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Inside Rules and Regulations With Legislation and Mental Health Professionals.

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1 Inside Rules and Regulations With Legislation and Mental Health Professionals

2 Disclaimer The purpose of the presentation is to provide information, rather than advice or opinion. It is accurate to the best of the presenter’s knowledge as of the date of the presentation. To the extent this presentation contains any examples, please note that they are for illustrative purposes only and any similarity to actual individuals, entities, places or situations is unintentional and purely coincidental in addition, any examples are not intended to establish any standards of care, to serve as legal advice appropriate for any particular factual situations.

3 PRESENTATION OVERVIEW ‘PICTURE THIS’ We will view a clip of a sitcom purchased for this review that addresses ethical issues: Frazier Season 1, Ep. 9 ‘Selling Out’ Reference Amazon Instant Video, Original Air Date: Nov 11, 1993. Selling Out.

4 ETHICS QUIZ Everyone has 10 minutes to read and answer the quiz on Ethics. Refer to: Health and Safety Code Title 7. Mental Health and Mental Retardation Subtitle E. Special Portions Relating to Mental Illness and Mental Retardation Chapter 611. Mental Health Records Reference htm

5 HIPAA Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996 Intent for this Act is client protection. Improve quality care Reduce fraud Privatize information electronically submitted

6 Important HIPAA Information: 1. 2.http://www.hipaa.org (privacy questions) 5.Office for Civil Rights (OCR) hotline 1-800-537-7697

7 HIPAA Title I Designed to protect insurance coverage for families and workers when they lose their job. Limits restrictions on health care coverage and pre-existing Heath Ins. Unable to deny coverage due to pre-existing illness

8 HIPAATitle II This part of HIPAA focuses on offenses, civil and criminal penalties These rules include health plans, billing services, health care, clearinghouses, community health information systems, health care providers and you.

9 Title II: Rules that apply to us specifically 1.Privacy Rule - Disclosure regulations *Requirements -Keep records of disclosure Chart your interactions Release of information forms - Privacy Official **

10 Security Rule: Identifies security standards -These standards must be followed exact by HIPAA requirements * plans for safeguards * plan for ongoing training

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