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Resolutions Alexis Broggi Legislative Director 2014.

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1 Resolutions Alexis Broggi Legislative Director 2014

2 Make a Difference! Write a Resolution! Are you passionate about an issue in health care? Would you like to make a difference in health policy at the state and possibly the national level? Advocate and voice matters of importance for nursing students, CNSA, the nursing profession, and the health needs of the community.

3 Replacement nurses had been hired at a hospital in Oakland, CA under a 5 day contract as a result of a one day nurse strike. On the 3 rd day of this contract a replacement nurse mistakenly connected a bag of enteral feeding to a patients Intravenous catheter, resulting in their death.

4 SPONSORED TOPIC:IN SUPPORT OF INCREASING AWARENESS TO PREVENT TUBING AND CATHETER MISCONNECTION ERRORS IN THE HOSPITAL SETTING. SUBMITTED BY: San Diego State University AUTHOR: Jessica Hunter WHEREAS, “Reports to the Joint Commission, ECRI (formerly the Emergency Care Research Institute), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Institute for Safe Medication Practices and the U.S. Pharmacopeia show that tubing and catheter misconnection errors occur frequently and lead to deadly consequences in many instances” (Hellwig, 2006); and WHEREAS, According to The Joint Commission (2006), on April 3, 2006, a Sentinel Event Alert (Issue 36) was published reporting that, “To date, nine cases involving tubing misconnections have been reported to the Joint Commission’s Sentinel Event Database. These resulted in eight deaths and one instance of permanent loss of function, and affected seven adults and two infants”; and WHERAS, “Further review of misconnections reported to the United States Pharmacopeia found 300 cases that included connections of epidural lines to intravenous catheters, bladder irrigation solutions connected to primary infusion sets, intravenous infusions connected to indwelling (Foley) catheters, and various other misconnections between critically incompatible infusion and drainage sets” (Graves & Simmons, 2008); and WHEREAS, The ECRI (2010) identified Luer misconnections as hazard # 6 in their recent report of the “Top 10 Technology Hazards for 2011” in which they stated that “Although misconnections have been recognized as a serious problem for years, incidents are still common”; and WHEREAS, The World Health Organization (2007) named “avoiding catheter and tubing misconnections” as one of its “Nine patient safety solutions” that will “help reduce the toll of health care-related harm affecting millions of patients worldwide”; therefore be it RESOLVED,that the California Nursing Students’ Association (CNSA) encourage its constituents to advocate for increased awareness of preventing tubing and catheter misconnection errors in the hospital setting by nurses and nursing students; and be it further RESOLVED,that the CNSA publish an article about this topic in the Range of Motion magazine, if feasible; and be it further RESOLVED,that the CNSA send a copy of this resolution to the Association of California Nurse Leaders, American Nursing Association/California, the Nurse Alliance of California, the California Board of Registered Nursing, the California Association of Medical Product Suppliers, Catholic Healthcare West, Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, Community Regional Medical Center, Stanford Medical Center, Loma Linda University Medical Center, California Department of Veterans Affairs, and all others deemed appropriate by the CNSA Board of Directors.

5 Definition of a Resolution A resolution is a document that, when adopted by the CNSA House of Delegates, becomes the basis of policies, priorities and actions of CNSA. These position papers represent matters of importance to CNSA constituents, members, chapters, nursing and/or the health needs of the public.

6 3 Types of Resolutions Resolutions of Substance Courtesy Resolutions Emergency Resolutions

7 An author can be… CNSA members CNSA chapters CNSA Board of Directors CNSA Committees Faculty and Advisors are available only to help guide student authors

8 Topic First: determine an issue that is relevant to nursing students, nursing, healthcare policy and CNSA Choose a topic that has not been adopted by the CNSA or NSNA HOD within the past 5 years Must be able to be implemented within CNSA’s resources Fall within the CNSA bylaws and mission statement

9 Resolution Reaffirmation Resolution reaffirmation: duplication of an adopted resolution <5 years old First whereas statement must reference the original resolution Needs to have significant change in the status of an issue, new research or information

10 A resolution is composed of: 1.Title 2.Submitting Chapter 3.Submitting Authors 4. “Whereas” clauses: summarize with documentation the reasons and rationale for the resolution (with supporting documentation cited) 5."Resolved" clauses: contain the position to be taken on the issue and/or actions to be taken by CSNA, its constituent associations, and its members.

11 Title Max of 15 words Includes the topic along with the goal Check the CNSA and NSNA Resolution Index for more examples ▫“In support of___” ▫“Increase awareness of___” ▫“Seek to add___ to nursing curriculum” ▫“Support policy that___” ▫“Advocate for___”

12 Whereas 5-10 whereas clauses, LIMIT 300 WORDS ▫Essentially pieces pulled from reliable articles/organizations which support the topic of the resolution ▫Evidence based information < 5 years old ▫Use direct quotes or paraphrasing from evidence ▫Non-amendable by the House of Delegates ▫Less is more, be concise

13 Resolved 3-5 Resolved clauses, which define ▫ the purpose of the resolution and the stance the author believes CNSA should take on this issue ▫Define the ways in which the resolution may realistically be feasibly implemented by CNSA First statement: should be the position/initial action Following statements: subsequent actions Final statement: “send a copy of this resolution to…” and include a list of organizations Amendable by majority vote in HOD

14 Before Submitting! Proof read/ review your resolution Pre-Formatted Template provided on the NSNA website: ons.aspx APA 6 th ed All components of the Resolutions Submission Packet completed

15 Other Components: Resolutions Packet Abstract Cost estimate Articles used to develop the whereas statements Reference list Names and Addresses of those identified in the resolved clauses Resolution checklist

16 Abstract For Example TOPIC: INCREASING NURSING STUDENT RESEARCH EXPOSURE TO ADDRESS NEED FOR MORE RESEARCH-FOCUSED NURSES SUBMITTED BY: Florida Nursing Students' Association Board Abstract: Nursing research is an essential component of improving national health outcomes. All nurses provide evidence-based care, and are, therefore, called to be both responsible research consumers and contributors to the nursing knowledge base. The number of qualified U.S. nurse researchers must double in the next decade. By participating in research projects, journal clubs, and exploring research studies with nurse researchers, nursing students can be exposed to career opportunities in nursing research.

17 Cost Estimate Sample Cost Estimate Sample of Cost Estimate to be prepared based on projected cost of implementing the resolution, if adopted. Document Size 3 pages Photocopy costs $.10/page x 3 pages = $.30/copy x 65 mailings = $19.50 Postage costs $.45/mailing x 65 mailings = $29.25 Envelopes $.10/envelope x 65 envelopes $ 6.50 Total Cost $55.25

18 Articles Used ▫Professional journals and appropriate sources must be evidence based! ▫Ex: journal articles web site articles text and reference books materials from other organizations speeches research reports ▫ Documentation must be fact, rather than opinion. ▫CINAHL, PUBMED, and other databases such as these are great places to search for reliable articles

19 Reference List Partial Sample List of References Fact Sheet Safe Needles Save Lives. (2010). Risks and Laws regarding safe needles procedures and precautions. [Brochure]. American Nurses Association educational project. Safe Needles Save Lives. (n.d.). American Nurses Association. Retrieved from: l/occupationalhealth/SafeNeedles.aspx Safety and Health Topics: Bloodborne Pathogens and Needlestick Prevention. (2009, January 22). Occupational Safety and Health Administration - Home. Retrieved from:

20 Submitting Resolutions must be submitted to the Legislative Director Resolutions are checked for completeness utilizing the CNSA Resolutions Checklist found on the CNSA website Only complete resolution, accompanied with a completed checklist, will be considered for submission to the House of Delegates. First Draft is due via email to the Legislative Director on August 29 th, 2014 Final Draft must be received by the Legislative Director AND the CNSA Office by September 19 th, 2014

21 After Submission After the first submission, the resolution will be reviewed by the Resolutions Committee All resolutions submitted have the chance to be adopted at the CNSA convention, as well as presented at NSNA. However, one resolution may be sponsored to be presented at the NSNA convention The sponsored resolution is then submitted as a “CNSA resolution”

22 Convention Resolutions Hearing ▫Resolution Introduction: authors present a timed statement House of Delegates Formal Debate ▫Authors have the courtesy to speak first and give the first timed pro statement ▫Adopted by a majority vote 50%+ of the HOD

23 Be Concise Be Realistic Be Positive Be Knowledgeable Gather support and Assistance Use Microphone Time Wisely Be available Have Documentation Handy Ask Questions

24 What is the issue or problem that you want to address? Why is it important to nursing students and the nursing community? What do you want CSNA to do about it? If you can answer these questions, you can write a successful resolution!


26 Alexis Broggi (559)283-0538 Legislative Director CNSA Do NOT use the

27 df/Guidelines%20for%20Planning%20Resolutio ns%20for%202015%20HOD.pdf df/Guidelines%20for%20Planning%20Resolutio ns%20for%202015%20HOD.pdf

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