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Rosa Yi, Resolutions Committee Chair Writing Resolutions To Impact the Future of Nursing.

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1 Rosa Yi, Resolutions Committee Chair Writing Resolutions To Impact the Future of Nursing

2 Why Resolutions advocate Unique opportunity to advocate for nursing students, the profession, community, and nation political action Resolutions as a tool for transforming nursing issues to policies through political action

3 What is a Resolution? Resolution NSNA position statement Evidence-based Call to Action Adopted upon approval from HOD @ Convention

4 Scope of a Resolution Feasible National Relevant Bylaws

5 Three Types of Resolutions Resolution of Substance Resolution of Courtesy Emergency Resolution Direction; Extension/ Implementation of Bylaws & Mission; Define NSNA Positions Recognition of Contributions By Individuals & Groups Address Urgent, Immediate Issues (i.e. war & natural disasters) 12 3

6 Resolution Submission Process Create and Submit Resolution by February 6 th, 2013 Resolutions Committee Review: Completeness NSNA Bylaws Feasibility Relevance Resolutions Committee Member Assignment: Formatting/Edit Applicability plan Adoption strategy Resolution enhancement Committee approval Author Sign-off HOD Placement

7 Pass My Resolution House of Delegates Resolution Hearing House of Delegates Pro/Con Motions to Adopt Resolution Delegates Delegates Vote to Adopt Resolution by 50+% majority 12 3

8 Resolution Hearing Resolution introduction Authors, delegates, and alternates present for Resolution introduction debatable Editorial changes and Resolved statements: debatable not debatable Titles & Whereas Statements: not debatable Tabling Tabling prior and after Hearings for delegate review and discussion

9 House of Delegates: Robert’s Rules Attend Attend “Amending the Amendment” Forum for information on HOD proceedings Motions to adopt resolution put to HOD formal debate Authors begin formal debate; speaking pro Amendments for Resolved submitted and voted Alternating Pro and Con statements voting Final voting

10 My Resolution = Our Resolution Convention program Imprint articles Presentation Creation of toolkits Discussions with policymakers Awards Adopted Resolutions: part of the NSNA policy agenda “Resolved” clauses implemented Guide educational and action items

11 Sometimes all you need to do is Just start. How much experience is needed? None.

12 My Resolution Title Title issue Write your Title & name the issue Imagine “The NSNA will” in front of title Action Action: “Increase awareness of...” “Seek to add ___ to nursing school curriculum” “Support policy that _________” Review Review titles from prior years for wording

13 Topic Review 5 -10 years Review 5 -10 years of Resolution adoptions original Resolution If adoption is from past 5 years, first “Whereas” statement refers to original Resolution justification Revisits to topics must have justification (new research or information) change Resolution can be to change positions

14 Abstract 1 Paragraph Summary of Resolution Reference 6 th Edition APA Formatting Body 5-10 Whereas Statements 3-5 Resolved Statements Costs Breakdown of Cost to Implement Building your Resolution

15 IN SUPPORT OF DIVERSITY IN NURSING THROUGH THE USE OF GENDER NEUTRAL TERMINOLOGY WITHIN NURSING EDUCATION Seminole State College of Florida Students This resolution aims to reduce the use of gender-biased language within nursing education. The primary focus is to increase diversity in nursing and reduce attrition … Resolution Abstract Example

16 Resolution Format TITLE RESOLUTION TITLE Chapter Submitting Chapter Authors Submitting Authors Whereas 5-10 “Whereas” Statements Resolved 3-5 “Resolved” Statements Template Use Template on Resolution site

17 5-10 Whereas Statements Evidence Based information < 5 years old Require APA 6th Edition citation Direct quotes or paraphrased from evidence Paraphrasing preferred when multiple sources support a single statement Not amendable by HOD Be concise; more is not always better Whereas Statements

18 Resolved Statements 3-5 Resolved Statements First statement: position &/or initial action subsequent Following statements: subsequent action affected Final “Resolved” should be a “send a copy to” list of organizations affected by or interested in the NSNA position Amendable Amendable by a majority vote in HOD

19 Remember Keep it simple

20 Author’s Responsibilities highlighted Submit copies of supporting documentation with citations underlined or highlighted, marked page and paragraph # Contact information for “send to” organizations: organization name, contact name, e-mail address, mailing address, and phone # Estimated cost analysis of implementation

21 Submission Requirements Guidelines for Planning Resolutions for 2013 House of Delegates The Resolution Checklist and instructions for submission are in this document

22 Dropbox is Your Friend Using the cloud to share Create a Dropbox account to submit the electronic copy at Allow for quicker distribution to Resolutions Committee and to NSNA Members

23 Resolution Submission Deadline Wednesday, February 6 th, 2013 By 5:00 pm ET at: NSNA Headquarters ATTN: Resolutions Committee 45 Main Street, Suite 606 Brooklyn, NY 11201

24 Author’s Duties @ Convention early 1.Arrive early to Charlotte, NC (4/2 Tues) Sign-off 2.Get Slated; Sign-off your Resolution early prepared 3.Be prepared for table conversations: Bring extra copies of documents support 4.Prep for debates with Pro statements, Con responses, garner support HOD 5.Attend HOD Sessions

25 Successful Resolutions relevance Discuss relevance with peers & instructors Test Test with chapter, state, and professional organization for endorsements stronger Revise for a stronger Resolution Campaign Campaign and promote to other states before Convention informative Be realistic, informative, & available

26 Value of Authoring a Resolution Change Change Policy Empower Empower colleagues Leadership U Get Leadership U credits awards Earn or support awards Influence Influence the direction of NSNA change Create change in NSNA NSNA® Awards & Honors Booklet 2013 National Student Nurses’ Association, Inc. ® 45 Main Street, Suite 606 Brooklyn, NY 11201 p: (718) 210-0705 f: (718) 797-1186

27 Contact the Resolutions Committee e-mail: Subject: Attention Resolutions Committee Jessica Criser, Lisa Novak, Samantha Paradis, Randi Sullivan, Rosa Yi


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