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Ms. Jensen FACS and Health

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1 Ms. Jensen FACS and Health
Welcome Cardinals! Ms. Jensen FACS and Health

2 How Many Years Have I been a teacher?
Closest to 14 wins!! 

3 About Me Ms. Jensen (Tanya)
12 Years Teaching in Long Prairie, MN/ Year#2 in Alexandria Degree: Double Major: Health Education (K-12) Family and Consumer Science (Grades 5-12) Coaching Licensure Masters of Education Degree-Saint Mary’s University Minor: Community Education Experience: personal fitness trainer, head volleyball and softball coach, aerobics instructor, childcare provider, restaurant serving/managing, Expo culinary Husband-Matthew CHEF/OWNER Broadway Bistro Children-McKenna (9) & Parker (3)

4 Respect Honesty Kindness Responsibility Fairness
What are the 5 Areas of Required Student Behavior from the “Code of Conduct” (from memory)!! Respect Honesty Kindness Responsibility Fairness

5 Class Expectations Follow behavior expectations!! Code of Conduct!
BPE ‘Brick Wall’ Student Created 2011 CC Reflection for misbehavior. Be Helpful Keep the room clean! Be responsible for your tests and assignments.

6 Are we allowed to have food (including Candy), beverages (other than water), and cell phones or music devices in the classroom NO!!!!

7 We Follow School Rules!! NO! Food or Beverages in the classroom!
Water is OK! NO! Ipods and/or cell phones (etc) in the classroom!!! I will take them 

8 Seating: It works until it doesn’t!
Keep your possessions in your own space. Avoid distracting others seated near you. Desk buddies will be used in classroom activities and assignments! SIGN SEATING CHART

9 Name Tents Fold note card in half lengthwise.
Write your first name and last initial legibly on one side. Attendance number (on the back) Draw 3 items on your name tent that are meaningful to you or define you. Place on your desk at all times until instructed otherwise. Always… when substitute is present! Place name tags in designated container upon leaving the classroom.

10 Share Name Cards! Overview of Class Questions Items needed for class:
3 Ring Binder 3 Hole Punch Paper Writing Utensil, Color Pencils (Housing) POSITIVE attitude

11 Day 2 Questions Where do we go for fire? Tornado? In this class?
What are 4 expectations I have of you while you are present in this classroom? Is food (including candy) & liquid beverages (excluding water), phones and musical devices allowed in the classroom, and Why? List 3 items you need to bring each day for class. List 2 things you learned about a classmate after the name tent presentations!!

12 Daily Classroom Routines

13 I will check time of entry!
LATE TO CLASS?? Late passes are to be placed in the pass basket on your way into the room! I will check time of entry!

14 At the Beginning of the Hour: “Bell Activity”
Begin bell activity upon arrival to classroom. Handouts found on entry table. Handwritten bell activities will be written on the board. Full Sentence writing format.

MY TIME: Remain in your seats and attentive to the instructor’s direction: during videos, discussions, full class activities, note taking, or presentations  Your Time: independent/group work time Fill out a blue pass (when approved) for teacher signature! BATHROOM PASS-SPATULA You must ALWAYS sign out on the room sign- out sheet .

16 IPOD Binders (I Plan & Organize Daily)
Get all your ducks in a row. IPOD Binders (I Plan & Organize Daily) Page numbers will be displayed on the board and should be placed on the lower outside corner of each page. Assignments will be checked on a random basis throughout the semester. Get parent signature for each section!! Late assignments will earn a substantial grade reduction (fill out & attach a late work form)… 8

17 “What Did We Do When I was Gone????????”

18 Responsibilities when Absent
Check Assignment Calendar Worksheet Make-up file Work Sheets/Notes Hand Copied from buddy! Binder Buddy (Ask 3) Make up tests Jefferson: before or after school Study Hall

19 Late Assignment Form You will need to fill out the
in order for it to be accepted for full or partial credit. Forms are found in the classroom. Completed forms should be stapled to your late work and placed in the “Late Work” file.

20 Mornings(DMS): 7:15- 7:45 After School(JHS): 2:30-3:15pm
Office Hours Mornings(DMS): 7:15- 7:45 After School(JHS): 2:30-3:15pm

21 It is YOUR Responsibility!
Any incomplete work at the quarter’s end will earn a permanent ZERO for that test, project, and/or assignment.

22 Classroom Notes Power points Links to Video Activities Assignments The Schoology website has copies of class information for you and your parents. Codes Child Development: Food & Nutrition Regional Foods Health 8 PS3XH-Q7643 4FG5D-2WVMT TQTHF-P3G8T V6X8G-XZNV3

23 Daily Points Students will earn random daily participation points for interacting in class, and following the Code Of Conduct requirements & “Building a Positive Environment” BPE Wall If a student does not follow the C of C or BPE, and/or does not participate in class (or is absent) the full amount of points will be deducted for that day!

24 Culinary Arts, Food and Nutrition, Real World, Regional Foods
Food Lab Classes Cooking classes are educationally based! There will be extensive sections of learning about the food/prep.skills/cooking methods~ followed by a test, and then a cooking lab will be offered to students, related to tested material and level of written achievement. You must earn a 75% or higher on each section test, in order to participate in the cooking labs!! Those who are absent or earn less than 75% for the section, will be taking or correcting their tests during the cooking lab, and expected to complete an at home lab assignment for lab credit. Culinary Arts, Food and Nutrition, Real World, Regional Foods

25 End of hour procedure: Allow discussion to finish up; comments, questions, presentation! Stay in seats until the bell rings! NEVER stand and wait by the door! Thank you for your help in making your classroom a positive environment!!

26 Extra Credit Randomly given out throughout the quarter on a limited basis. Take advantage of them when they are available. It may be your last chance!!

27 Your Choice!! Extra Credit
Summary paper of a current event article (newspaper, Internet, etc.) about content. Collage related to our content. Hand write a story related to content. Conduct an interview about content. Present a “need to know” speech about content. All extra credit assignments must be appropriate, accurate and shared (?) for credit.

28 Exit Activity Explain how you will be an asset to this class.
Explain how you can use these practical life skills in your future. Share with me the #1 most important thing I should know about you! Please sign and date your page and drop off at the door once the bell has rung!! Have a great rest of your day and lets have a GREAT semester!!

29 Day 3: Schoology Activity Procedure Handout (CL activity) student insert code Please sign and date the procedure sheet that you download and print from schoology showing that you understand the student/classroom expectations! Have your parent sign on the parent line and return these to me by Friday.

30 Let’s have a GREAT Semester!!

31 Welcome!! Hello, My name is Tanya Jensen
Jefferson High School~ Family and Consumer Science Teacher Discovery Middle School- Family & Consumer Science, Health Classes I teach: Child Development, Food and Nutrition, Housing & Interior Design, Real World, Relationships & Family, Culinary Arts, Careers in Early Childhood, Careers in Health Care, Health 8, Regional Foods Supplies to bring to class: JHS DMS 3 Ring Binder (1.5 inch recommended) -College Ruled Notebook Loose leaf paper (3 hole punched) -Writing Utensil Writing Utensils Colored Pencils for Housing & Interiors Welcome!!

32 The following Slides are EXTRAS

33 Disruptive Behavior Card
Immediate removal from classroom to office. Incident #1: Detention follow up Incident #2: Action Plan Assignment Parental Notification

34 Lessons?? You must get permission from me before school for lessons (have your pass). If you have not received approval before school, you will NOT be allowed to leave class for your lesson.

35 Focus Bubble Daily goals will be posted in the “Focus Bubble” on the front board each day. At the end of the hour, ask yourself the question on the board. Explain what you know. Ask a question to clarify your understanding.

36 Internet Permission We will be using the internet for major classroom projects this semester. Sophomores…be sure to hand these forms in ASAP!! Some classes will be using computers immediately!

37 Journaling will be used on a regular basis for in-class activities.
Journals Journaling will be used on a regular basis for in-class activities. 3 hole punch paper will be needed and a section of your binder will need to be for your journal entries (divider “journal entries”).

38 What’s On The Test? Handouts Binder pages
Chapter Assignments Notes Speaker Information Movies Discussion Points Shadow Experiences You will be responsible to get a parent’s signature over your completed binder section for each test.

39 What you will need: 1.5” Three Ring Binder 3-hole punch paper
Writing Utensils Colored Pencils (Housing & Interiors) A Positive Hardworking Attitude Set yourself up to achieve your PERSONAL BEST!!

40 Electronics Music devices will not be permitted in class.
Be sure they are OUT OF SIGHT! Ear buds must also be out of sight! Cell phones will NOT be permitted in class. They will be taken and consequences will result. Other electronics by approval only.

41 Hearing, Vision, Learning, Etc.
Special Needs Hearing, Vision, Learning, Etc. See me this week for modifications!

42 Attendance Numbers Are to appear on all tests and assignments before they are handed in for grading. Place your number on the outside of your binder and name card. Also used randomly for class discussion.

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