh FRUs and 24X7 Facilities doubled in 6 months: March 2008: 61 FRUs and X7 facilities. October 2008: 109 FRUs and X7 facilities. TB Detection rate increases to 66% (target 70%)as compared to 59% in Procurement streamlined – more than Rs 100 crore worth procured.

71 71 NRHM - New schemes / programmes First time construction of 1005 SCs through Gram Sabha. Augmented by state budget (3000 SCs) Selection of 960 ANM trainees by Gram Sabha. Saubhangyavati scheme - PPP for Institutional Deliveries ; 133 Nursing homes accredited. Ashirwad School Health Programme – 32,000 schools to be covered; 7200 covered in October. SACH – A new programme for Adolescent Reproductive Health Launched. Saloni – A programme for nutrition support for adolescent girls launched on 8 th December Sanjeevani – A new scheme for Referral transport. PPP for MMUs and Ambulances

72 72 Problems/ Issues Non availability of DPT/TT vaccines beyond 7 th Dec in the f.y affected immunization week. Ban on supplied Measles Vaccine affecting Measles Vaccination. Cold chain equipment supply/replacement not done as per the requirement of the State in the previous years Cold chain equipment requirement of included in the PIP not yet finalized by the GOI. Funds for clearing liabilities of approx. Rs Crores under NPCB not available so far.

73 73 Water Supply & Sanitation

74 74 Total Sanitation Campaign ( TSC)- Financial (Cr.Rs.) Year Funds released Expenditure %age expenditure Central Share State Share Total % Central Share State Share Total % Central Share * (Target) State Share (Target) Total (Target) % * Rs Cr. released by GoI. ** Rs Cr released by State.

75 75 TSC-Physical Year ToiletsUnit TargetAchievement %age Individual Lakh No % Schools Lakh No % Anganwadi Lakh No % Individual Lakh No % Schools Lakh No % Anganwadi Lakh No % Individual Lakh No *36.8% Schools Lakh No *31.2% Anganwadi Lakh No *16.2% * Progress upto Oct lakh families (54%) covered out of 236 lakh families. About 32 lakh toilets will be constructed annually in the next three years.

76 Initiatives- Environment in Villages Construction of CC Roads & KC drains in phased manner villages taken up in and Rs cr released. Appointment of 1.08 lakh Safai Karmee,one for each Revenue Village. To improve environmental sanitation overhead water storage tank & hand washing facilities created in school toilets. C C Road in a village School toilet with Hand Washing unit

77 Issues Issues Procedure of release of Central Fund under TSC be simplified- UC and audit reports once submitted for a financial year should not be asked to be submitted again. Need for certificates/ reports on 16 point checklist should be reviewed. Proposals of Rs cr are pending with GoI

78 Backward Region Grant Fund  No of Districts covered 34  Targetted ACA Rs cr  Released amount Rs cr *  Major schemes Panchayat Secretariate(2834) Rs cr Block resource Centre(388) Rs cr CC Roads and Drains Rs cr Anganwadi centres(473) Rs cr Other Dev projects Rs cr Capacity Building Rs cr * 60% of released funds will be utilised by Feb., 2009

79 79 Urban Development

80 80 Major initiative in urban poor housing Free houses for urban poor - Manyavar Sri Kanshi Ramji Shahri Garib Awas Yojana Target of 1.07 lakh houses per year.

81 81 Urban Infrastructure and Governance (UIG)  Mission Cities of UP 7 cities  Total Allocation (Central) in Mission period Rs.2240 Cr.  Project Submitted (no)26  Project Cost of submitted ProjectsRs Cr.  No. of Projects sanctioned 20  Approved Cost of Projects sanctioned Rs Cr.  No. of projects (funds released by GoI )16  Total cost of 16 projects Rs Cr  Funds released GOI share - Rs crore GoUP share - Rs crore ULBs share - Rs crore.  Expenditure since beginning till November,2008 Rs Cr.  Utilization Certificates submitted till November, 2008 Rs Cr.  No. of projects pending in GoI6  Total cost of 6 projectsRs Cr Funds for 4 sanctioned projects costing Rs Cr yet to be released by GoI

82 82 Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme for Small & Medium Towns (UIDSSMT)  No. of small and medium towns621  Total allocation (Central) in mission period Rs.947 Cr.  No. of projects sanctioned83  Total cost of sanctioned projectsRs Cr.  No of projects (funds released by Go)I49  Cost of 49 projectsRs Cr  Fund released GOI share - Rs crore GoUP share - Rs crore ULB share - Rs crore.  Expenditure since beginning till Nov.,2008 Rs cr.  Utilization Certificate submitted till Nov., 2008 Rs cr.  No of projects pending for release of funds34  Cost of 34 projectsRs Cr Sanctioned project cost- Rs Cr, whereas total allocation is Rs 647 Cr. Additional allocation is required.

83 83 Basic Services for Urban Poor (BSUP) Total allocation for seven year ( ). Rs cr. Cities covered 7 Project submitted to GOI till date. 19 Project cost of submitted projects. Rs cr. Project sanctioned. 16 Project cost against sanctioned projects. Rs cr. Central allocation for sanctioned projects. Rs cr. ACA received against sanctioned projects. Rs cr. UC sent. Rs cr. IInd installment received against 3 projects. Rs cr. (balance for 1 project Rs 3.73 cr.) Balance ACA due. Rs cr. Projects pending at GOI.3 Project cost of pending projects. Rs cr.

84 84 Integrated Housing And Slum Development Programme (IHSDP) Total allocation for seven year ( ). Rs cr. No. of District covered 71 No. of cities covered 621 Project Submitted to GOI till date. 78 Project cost Of submitted projects. Rs cr. Project sanctioned. 66 Project cost against sanctioned projects. Rs cr. Central allocation for sanctioned projects.Rs cr. ACA received against sanctioned projects. Rs cr. UC sent. Rs cr. Second installment received against 8 projects. Rs cr. Balance ACA due. Rs cr. Projects pending at GOI12 Project cost of pending projects. Rs cr.

85 85 Suggestions As per current price index the state has already requested to GoI. to review cost limit immediately and to revise upper limit of dwelling unit cost to Rs 1.5 lakh for IHSDP. the revision of cost is over due as per 4.4 guideline. Under IHSDP scheme GoI releases share in two instalments (50% each), whereas for BSUP projects it is in four instalments (25% each). To avoid cost and time overrun in BSUP projects, release of central share should be in two instalments like for IHSDP.

86 86 Social Safety Net

87 87 NSAP YearOld age pensionFamily benefit scheme Expend (Cr. Rs.) Achiv ( No. in Lakh) Expend (Cr. Rs.) Achiv ( No. in Lakh) (Target) (upto Oct.08) – Rs Cr. assistance received from GoI against Rs Cr. till Nov lakh beneficiaries covered and Rs Cr assistance received from GoI against Rs Cr.

88 88 Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Name of Scheme Financial ( Cr. Rs. ) Financial ( Cr. Rs. ) Expend Allocation Expend upto Integrated Child Development Scheme ICDS Training Programme Supplementary Nutrition Kishori Shakti Yojana N.P.A.G Total

89 89 Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) SchemeItemPhysical Achievment Target Upto Sep, 08 1 Integrated Child Development Scheme Medicine kits Pre school kits 1.38 lakh 1.51 lakh 1.36 lakh 2 Supplementary Nutrition beneficiaries 2.14 Cr Cr Cr. 3 Kishori Shakti Yojana Adolescent girls N.P.A.G.Girls ICDS Training Programme Employees

90 90 Out of 1,51,469 only 11,000 AWCs are housed in their own building.Out of 1,51,469 only 11,000 AWCs are housed in their own building. Hot cooked meal scheme introduced in , but so far no central support provided for utensils, conversion cost etc.Hot cooked meal scheme introduced in , but so far no central support provided for utensils, conversion cost etc. Issues - ICDS

91 91 Information TechnoIogy

92 92 Scheme Project Cost Amount received till Nov, 08 Expenditure till Nov, 08 SWAN Common Service Centre eDistrict State Data Centre Capacity Building Cr. Rs. Financial NeGP - includes Rs 92 Cr directly released to NICSI by GoI for networking equipments and facility management for 5 years. Saving of Rs 250 cr expected in CSC scheme GoI may allow to spend the savings amount for backend computerization.

93 93 SchemeProgress SWAN 772 out of 885 POPs (82%) operational. Remaining 113 to be operational by December 31st, 2008 Common Service Center Total Centres to be established Service Center Agencies (SCAs) selected 10% centres established, remaining will be established by April, 09 eDistrict (in 06 Districts on pilot basis) The process for establishment of eDistricts is complete and trial run started eDistrict will be operational by 31 st Dec, 08 State Data Centre Project approved by GoI in March, 08 Service provider selection under progress Capacity Building GoI has finalised in Nov, 08 the list of consultants for providing manpower for Capacity Building Selection of manpower is in progress NeGP - Physical Progress

94 94 Major Projects in PPP mode Forthcoming ProjectsEstimated Investment (Rs. in Cr.) 1Ganga Expressway30,000 2Network of other Expressways47,000 3Power Generation25,000 4Upgradation of Road Network, ROBs3,500 5Urban Rejuvenation Initiatives12,000 6Technical Skills Up-gradation6,000 7Public Transport Initiatives1,000 8Public Health Services Initiatives (1,150 9Tourism Initiatives - Buddhist Circuit, Kushinagar International Airport 3,000 10Nakud-Gangoh International Airport2,000 11Taj International Airport4,000 Grand Total1,34,650


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