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2014 ParBake Sanitation Project Kick-off Meeting.

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1 2014 ParBake Sanitation Project Kick-off Meeting

2 RIT Team is back! Last semester = Observation and identifying improvement areas Next 15 weeks = Implementing improvements We will review this plan in the following slides... Welcome Back

3 4 Improvement Events o Film and Review (3 weeks)  Mixer  Rheon Head o Employee Generated Ideas (2 weeks)  Oven Load  Rheon Conveyor o Mixer Improvement Event (5 weeks) o Rheon Head Improvement Event (5 weeks) Project Overview

4 Goal of the Project: o Increase the amount of available production time on the Parbake line Since production time depends on sanitation time, we think it would be worth exploring potential improvement opportunities in the current sanitation process Improvement opportunities will help accomplish: o A safer environment for employees o Reducing the time it takes to clean equipment on the ParBake line Project Purpose

5 Successful implementation of improvement ideas with the input and help of sanitation employees A safer, more efficient sanitation process on the ParBake line More production time = greater variety of bread = less outsourcing Sustainment of implemented improvements by sanitation employees Ideal Project Outcomes

6 Although the RIT Team has spent a significant amount of time observing your work, nobody understands the job better than those who do it Without employee understanding and support of project purpose and goals, potential implementation and sustainment of improvement ideas will be almost impossible Your work is extremely significant in helping production meet their goals and objectives, which ultimately make the company money Why we need your help

7 Opportunity to suggest improvement ideas and get some implemented Opportunity to contribute to a management initiative that could have a significant impact on the company’s financial bottom line Opportunity to exemplify how great employee ideas can bring about positive, impactful changes at Wegmans Opportunity to establish a culture where employees can drive future process improvement projects What’s in it for you?

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