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The Future St Andrew’s Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) First School.

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1 The Future St Andrew’s Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) First School

2 Outline 1.Expansion of the school Present building works Future building works to accommodate increased numbers from Autumn 2015 2.Becoming an academy Why are the governors considering converting to become an academy? What options have we considered? 3.What are your views?

3 Building 1 Present building works To allow the removal of temporary classrooms (no increase in pupil numbers) Provide one additional classroom - reception Reconfigure and refurbish the other classrooms Build a new hall Avoid the need to go through the hall to get to classrooms Improve the school reception to allow control of visitors Increased on site parking

4 Building 2 School is important part of the community in Hampton – we need to continue to serve it Already applications greatly exceed the number of places available in the school Some children travelling longer distances to go to their allocated school From 2015 intake the number of pupils will be increased from 30 to 60 New building proposed on part of the playing field behind the school – no plans available yet

5 What is the role of the Governing Body? The purpose of a Governing Body is “to conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement in the school” Main strategic Duties Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

6 Our Vision ‘Developing happy, confident learners with the skills they need to succeed’ St Andrew’s is an emotionally intelligent school where all individuals are valued and encouraged to achieve their best. A culture of high expectations is underpinned by a shared philosophy of care and support, which focuses on developing key skills and Christian values through a broad and balanced, integrated curriculum. Everyone in our school community understands the importance of their individual role in achieving success, and recognises that outstanding attainment, achievement and progress is a measure of individual and shared success.

7 Academy 1 At present we are a Voluntary Controlled school That means we are local authority school where the local church ensure that the school has a Christian ethos The Vicar is a governor and two other governors are appointed by the church Funding and support is provided by the local authority Support also from the Diocese of Worcester Inspected by OFSTED and SIAMS (church)

8 Academy 2 Options for the future considered by the governors 1.Continue as we are 2.Apply to become an academy on our own 3.Apply to join the Diocese of Worcester Multi Academy Trust 4.Apply to join an established Academy Chain 5.Apply to join Prince Henry’s Multi Academy Trust

9 Option 1 – no change The government is reducing the size of local authorities already LA commissioning out services Need to buy in support services from commissioned providers Much of the expertise / local knowledge in the LA has already been lost and will continue Governors don’t think this is a viable option if we are to become an outstanding school

10 Option 2 – become a stand alone academy School would be funded directly The governors would become directors of a company managing all the resources and accountable for it Need additional staff to ‘run’ all the back office, maintenance, etc. As a small school it is unlikely our application would be accepted

11 What is a MAT (Multi Academy Trust) One Trust (company) overseeing a number of schools Some of the functions performed by Trust – including setting overall strategic direction, finance, etc. Details set out in the ‘Articles’ of the company ‘Governing Body’ for each school deals with local issues – in a similar way to present

12 Option 3 – join Diocese MAT Trust Board made up of nominees from Worcester Diocesan Board of Education Maintains Christian aspect of schools Many small schools in Worcester Diocese (extends from Broadway into Dudley) This is a new venture for the Diocese No experience of running schools No support structure in place for the range of services previously provided by the LA The Governors can see many challenges with little benefit in this option

13 Option 4 – join an academy chain Chain already exists Board, Support Services, systems Mr Coaché experienced last autumn during secondment Question about the Christian aspect of the school Diocese may not give approval Governors concerned about recognition of local circumstances (three tier system confuses many) Governors concerned the particular characteristics of St Andrews will be lost

14 Option 5 – join Prince Henry’s MAT Prince Henry’s is already an Academy Long experience of direct funding models PH Academy becoming a MAT High standards at PHHS depends on the work done feeder first and middle schools (church and community) Proposal based on working with local schools to maintain those high standards across the pyramid Discussions with Diocese to ensure their input at Trust level and Christian ethos maintained Swan Lane (Community school) and St Egwins (church school) have already applied to join

15 Option 5 – join Prince Henry’s MAT Governors favour this option Local circumstances recognised Long experience of informal collaboration over years We have taken the first steps Still much detail to be agreed Need permission from Diocese as well as other approvals Setting up various structures – responsibilities of Trust and ‘Governors’ PH also have experience of building projects

16 What are your views? Governors keen to keep parents fully informed of progress Things moving quickly – we want to be involved in the early stages to shape the development of the MAT Questions …. (There is a vacancy for a parent governor which we will be advertising later this term)

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