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Elastic Taping for Runner Injuries

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1 Elastic Taping for Runner Injuries
Huei-Ming Chai, PT PhD School of Physical Therapy National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan June 23, 2008

2 Elastic Taping for Runner Injuries
Kinesio tape and its properties development of elastic taping advocated effects of elastic taping principles of application Q and A Common Runner Injuries and its Taping

3 Kinesio Taping 1973 Kenzo Kase, D.C.
concept for development: to provide a better environment for self-healing feature elastic: able to be stretched up to 140%

4 Advocated Effects to re-adjust muscle tension
to improve blood/lymph circulation to relieve pain to re-align joint position to provide skin stimulation

5 Structure of Tape backing material (背襯) adhesive (膠): 醫療等級
porosity (透氣性) conformability (順膚性) adhesive (膠): 醫療等級 rubber based (乳膠系) zinc oxide (氧化鋅系) silicone based (矽膠) acrylate based (丙烯酸膠、壓克力膠): pressure-sensitive (感壓膠) release agent (解捲因子) 背襯 皮膚

6 Applied Force of Elastic Tape
stress-strain curve creep phenomenon commonly used zero tension: % of length moderate tension: 120% of length full tension: % of length

7 Length-Tension Curve -- maximum isometric contraction
total tension active passive resting

8 Tensile Strength of Collagen Fiber
plastic region failure yield point elastic region strain microtrauma injury clinical test physiological loading ultimate strain stress

9 As deformation remains constant
Load Relaxation Progressive decrease in load with time as the deformation of the structure remains constant time stress As deformation remains constant

10 Applied Shape of Elastic Taping
I- band Y-band x-band fork-shaped

11 Applied Position of Elastic Tape
commonly used parallel to the fibers: for support perpendicular to the fibers: for fixation parallel perpendicular

12 Applied Direction of Elastic Tape
direction of taping: origin to insertion recoil of tape muscle contraction direction of taping: insertion to origin recoil of tape muscle contraction

13 Other Considerations of Application
site to be applied muscle ligament lymph note size of tape position of adjacent joints

14 Failure of Kinesio Taping
unable to hit the target incorrect diagnosis poor palpation Inaccurate alignment of muscle forget to place the injured tissue in the lengthening position

15 Q and A How long it can be applied onto the skin? Is it water-proof?
Is it appropriate for the hypersensitive skin? Can it be used accompanying with other types of physical therapy? Do I need to shave hairs before application of elastic tape? Are there any differences among the tapes with various colors? Can I used it for a healthy adult?

16 Elastic Taping for Runner Injuries
Kinesio tape and its properties Common Runner Injuries and its Taping heel pad pain syndrome plantar fasciitis Achilles tendinitis iliotibial band syndrome patellofemoral pain syndrome low back pain

17 Running Cycle stance phase swing phase
foot strike mid-support take-off follow-through forward swing foot descent

18 Shock Absorption at Foot Strike
ground reaction force at FS = 2.5~3 BW biomechanical requirements at FS LE motions cartilage or fat pad heel pad, metatarsal pad, meniscus, IVD extrinsic factors gel heel pad

19 Heel Pad Atrophy atrophy use of heel cup Poor recoil

20 Elastic Taping for Foot
1. plantar fascia 2. heel pad 3. arch support

21 Foot Motion during Mid-Support
foot pronation at mid-support in order to make the foot more mobile for further shock absorption foot pronation  medial and inferior glide of talus and internal rotation of tibia  COG shifting medially   energy consumption and time to re-supinaiton strategy: hard counter for controlling COG motions counter

22 Pronated Foot pronation of rearfoot with respect to forefoot (decreased arch) as foot is loaded NOT structural flat foot resulting in pain or dysfunction of foot or other WB joints 照像supinated那張 3.0cm 4.6cm 4.6 cm 3.0 cm NWB WB

23 Achilles Tendinitis etiology: Achilles tendon tightness
predisposing factors sudden change in intensity uphill running S/S Achilles tendon pain or stiffness unable to raise on the heel, deep squatting, or stretch Achilles tendon enlargement of Achilles tendon

24 Architecture of Gastrocnemius
Changing fascicle angle improves muscle performance? confinement? Gas m.

25 Arch Support in Pronated Foot
pronated foot  lower arch  plantar fascia stretched A arch support would further stretch plantar fascia plantar fascia arch support

26 Re-supination at Take-off
re-supination at take-off in order to make the foot rigid and support the body weight LE motions:subtalar joint supinaiton、midtarsal joint locked, first ray plantarflexion, and MP joint full extension windlass effect of plantar fascia  ground reaction force   momentum (= mv)  running speed  impact force (= Ft) accumulated at metatarsal heads  metatarsalgia

27 Windlass Mechanism (Truss Model)
plantar fascia Toe neutral plantar fascia PF of 1st ray Toe extension

28 Plantar Fasciitis neutral foot pronated foot plantar fascia

29 Elastic Taping for Foot
1. plantar fascia 2. heel pad 3. arch support

30 Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
chondromalacia patella anterior knee pain, esp. downstairs positive grinding test management PT arthroscopy quadriceps strengthening elastic taping

31 Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome
ITB Iliotibial Band origin:insertion of tensor fascia lata insertion:Gerdy’s tubercle of tibia S/S lateral knee pain pain at 15-30 of knee flexion during one-leg squatting test Management stretch exercise elastic taping

32 Elastic Taping for Back Muscle Spasm
Patient’s position forward bending with elbow on the knee Type of taping I- band for paravertebral muscle

33 Rotator Cuff Tendinitis
S/S shoulder stiffness, pain, or weakness unable to raise the arm or put the hand on sacrum drop arm test differentiation supraspinatus infraspinatus teres minor subscapularis long head of the biceps brachialis

34 Elastic Taping for Supraspinatus

35 Elastic Taping for Deltoid Muscle

36 物理治療師是您的好伙伴 柴惠敏 謝謝您耐心聽講

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