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The Sustainable Carbon Credit Originator 2008. We are an international company that originates high quality carbon credits by initiating, developing or.

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1 The Sustainable Carbon Credit Originator 2008

2 We are an international company that originates high quality carbon credits by initiating, developing or financing projects globally that reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. We sell the carbon credits from our portfolio to organisations that aim to meet their compliance target or to enable voluntary carbon offsetting. Who we are

3 OneCarbon International, part of Econcern group The sustainable energy solution provider The sustainable energy knowledge and innovation company The sustainable energy project developer The sustainable energy system supplier The sustainable energy innovation entrepreneur The sustainable carbon credit originator To realize this mission, we aim to be one of the best CDM, JI and VER project developers in the world. Our goal is to contribute to the mission of Econcern: “A sustainable energy supply for everyone”

4 International Network | Brazil: Sao Paulo| Chile: Santiago de Chile | China: Beijing| Germany: Cologne, Berlin| | Netherlands: Utrecht | Ukraine: Kiev | Spain: Barcelona | Turkey: Istanbul

5  Identify and initiate potential carbon reduction projects all over the world.  Participate in CDM, JI and voluntary projects as an off- taker of carbon credits. Where necessary, we add liquidity.  Use our financial and technical expertise to deal with all aspects of emission trading. What we do

6 Facts about the carbon market Countries are able to reduce emissions from the atmosphere in other countries where is cost-effective By implementing climate change projects in developing and industrialising countries carbon credits can be generated Cost of limiting emissions varies considerably from region to region, benefit for the atmosphere is the same Kyoto Compliance Market: Market players Governments EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Market players Corporations Non Kyoto & Voluntary Offset: Corporations, Governments, Individuals

7 CDM/JI Process Management CDM/JI Process Management Financial Structuring & Credits Sales Project Development Client needs

8 Our Services Identify potential projects Commercial feasibility Initial planning Project structuring Contract management Equipment sourcing Operation & maintenance Project Origination

9 Our services Direct work with assets owners Determination of project additionality Project design document Project registration Monitoring plan implementation Assistance during the verification and certification of greenhouse gases emissions reductions Carbon Credits Development

10 Our services Project concept note Identification of potential buyers Advise on credits buyers selection & documentation Negotiation and support for the Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) Equity support for projects Project Sales Support

11 Project areas Bioenergy –Landfill Gas –Waste Water Treatment –Biomass Wind energy Hydro Power Coal Mine Methane

12 Why choosing us? High quality carbon credits World’s first three Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reduction Projects ever registered. 50% of our portfolio represented by Gold Standard projects. Proven track record Extensive knowledge and substantial experience in the carbon market. Strong partners Access to Econcern’s specialist expertise in sustainable energy. Large diversified portfolio Projects of all sizes and maturities, a range of countries, based on a variety of technologies.

13 OneCarbon and the Gold Standard Gold Standard: First independent quality label to CDM/JI and voluntary offset projects. OneCarbon is one of the main providers of Gold Standard projects in the market. We develop Gold Standard projects for both the CDM/JI market and voluntary market.

14 CDM Project Cycle

15 Biomass Project in Costa Rica Detailes of the project Installation of a biomass boiler 35 t steam/hour Replacing bunker boiler Location Puntarenas, Costa Rica Carbon Credits GHG reduction: ca. 30,000 ton CO2/a.

16 EECOPALSA, CDM Gold Standard Project, Honduras Biogas power generation plant Installed capacity: 1 MW Carbon credits: Gold Standard CERs (25,000 tons CO2e/year) Winner of the EDIE Environmental Excellence Award Solved environmental problems of wastewater and lack of irrigation Plant started in September 2006 Buyers: Klimarappen (CH)

17 Xinguan-Nanchang, landfill gas-to- energy project, China Landfill gas-to-energy plant Installed capacity: 3 MW Expected generation: 22.2 GWh/yr Expected carbon credits (CERs) 150,000t CO2e/yr for 10 years Replace part of the electricity generated by thermal power in the grid by a renewable energy source Boost local investment and employment

18 Wind farm Installed capacity 39.2 MW (49 wind turbine units) Electricity generation: 120.8 GWh/yr Carbon credits (VERs): 94,000 tCO 2 e/yr One of the first ever registered Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reduction projects Operational since January 2007 Mare, Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reduction Project, Turkey

19 Biomass power generation plant Installed capacity 8 MW Energy generation: 43.7 GWh/yr Primary fuel: mustard crop residue Carbon credits (CERs): 30,000 tCO 2 e/yr The electricity generated will replace a mixture of coal and gas-based power generation Tonk Biomass Project, India

20 Thanks for your attention Contact Florian Eickhold T: +34 93 665 78 69 M: +34 66 39 39 964 E: W:

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