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2 2 TRANSITIONAL KINDERGARTEN PLANNING COMMITTEE Wendy LeibrandtBeckman Kindergarten Teacher Jenny ChaseClairmont Kindergarten Teacher Lisa LopezHeritage Pre School Teacher Susie HarrisonLawrence Pre School Teacher Stephanie SchachtMosher Kindergarten Teacher Jennifer MuellerMosher Kindergarten Teacher Sandra MaldonandoNichols Kindergarten Teacher Gayle FujitaniNichols Kindergarten Teacher Jill BrattonInstructional Coach Luann CaseyLEA Representative

3 3 TRANSITIONAL KINDERGARTEN PLANNING COMMITTEE Sherise FrancovichPsychologist Karen HonkalaProgram Specialist Ruth DavisBoard of Education Member Lynda WongCommunity Member Erin ClarkVice Principal Leslie MaldonadoVice Principal Virginia AndersonPrincipal Florence CostamagnaDirector, School Readiness and Pre School Dawn VeticaPrincipal, Interventions and Supplemental Programs Lisa KotowskiAdministrative Director, Curriculum/Instruction Catherine PenningtonAssistant Superintendent, Elementary Education

4 4 TRANSITIONAL KINDERGARTEN Transitional Kindergarten is a new early childhood education program designed to build a bridge between the preschool years and traditional kindergarten, providing students the “gift of time” to build the necessary social and academic skills for success throughout their school experience.

5 5 SENATE BILL 1381 The bill changes the kindergarten entry-age in California from five years old by December 2 nd to five years old by September 1 st. For those “young fives” (i.e., children turning five from September 2- December 2) whose kindergarten is delayed, the bill creates a transitional kindergarten. The new age requirement would be phased-in over three years beginning in the 2012-13 school year.

6 6 2012-13 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Children who turn five years old between November 1 and December 2, 2012 are eligible for transitional kindergarten and will be given the first priority. These students will experience two full years of kindergarten; transitional kindergarten for the 2012-13 school year and traditional kindergarten for the 2013-14 school year. Children who turn five years old between December 2, 2012 and February 28, 2013 are eligible to enter the transitional kindergarten program on a space available basis on the day they turn five. These students will experience a transitional year of kindergarten from their 5th birthday until the end of the year and experience a full year of traditional kindergarten the following year.

7 7 GOAL OF TRANSITIONAL KINDERGARTEN The Lodi Unified School District Transitional Kindergarten Program will provide young five-year-olds with a developmentally appropriate experience to help them enter traditional kindergarten ready to learn.

8 8 EXPECTED OUTCOMES Students will enter kindergarten with an understanding of school procedures and structures. Students will enter kindergarten with improved social, academic, communication, and problem- solving skills. Students’ increased readiness for traditional kindergarten will result in a higher self-esteem. Students will require fewer interventions, referral for special services, or retentions during their elementary, middle, and high school years.

9 9 REGISTRATION FOR TRANSITIONAL KINDERGARTEN Parents will register their children for either transitional or traditional kindergarten during Kindergarten Round-up in February 2012 at their home attendance area school.

10 10 LOCATION OF TRANSITIONAL KINDERGARTEN CLASSES For students residing in North Stockton area: Podesta Ranch Elementary School 9950 Windmill Park Drive Stockton, CA 95209 For students residing in the Lodi area: Lawrence Elementary School 721 Calaveras Street Lodi, CA 95240 Transportation will only be provided where existing routes exist to these two school locations.

11 11 NUMBER OF CLASSES FOR THE 2012-13 SCHOOL YEAR Initially one class will be scheduled at each school. An additional class will be added at each school if Kindergarten registration generates enough students. It is hoped we will be able to place at least two classes at each school. Class Size: 20 students

12 12 TRANSITIONAL KINDERGARTEN STAFFING Staff and LEA are working together to determine how the staffing of these positions will take place. Formal dialogue will occur at the November 29 th LEA Bargaining session.

13 13 COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES Development of goal and outcomes Curriculum and Materials Recommendation Equipment and Supply Needs Recommendation Parent/Community Involvement Recommendation Development of Transitional Kindergarten Teacher Resource Binder

14 14 COMMITTEE VISITATION: OCTOBER 13, 2011 Green Valley Elementary School Lakeview Elementary School Rescue Unified School District Two visitation teams visited Transitional Kindergarten classes, observed the programs in action, talked with both the site principal and teacher, reviewed curriculum and materials, and received a wealth of information and resources.

15 15 RECOMMENDED CURRICULUM English/Language Arts: Pre-K Program that matches the district adopted program Math: Growing With Mathematics, Pre-K Handwriting Without Tears The recommendations will be presented to Curriculum Council on November 17th

16 16 NEXT STEPS Design an LUSD Brochure Create Registration Forms Plan Community Forums for January 2012 Script media communications and newspaper advertisement Train site secretaries / administrators Hold registration January 30-February 9, 2012

17 17 Thank you to a fantastic committee! Their hard work has been instrumental in designing LUSD’s first Transitional Kindergarten Program!


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