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Taking Action on Construction Waste South Ayrshire Council.

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1 Taking Action on Construction Waste South Ayrshire Council

2 Introduction What is Zero Waste Scotland? The Zero Waste Plan for Scotland The Scottish Government’s Commitment Why Ask for Less Waste in Construction? Case Study – Barassie Primary School and Belmont Academy

3 What is Zero Waste Scotland?

4 Scotland’s Zero Waste Plan Policy roadmap for next 15 years Change in emphasis from ‘domestic’ towards ‘business’ waste streams Timetable for landfill bans for specific waste types Timetable for mandating source segregation and separate collection Restrictions on inputs to energy from waste facilities Action to change thinking away from ‘waste’ and towards ‘resources’ Changes to planning system to speed up approval of infrastructure Improved data capture and analysis to help manage improvement

5 Zero Waste Plan Scotland – Actions 1.Develop a Waste Prevention Programme for all waste in order to place prevention at the heart of zero waste policy and action. 2.Introduce a long term target of 70% recycling for all waste arising in Scotland by 2025, regardless of its source, based on improved data and supported by sector- specific programmes of work. 3.Use powers to introduce regulatory reporting to improve data on resource use by the business sector by October 2010. 4.Introduce progressive bans on the types of materials that may be disposed of in landfill, and associated support measures, to ensure that no resources with a value for reuse or recycling are sent to landfill by 2020. 5.Introduce a carbon metric for waste, to identify and prioritise the materials with the highest environmental benefit for recycling, leading to better environmental outcomes, and a more efficient economy. This metric will complement the existing tonnage metric.

6 Zero Waste Plan Scotland – Actions 9.Develop and promote a sustainable procurement toolkit, for use by both public and private sector, to encourage the purchase of products containing recycled content and minimise overall resource use. This will support the delivery of the Scottish Sustainable Procurement Action Plan published in October 2009. 14.Introduce regulatory measures to support the delivery of landfill bans, by ensuring energy from waste treatment is only used to recover value from resources that cannot offer greater environmental and economic benefits through reuse or recycling. These measures will supersede the current 25% cap which currently applies only to municipal waste, and are likely to result in similar amounts of resources being available for energy from waste treatment. 15.Ensure the land use planning system supports the Zero Waste Plan through the consolidated Scottish Planning Policy (SPP), the revision of waste planning guidance (Planning Advice Note 63) in 2010 and the provision of local waste infrastructure mapping and data.

7 Policy targets for CD&E waste ~15 million tonnes as waste to landfill 2012 Halve waste to landfill Towards zero (vision for Scotland, England and Wales) Halving Waste to Landfill Commitment

8 Almost 500 signatories to date Over £13bn of projects have set procurement requirements Scottish Government has signed up to the Commitment EC policy asks Member States to include Green Public Procurement criteria in 50% of tenders by 2010

9 Who’s signed up?

10 Headline Commitment “We commit to playing our part in halving the amount of construction, demolition and excavation waste going to landfill by 2012. We will work to adopt and implement standards for good practice in reducing waste, recycling more, and increasing the use of recycled and recovered materials.” ClientsContractors Designers & Consultants Manufacturers & Suppliers Waste management contractors 88 167 566086

11 Client & contractor commitment “We will: set a target for reducing waste to landfill; embed the target within corporate policy and processes; set corresponding requirements in project procurement and engage with our supply chain; measure performance at a project level relative to a corporate baseline; and report annually on overall corporate performance.”

12 Why take action? Reduce environmental burdens –less waste to landfill –less site traffic –lower carbon footprint Maintain reputation –demonstrate CSR –demonstrate efficiency and sustainable procurement Cut costs –lower tender prices

13 Landfill Tax Escalator extended to 2014 for non-inert waste 2014£80/tonne 2013£72/tonne 2012£64/tonne 2011£56/tonne 2010£48/tonne 2009£40/tonne 2008£32/tonne 2007£24/tonne

14 Waste disposal costs are only the tip of the iceberg…… The original purchase price and transportation costs of the materials + The cost of their handling, storage, transport and disposal + The loss of income from not salvaging the materials e.g. For 8 cu yd skip: –Skip hire £ 85 –Labour to fill skip £ 163 –Cost of materials put in skip £1095 –TOTAL TRUE COST £1343 AMEC Case Study

15 Where do you start? Pre-construction Outline design Detailed design Construction Post-construction Tendering & appointment Prevent waste Forecast waste Reduce waste Increase RC Waste reduction Waste recovery Measure performance Review performance Benchmarking Model wording Net Waste Tool Designing out waste tools/guidance SWMP Tracker Reporting Portal SWMP Template

16 Case Study – Barassie Primary and Belmont Academy

17 Project Details Schools procured as part of South Ayrshire Council’s PPP contract Targets were set for both waste recovery and a minimum recycled content Carillion was the appointed contractor Environmental Charter and Sustainable Action Plan prepared from the outset

18 Cost and Waste Saving Potential Barassie Primary School and Belmont Academy Value% of £33m Potential savings£127,0000.38% Cost to achieve£33,5000.10% Total potential savings£93,5000.28% Waste generation and recovery figures BarassieBelmont Total predicted waste arisings 102t1,009t Baseline practice - waste sent to landfill 84t640t Good practice – waste sent to landfill 22t160t Actual – waste sent to landfill 20t338t Actual recovery rate achieved 80%67%

19 Actions Taken Design stage – waste preventionConstruction stage – waste reduction Value engineering workshops: used as an enabler to increase resource efficiency Waste segregation: a person was appointed to take charge of the segregation of the bins Community engagement: regular sessions with stakeholders Take back schemes: plasterboard waste return agreement was negotiated with manufacturer Recycled content: used WRAP’s Net Waste Tool to indentify the best opportunities to increase levels of recycled content Multiple projects: better informed decision making and one size fits all Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) used

20 Lessons Learned Adopt good practice in waste reduction and recovery South Ayrshire Council familiarised itself with the Recycled Content Toolkit, now the Net Waste Tool. In future all key stakeholders, most notably architects, will use WRAP’s tools and guidance, specifically the Designing Out Waste guide. Motivate the Supply Chain Contractors must take responsibility to motivate the supply chain by cascading the aims of the vision and strategy. The contractor will also be responsible for assessing each subcontractor against waste performance targets. Sustainability Forum for Community Planning Partnership Allowed feedback to be given and raise awareness of good practice. In May 2008 Carillion provided a presentation to community members highlighting the benefits of working with WRAP on reducing waste. Setting Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) By setting out KPI’s at the start of the project South Ayrshire Council was able to challenge Carillion’s capabilities, and furthermore specify targets for waste and recycled content throughout the project timeline. Regular Waste AuditsUndertake site audits of waste reports, to assess contractor against their ongoing KPI’s.

21 Thank You Contact: 01786 460055 / 07515 597 293

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