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Работа по дому Housework To do the cleaning To do the cooking To do the washing-up To do the washing To do the ironing To hoover To dust (the furniture)

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2 Работа по дому Housework To do the cleaning To do the cooking To do the washing-up To do the washing To do the ironing To hoover To dust (the furniture) To sweep Делать уборку Готовить Мыть посуду Стирать Гладить белье Пылесосить Протирать пыль (c мебели) Подметать To mop the floor To go shopping Often Occasionally Rarely I don’t mind It’s my job Housekeeper Мыть пол Ходить за покупками Часто Иногда Редко Не против Это моя работа Домработница Who does the cleaning in your flat? I often do it. Who’s going to do the washing-up? It’s not my job. He occasionally helps his wife with the shopping and cooking. Could you please dust the furniture and mop the floor? Do you help your parents with the housework? Well, I don’t mind hoovering, but I hate ironing. Who does the housework in your family? Nobody. We have a housekeeper.

3 Каждодневные проблемы Everyday problems There’s something wrong with… Out of order To break To drop To spill To ruin To run out of (petrol) To miss the bus Что-то не так с… Не в порядке Разбить Уронить Пролить Испортить Кончился (бензин) Опоздать на автобус To lose To trip (over smth) To leave The battery is flat To tear To hurt yourself To cut yourself To burn yourself Потерять Споткнуться Оставить (забыть) Батарейка села Порвать Удариться Порезаться Обжечься What’s the matter? There’s something wrong with the computer. Oh, no! I’ve dropped the cup! It’s ok, don’t worry. But I’ve ruined my new dress with the coffee. Why are you late? We ran out of petrol on the road, so I had to walk to the petrol station. How did you hurt yourself? I tripped over a step and fell. Can I use your mobile? I’m sorry, the battery is flat.

4 На дороге On the road Motorway Turning Crossroads Pedestrian Crossing Traffic lights Road sign Accident Автострада Поворот Перекресток Пешеход Переход Светофор Дорожный знак Авария Traffic regulations Traffic jam Rush hour To crash into Speed limit To overtake To fine Правила дорожного движения Пробка Час пик Врезаться в… Ограничение скорости Обогнать Оштрафовать How did the accident happen? The driver of a Mercedes tried to overtake a truck. Did he crash into it? Yes, and he ran over a pedestrian, too. What’s the speed limit in your country? It’s 70 mph (miles per hour). Did you pass your driving test? No, I just couldn’t remember all these traffic regulations. How come they fined you? I didn’t see the “no parking” sign.

5 Карьера Career ladder To apply for a job Trainee To employ Employer To be promoted To be responsible for / in charge of To dismiss / fire To resign Подать заявление на работу Стажер Взять на работу Работодатель Получить повышение Быть ответственным за Уволить Уволиться To be made redundant Unemployed Part-time job To take over (a business) To thrive To go bankrupt To retire Быть уволенным по сокращению Безработный Работа на полставки Перекупить (бизнес) Процветать Обанкротиться Уйти на пенсию Are you going to apply for that job? Yes, I think they’ll employ me as a trainee. John’s been promoted! Really? What’s he responsible for now? He’s in charge of all the deliveries. My father was made redundant when I was a kid, so we had very little money. Did he resign? No, he was fired! I was unemployed when they offered me a part-time job. Some years later he took over the business.

6 Управление фабрикой Running a factory To manufacture / produce Automation Assembly line To assemble Supervisor To check / examine To meet the required standard Goods To package Производить Автоматизация Конвейер Собирать Контролер Проверять Отвечать требованиям Товары Упаковывать To store Warehouse (To) Order To deliver Retailer Wholesale Invoice Paperwork Хранить Склад Заказ(ывать) Доставлять Розничный продавец Оптом Накладная Бумажная работа What does this factory manufacture? It assembles furniture. What are supervisors responsible for? They check all goods to make sure that they meet the required standard. Where are the goods stored? They are stored in the warehouse. Where do you deliver them? We deliver them to retailers when they order something. What do the office staff do? They do the paperwork, send invoices to customers, arrange meetings…

7 Бизнес и финансы Business and finance To finance Investments Loan To pay interest Interest rate To make a profit To make a loss To break even Финансировать Инвестиции Заем Платить проценты Процентная ставка Получить прибыль Потерпеть убытки Выйти в ноль Expenditure Raw materials Labour To increase / rise To fall / go down Slowly / gradually Sharply Tax Расходы Сырье Рабочая сила Увеличиваться Уменьшаться Постепенно Резко Налог How are you going to finance the investments? We can take a loan. And what’s the interest rate? Usually about 10%. Did your company make a profit this year? No, we broke even, it’s our first year of business. What are the main expenditures? We mostly spend money on raw materials. How’s your business? We hare having a sharp rise in profits at the moment.

8 Маркетинг Marketing Marketing mix Price Product (goods) Promotion Advertising Consumer Distribution Sales Маркетинговые составляющие Цена Продукт (товар) Продвижение на рынке Реклама Потребитель Распространение Продажа Sales figures Sales forecast Sales rep(resentative) Market research Market share Market leader Competitor Competition Объем продаж Прогноз продаж Торговый представитель Исследование рынка Доля на рынке Лидер на рынке Конкурент Конкуренция What is the marketing mix? It includes choosing the right product, price, promotion and place of sales. How’s your promotion campaign? Pretty good! Sales figures are increasing. These are the results of the latest market research. Who is your sales rep? Our company is the market leader in car industry. What’s your market share? It’s 30%. What’s your main competitor? There isn’t any real competition now.

9 Компьютеры Computers Hardware Central processing unit Screen Keyboard Key / button To press Mouse Laser printer Компьютерные детали Системный блок Экран Клавиатура Кнопка Нажать Мышь Лазерный принтер Floppy disk Hard disk Memory Software Word processor Database Spreadsheet Graphics Дискета Жесткий диск Память Программное обеспечение Текстовый редактор База данных Электронная таблица Графический редактор Could you print out two copies for me? Ok, where’s the file? It’s here, on the floppy disk. Oh, no! The printer is out of order again! What software do you use at work? I usually work with databases, there’s a lot of information to process. There’s something wrong with the monitor! It’s ok, you just didn’t push the “on” button. Could you add more graphics to your report. It will make it look better. How much memory is left on the hard disk? It’s almost full.

10 Работа с компьютером Operating a computer Data To open a file To save To print To copy To delete To make a back-up copy To be computer-literate Данные Открыть файл Сохранить Распечатать Скопировать Удалить Сделать резервную копию Уметь работать с компьютером User-friendly Net To crash Virus /bug To check To download To surf the net Support service Дружественный интерфейс Сеть Зависнуть Вирус/ошибка программы Проверить Скачать информацию Бродить по сайтам Служба поддержки Are you computer-literate? Yes, I usually work with word processors. Have you made a back-up copy of the file? Yes, it’s on the CD-R. Where’s my report? Sorry, I’ve deleted it by mistake. The computer has crashed! It must be a bug. Have you checked for viruses? I don’t know where to get that information. You can download it from the Internet.

11 Monarchy Republic Democracy Dictatorship Left wing Middle of the road Right wing Election To elect Монархия Республика Демократия Диктатура Левое крыло Центристы Правое крыло Выборы Избирать To vote for To be held / to take place Parliament Majority Seats Prime Minister In power Government Голосовать за… Проводиться Парламент Большинство Места в парламенте Премьер министр У власти Правительство Which party is in power at the moment? The conservative party has the majority of seats in parliament. When were they elected? The latest elections were held in March. Who is the leader of the party? The Prime Minister is the leader. What are your political views? I’m right-wing. Who are you going to vote for in the next election? I’m going to support the liberal party. Политика Politics


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