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Charles R Drew Elementary School We’re Going Green!

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1 Charles R Drew Elementary School We’re Going Green!

2 Welcome to Charles R Drew

3 Why Should We Go Green? The world has a fixed amount of natural resources - some of which are already depleted. So as population growth greatly strains our finite resources, there are fewer resources available. If we intend to leave our children and grandchildren with the same standard of living we have enjoyed, we must preserve the foundation of that standard of living. We save for college educations, orthodontia, and weddings, but what about saving clean air, water, fuel sources and soil for future generations?

4 Why Start In Schools? Schools represent a large sector of the waste producers in this country, and they are typically some of the larger institutions in every municipality. If schools embrace environmentally responsible behaviors, there will be an immediate impact on its community’s contribution to the local landfill.

5 What Is Charles R. Drew Doing? Hartner’s Hammerheads Digital Classrooms & Distance Learning

6 Hartner’s Hammerheads Environmental awareness program that incorporates technology with hands-on experiences. Students learn Powerpoint skills as they research and create projects on environmental issues affecting Florida’s salt and fresh water ecosystems.

7 Hartner’s Hammerheads In conjunction with the South Florida Water Management District, students acquire life skills to share with the community to ensure Florida’s natural resources are preserved for years to come. Students also participate in field trips to the IGFA and fishing excursions to local canals. Students are exposed to the value of a catch and release program.

8 Digital Classroom Charles Drew use our digital learning instructional model to keep our students engaged at all times, without the additional use of paper, chalk, and markers. We use a document reader device called Elmo as a presentation device to zoom in and out during worksheet practices, problem solving, quiz & test reviews, and reading passages.

9 Distance Learning Charles R. Drew is using a live classroom interaction system called Tandberg Video Conferencing to connect to other schools for virtual learning and field trips. We also use this program to do Live Science and Mathematic exercises with Becon.

10 Classroom BlackBoard Charles Drew is currently using an online blackboard system called to post assignments, reading lists, topic for discussion, group project assignments

11 What Else Are We Doing? Parent-Email System has been implemented to communicate via email with parents. We send off school newsletter, news and events, test dates, etc.

12 Charles R. Drew Elementary Going Green!

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