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ARTICULATION: The Path to Success Ronald E. Cambra Assistant Vice Chancellor.

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1 ARTICULATION: The Path to Success Ronald E. Cambra Assistant Vice Chancellor

2 Robert Frost “The Road Less Taken”  “I shall be telling this with a sigh  Somewhere ages and ages hence;  Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –  I took the one less traveled by,  And that has made all the difference.”

3 Articulation:  The ability to take a very simple goal and turn it into a complicated, complex, burden ridden, no one to blame process, that no one understands or can navigate, with no victors or losers.

4 Look up articulation in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. articulation Wiktionary From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Articulation may refer to: Topic-focus articulation, a field of study concerned with marking old and new information in a clauseTopic-focus articulation Manner of articulation, how speech organs involved in making a sound make contactManner of articulation Articulated vehicles, which have a pivoted joint allowing them to turn more sharplyArticulated vehicles Articulation score, in telecommunications, a subjective measure of the intelligibility of a voice systemArticulation score Axle articulation, a vehicle's ability to flex its suspension, measured by ramp travel indexramp travel index Articulation (music), the transition or continuity between multiple notes or sounds Articulation (education), the process of comparing the content ofArticulation (education) courses that are transferred between postsecondary institutions Articulation (sociology), the process by which particular classesArticulation (sociology) appropriate cultural forms and practices for their own use Articulation (anatomy), the location at which two or more bones make contactArticulation (anatomy) Articulation (architecture) Articulation (botany), a joint between two separable parts, as a leaf and a stem. Articulation point, in graph theoryArticulation point

5 Web Definition Web definitions A written agreement listing courses at one college that are equivalent to courses at another college. These agreements facilitate the smooth transition of students through the secondary, community college and university educational A formal agreement between two or more institutions that allows specific programs at one institution to be credited towards direct entry or advanced standing at another The community colleges work together with the University of California, the California State University and private postsecondary colleges/universities to establish a course agreement to enable transfer students to receive credit for their academic programs. An agreement between a two-year community college and a four-year college, that guarantees a graduate of the two-year school admission to the four-year school. Agreements between community and four-year colleges that indicate the acceptability of courses in transfer toward meeting specific degree requirements. Agreement between the School Districts and post-secondary training institutions that lays out equivalency, dual credits and policies for the articulated programs

6 Our changing landscape:  STAR  4 Year Academic Plans  Data Base Courses  Transfer Credit Evaluation  Ka’ie’ie  Auto Admit  Reverse  First Year Registration of Freshmen  Transfer Registration  Next step in New Student Orientation  Come in Early

7 Major changes  Hallmarks  Faculty Committees  Diversification agreements  Working with focus  Transparency  MIRO  Common data base

8 Guidelines  Peter Englert, Procedures for Articulation to UH-Manoa’s General Education Foundation Requirements, May 20, 2004  Neal Smatresk, Procedures for Proposing a UH Common Foundations Program, August 16, 2004  UHM Manoa Faculty Senate, UH Manoa’s Foundation Program, Sept 10, 2004  David McClain, Executive Memorandum No. 06-05; Update Executive Policy E5.209, University of Hawaii System Student Transfer and Inter-Campus Articulation  Ronald E. Cambra, Articulation of UH System General Education Diversification (D) courses, December 18, 2008  Denise E. Konan and Leon Richards, Memorandum of Understanding Between the University of Hawaii at Manoa and Kapiolani Community College on Ka’ie’ie, a degree pathway partnership agreement, May 10, 2007  MOA Transfer of General Education Core Requirements May 2010  Office of the Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy, University of Hawaii Community College First Time Freshmen Enrollment, Transfer and Degree Completion Patterns, Fall 2005 Cohort, October 2010

9 Future Steps  Transfer Grant: STAR  Leading Indicators Study  Registration of Transfers  Advising

10 Paths to success  Mandatory advising  Identifying career paths  Developing interest areas  Selecting academic majors  Studying potential 4 year paths  Active participation in journey


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