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ALBERDINGK BOLEY Düsseldorfer Str. 53 47829 Krefeld, Germany Phone +49 2151 528-0 Fax +49 2151 573643.

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1 ALBERDINGK BOLEY Düsseldorfer Str. 53 47829 Krefeld, Germany Phone +49 2151 528-0 Fax +49 2151 573643 ALBERDINGK RESINS (SHENZHEN) Co., Ltd. (West) 1st/2nd Floor, Building D, Huanyu Industrial Park, Xuefu Road, Xingwei , Huangtian, Xixiang, Bao’an District, Shenzhen Alberdingk Boley

2 Waterborne plastic coatings by Magdalena Bodi

3 178 years History 1828 Production of oils (linseed and castor) 1970 Start with WB binders: Acrylic dispersions 1985 Polyurethane dispersions 1998 Production of adhesives 2000 Alberdingk Boley Inc., NC, USA 2004 Production in Greensborough, USA 2006 Alberdingk Boley in China Alberdingk Boley

4 Contents Company introduction Binder types, characteristics, film formation Application field plastic coatings Required properties Product recommendation Alberdingk Boley

5 Nature of AB dispersions What are really this binders?? Waterabased dispersion? Waterbased emulsions? Latexes? Solutions in water? Small solid polimer particles dispersed in water = DISPERSIONS m.w.>100000 Dilutable with water in liquid fase Non soluble in water as a dried film Alberdingk Boley

6 Optical appearance of the dispersion Particle size : > 1µm: milky white 1µm – 0,1µm brownish white appearance 0,1µm - 0,05 µm semi-transparent < 0,05 µm almost transparent Alberdingk Boley Acrylic PUD

7 Film forming mechanism Stage I Evaporation of water Stage II Particle deformation, T > MFFT Stage III Coalescence Stage IV Interdiffusion of polymer chains  Aqueous polymer dispersion (Solid Content: 30-60%)  Arrangement of particles, close contact  Deformation of the polymer particles  Surfaces of polymer particles are disappearing: polymer chains intermix  Polymer interdiffusion, leading to a mechanical stable polymer film Alberdingk Boley

8 MFFT reduction with different coalescing agents for AS 2615 Cosolvent % MFFT °C Alberdingk Boley

9 Curing mechanisms of w/b coatings 1.1-Component (drying only) optional: self cross-linking binders 2.2-Component cross-linking 3.UV cross-linking 4.Dual curing (UV and isocyanate) Alberdingk Boley

10 Alberdingk binder for plastic coatings 1K Styrene Acrylics: AS 2615; AS 2606, AS 26090 Pure Acrylic: AC 2508 AC-PU hybrids APU 10610 APU 10351 Polyurethane: U 610, U 5200, U 3251 2 K OH-fuctional acrylics: AC 2598; AC 2597 AC-PU hybrids: APU 10610; APU 10120; APU 10351 Polyurethane: U 610, U 5200, U 3251 for flexible substrates U 9160; U 9800 for hard substrates Alberdingk Boley

11 Application fields Hifi, TV-Sets, Mobile phones, Computers, etc. Car interior : different plastic parts, softfeel and non- softfeel Car exterior: Basecoats Wheel cover Alberdingk Boley

12 Requirements Very good adhesion Alu-pigment orientation Alcohol- und fat resistance Scratch resistance Substrates : ABS, PS ABS-PC, PC Alberdingk Boley

13 Mobile phones Recommended products: Styrene-Acrylic dispersions: AS 2615, AS 2606 good chemical resistance, hardness Polyurethane dispersions: U 9160 or U 9800 as 2K systems for excellent chemical resistance and hardness

14 Computer-, TV, HIFI cases Product recommendation Styrene-Acrylics: AS 2615; AS 2606, basecoat, monolayer OH-functional acrylics: AC 2598; AS 2799 as 2K-PU PU binder: U 9160, U9800 as 2K-PU Alberdingk Boley

15 Finish possibilities 1K paints and lacquers AS 2606, AS 2615 as basecoat or multilayer Good chemical resistance, hardness 2K paints and lacquers U 9800, U9160, PU binder as base- and topcoats, excellent chemical resistance, hardness AC 2598, AS 2799, AC binders as base-and topcoats, very good chemical resistance, excellent hardness Alberdingk Boley

16 Aluminium pigmented formulation based on AS 2615, AS 2606 Paint components: Binder Cosolvents Water Defoamer Alu pigment Substrate wetting additive Rheological additives Recommended parameters: Solid content: Basecoats: 15-25% Monolayer: 25-35% Chromeffect: 5-10% Cosolvents: AS types: ca. 20% cosolvent on total formulation Alu-Pigment: Alu pigment concentrate! Alberdingk Boley

17 Type of Aluminium Pigments (Shape) Cornflake Silverdollar Stronger light scattering, more edges Less metalic effect, more gray colour, Corneflakes, smaller particle size, wide particle size distribution Stronger light reflexion, more brilliant colour Silverdollar, rounder shapes Narrow particle size distribution Alberdingk Boley

18 Possible surface treatments :  Phosphororganic, pigment preparation only with water, excellent binder compatibility  Water + Solvent: Pigment preparation+ BG and PM  fair good gasing stabiliy  Chromate, excellent continuous gasing stability, condens water stability, intercoat adhesion  Anorganic SiO2-Treatment, Sol-Gel Process, higher whiteness, v.good orientation, shearing stress and excellent gasing stability,intercoat adhesion, circular pipe line stability Type of Alu Pigments (Surface treatment) Alberdingk Boley

19 Good pigment orientation High gloss, brilliance High hiding power Bad pigment orientation "Salt-and-Pepper” Effekt Pigment orientation Recommended rheological additives for good pigment orientation: Acrylic thickener: Viscalex HV 30(Ciba), Latekol D (Basf) Antisettling additives: Byk-420 (Byk), Disperlon Q- 607, etc. Alberdingk Boley

20 Alu Pigment preparation Premix Aluminium Pigment concentrate with: Water/BG(1:1) + Additive Possible Additives: Dis-190 for organic traeted- Dis-180 or TegoWet 655 for inorganic treated pigments Dosage: 5-8% on Alu-Solid content Important to avoid high shearforcess! Alberdingk Boley

21 Car interior coatings Substrates mainly: PA 6, ABS-PC, PP Requirements : Very good adhesion Scratch resistance Alcohol and Fat resistance Feel between velvet and rubber for softfeel coatings Alberdingk Boley

22 Car interior coatings Product recommendation Softfeel: Polyurethane dispersions :U 610, U 2101, CUR 21 Acrylic dispersions: AC 2592, AC 2597 and their combinations! Hard plastic: Acrylic dispersion: AS 26090!! Bodi Alberdingk Boley NEW!

23 Car interior coating; Softfeel paints For good chemical and mechanical resistance softeel paints should be 2K systems! Recommended Hardeners: Hydrophylic Isocyanates : Bayhydur 2306; Bayhydur 3100 Bayhydur 2336 Basonat HW 100; Basonat HW 180PC Rhodocoat WT 2102, Rhodocoat 803 Alberdingk Boley

24 Car outside / Basecoats Requirements: Excellent adhesion Recoatability Clarity, brilliance Good Alu pigment orientation

25 Car outside/ Basecoats Product recommendation: Polyurethane dispersions : U 3251, U 610 ( 1 and 2 K systems) Polyurethane-Acrylic dispersion : APU 10120 (1 and 2 K systems) For 2K systems crosslinking with hydrophilic isocyanates Bodi Alberdingk Boley

26 2-Komponent wb lacquer 1-K: OH functional acrylics Crosslinkable groups containing PU binders 2-K: Hydrophilic, aliphatic isocyanates Commercial Types from BASF, Bayer, Rhodia Silanes Carbodiimides Alberdingk Boley

27 2-Component w/b lacquer  Benefit of crosslinking : similar to s/b systems: improved chemical properties better adhesion increased abrasion resistance  Disadvantage : short pot life limited storage needs more attention Alberdingk Boley

28 PVC- Window frames Requirements: Excellent adhesion Water resistance Very good blocking resistance Good pigment wetting Alberdingk Boley

29 PVC- Window frames Product recommendation : PU- AC dispersion : APU 10610 Combination with AC 2508 for blocking resistance improvement possible Alberdingk Boley

30 Adhesion on difficult substrates Alberdingk Boley

31 Adhesion on difficult substrates Possibilities to work with adhesion promoters: 1.Use adhesion promoters as a separat primer 2.Add adhesion promoters directly to the primer as a paint component – more convenient- e.g. in formulations based on AS 26090 we can add: 10-20% CPO 347W(Eastmann) Alberdingk Boley

32 Targets for the future  Low solvent containing and solvent free binders  Generally lowering of VOC  Chemical resistance improvement  Increasing of adhesion and scratch resistance  Easy to formulate binders Alberdingk Boley

33 Thank you for your attention Alberdingk Boley

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