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Comparing and Contrasting the Technology Standards on a State and National Level By Chelsey Kline.

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1 Comparing and Contrasting the Technology Standards on a State and National Level By Chelsey Kline

2 Maryland Teacher Technology Standards 1. Information Access, Evaluation, Processing and Application 1. Find and use information effectively 2. Communication 1. Use a variety of formats to communicate and interact using technology 3. Legal, Social, Ethical Issues 1. Demonstrate an understanding of issues

3 Maryland Teacher Technology Standards 1. Assessment for Administration and Instruction 1. Use technology to solve problems and aid in schools and education 2. Integrating Technology into the Curriculum and Instruction 1. Evaluate and include technology education within the curriculum

4 Maryland Teacher Technology Standards 1. Assistive Technology 1. Understand issues and disabilities that may be addressed or resolved with technology 2. Professional Growth 1. Encourage professional practices within the use of technology

5 National Technology Standards for Teachers 1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity 1. Promote and support creativity and innovative thinking by providing a series of tools to resolve real- world issues using technology. 2. Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments 1. Provide experience and assessment that correlate to students needs and expectations using a wide range of technology.

6 National Technology Standards for Teachers 1. Model Digital Age Work and Learning 1. Demonstrate fluency and understanding in technology to students 2. Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility 1. Teach safe, legal, ethical use of technology, as well as responsibility in using such. 3. Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership 1. Observe professional practices when using technology, as well as demonstrate international usage of technology

7 Comparing Standards National StandardsComparisonsState Standards Strive to promote creativity and innovative thinking Strong focus on how teachers should teach technology, rather then the outcomes that the nation wishes to achieve in terms of technology education. Both sets of standards address the importance of demonstrating legal, social, and ethical issues associated with technology Both encourage the application and demonstration of professional practices associated with the use of technology Both strive to demonstrate every day real-world issues and the application of technology, and strive to provide assessment and instruction in doing so. State standards strive to exemplify the communication skills and experiences that could be achieved with technology. Strive to incorporate the use of technology into the curriculum and every day instruction provided by schools. Addresses the importance of assistive technology in helping students with disabilities.

8 Summary of Outcomes of National Standards Strive to provide innovative thinking and creative development Encourage students to pursue ideas. Applies real-world thinking and solutions to those issues. More focused on the outcomes and proficiency of teachers Must demonstrate fluency in technology, provide real-world issues, model modern age learning techniques, teach ethical and social issues, etc… Goals oriented towards teacher success. Teach based on needs and requirements of students

9 Summary of Outcomes of State Standards More detailed structure Consists of seven standards rather then five Reiterate requirements for national standards, but expand on those requirements Goes above and beyond national level for state wide success Focus on communication Important skills acquired for success in real-world Focuses on integrating technology into curriculum Application in all subject areas rather than straight forward class dedicated to technology

10 Conclusions State standards more detailed and focused than national standards Both demonstrate importance of technology Both focused on problem-solving Resolve real-world issues Integrate technology into the curriculum rather then technology based classes National standards boast teacher success in teaching technology, where as state standards encourage student immersion.

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