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Senior Scholarship Program

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1 Senior Scholarship Program
Hinsdale Central High School 2010/2011

2 Hinsdale Central Teacher’s Association Scholarship
Designed to encourage graduating seniors who expect to enter the teaching profession Recipients: Caitlin Arens, Casey Baker, Mitchell Gurick and Emma Miller

3 Gary L. Salach Foundation Scholarship
At least a B average Leadership Service Commitment to the school community Recipient: Shrey Goel

4 Hinsdale Junior Women’s Club Scholarship
Graduating female student Dedicated exceptional time and effort serving her community Plans to continue this dedication as a member of her college community Recipient: Alyssa LaBrash \

5 P.T.O. Book Grant Funds Full-time enrollment in post-secondary educational institution Financial need *23 out of 42 student recipients chose to be announced for this award: Recipients: Ashlee Crawford, Regina Gallo, Steven Gianakas, Jennifer Huang, Isabella Jeffriess, Rita Kuckertz, Zygimantas Maciulis, Claire Miller, Christian Mullen, Letreya Powell, Syed Raza, Genesis Smith, Bradley Snider, Bradley Somerfield, Jeffrey Somerfield, Stephanie Styx, Jacqueline Svab, Tom Switala, Carli Thompson, Chriagmahammad Vahora, Anthony Vilches, Julia Williams and Zachary Withall

6 Jim Carmignani Awards Participation in at least two sports
Leadership qualities Academic performance Good rapport with teammates, classmates, school and community Recipients: Margaret Brennan and William Fayette

7 Gail Avgeris, Rudolfo Roca, Joan Murdock, Carol Stack – ARMS Award for Outstanding Senior in World Language Graduating senior who best exemplifies the qualities and characteristics of a serious foreign language student. Academic performance Extra-curricular involvement related to the study of a foreign language Recipient: Milica Mina Golubovich

8 Garden Club of Hinsdale
Interest in botany, environmental sciences or landscape design/installation Recipient: Max Evers 8

9 Al Ward Young Life Senior Scholarship
Given to two seniors, one male and one female Based on their involvement in our organization and on how they embody the spirit of Young Life Recipient: Shannon Ruge

10 Kiwanis Key Club Harvey Dickinson Scholarship
A Key Club graduating member who is going on to college Scholastic achievements Volunteering and community service Strong leadership skills Recipients: Vikram Reddy and Grace Walsh

11 Rick Jasker Kiwanis Key Club Awards
A Key Club graduating member who is going on to college Scholastic achievements Volunteering and community service Strong leadership skills Recipient: Milica Mina Golubovich

12 Hinsdale Masonic Lodge #934
A male student of average academic standing who is of high character and moral standards Has good parental support Major financial need Involved in scouting or a leadership program Demonstrate a desire to make our world a better place Recipient: Elliot Wilm

13 Woman’s Club of Hinsdale Scholarship
A female graduate Planning to enter a degree program in an accredited college or university Recipient: Sirisha Dommaraju

14 Golfview Hills Women’s Club
Academics and financial need Residents of Golfview Hills only Community involvement Participation in philanthropic events Recipients: John Joseph Strange and Katherine Justema

15 Booster Club Scholarship
Exhibit active involvement in the total school environment Participation in extra-curricular activities Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher School spirit Recipients: Claire Miller, Madison Schmaedeke and Elliot Wilm 14

16 Jodie Harrison Scholarship
Major in business in college Complete at least two semesters of business courses in high school Participate in one varsity sport in high school Maintain an overall B average Recipient: Peter Stubbings

17 Hinsdale Class of 1964 Scholarship
Respect and support classmates and considered by them to be a good friend Make a significant contribution to his or her class by being an active participant in class and school activities Recipient: Carli Elizabeth Thompson

18 Jostens School Service Scholarship
At least a B average Demonstrated leadership, service and a commitment to giving to the school community Recipient: Mitchell Gurick

19 Buildings and Grounds Scholarship
Plan to enter a degree program in an accredited college or university Family financial need is a major factor Recipient: Olivia Tabaczyk

20 Hinsdale Bank and Trust Scholarship
Maintain a “B” average or better for seven semesters of high school Plan to enroll full-time at an accredited two or four year college, university or trade/vocational school Exhibit positive leadership and character in Extra-curricular activities Involvement in the community Recipients: Jordan Peters and Olivia Tabaczyk

21 Hinsdale Central Foundation “Young Scholars” Scholarship
Young scholar awarded as a freshman Maintain a high level of academic excellence all four years of high school Recipients: Tomi Adeyemi and Vikram Reddy 20

22 Vinaya Sharma Mathematics Scholarship
Demonstrate commitment to programs that reflect their own goals and values Desire to pursue an education in college looking towards a career that utilizes the mathematics curriculum Recipient: Max Evers

23 Rani Sharma Scholarship
Demonstrate commitment to programs that reflect student’s own goals and values Service, leadership, effort, and dependability Be college bound Recipient: Tomi Adeyemi

24 Hinsdale Rotary Club Scholarships
Fine and Performing Arts Participation in the fine or performing arts during high school Enrolled at a baccalaureate granting institution Recipients: Claire Miller and Julia Mizzi

25 Hinsdale Rotary Club Scholarships
Leadership/Service Active involvement Service activities Academic success within this leadership/service Commitment GPA that increases over the course of studies at Hinsdale Central Recipients: Sirisha Dommaraju and Lauren Thiesfeld

26 American Association of University Women (AAUW)
Live in the District 86 area Maintain a weighted GPA greater than 4.5 (through Junior year)  Qualifications:  academics, volunteerism, school activities, work history Future academic plans Recipients: Joan Greve, Ellen Heenan and Katherine Keller

27 Westmont Rotary Academic Scholarship
Top 25% of his/her class Involvement in school and/or community activities Leadership is a plus Recipients: Jennifer Huang and Lindsey Melnyk

28 Westmont Chamber of Commerce Educational Foundation
Must live in Westmont or be a Westmont Chamber family member Maintain a minimum 2.75 grade point average Be or have been actively involved in school and/or extra curricular activities in the community or work force Plan to attend an accredited university, college or trade school within six months of graduation Recipient: Alyssa LaBrash

29 Ted Ryan Memorial Writing Award
For students who find enjoyment in creative writing Recipient: Nicola Brown 25

30 Jim Bonfield Memorial Scholarship
Minimum grade point average of 2.5 or better Acceptance or application for acceptance in progress at a University, College, Business, or Technical School Character, perseverance and commitment to community Participation in sports, fine arts, clubs, and extracurricular activities Recipient: Lisa Feldman

31 Kim Peterson Memorial Scholarship
Plan to attend a college or a university Major in special education teaching Recipient: Alyssa LaBrash 26

32 Charlie Nieman Memorial Scholarship
Sportsmanship Spirit and leadership Voted on by the team and staff members Commitment Academic achievement Recipient: Max Morimoto

33 Class of 1980 Men’s Association Scholarship
Participates as an athlete in baseball, basketball, football, or gymnastics Holds at least a 3.5 GPA (on a 5 point scale) Demonstrates top tier spirit, sportsmanship and leadership qualities Exhibits the ability to enhance others around them Recipient: Christopher Bobo

34 Julie K. Heidecke Tribute Scholarship
An athlete In the top half of the class Demonstrate outstanding spirit, sportsmanship, leadership and service skills A positive representative of all the best at Hinsdale Central High School Recipient: Kathleen Shea

35 Tom Moen Memorial Scholarship
A varsity football player who participated in the Falcon football program Good sportsmanship Citizenship Involvement in extra-curricular activities Community service outside of sports Academic achievement Financial need Recipient: Elliot Wilm

36 Kevin C. Kerekes Memorial Scholarship
Participate in cross-country and/or track Achieve minimum 4.0 GPA Exemplify team spirit Display high standards and moral conduct Demonstrate financial need Recipient: Zachary Withall

37 James Bryan McCarthy Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Be a dependable friend Be respectful Have a good sense of values and character Have a strong sense of the importance of family Recipient: Campbell Holinger

38 Chick Evans Memorial Scholarship
Caddies must be nominated by their club and meet four requirements: Strong caddie record Excellent academics Demonstrated financial need Outstanding character Recipients: Robert Lenderman and Andrew Regnery

39 Jordan Crist Memorial Scholarship
Displays the spirit that Jordan had toward his teammates (support, empathy, leadership, mentorship) Recipient: Michael Baker 34

40 Helen O’Neil Memorial Scholarship
Student employed by Hinsdale Public Library Recommended by his/her supervisor Will be attending college in the Fall Recipient: Krish Jadhwani

41 Hinsdale Central Varsity Club Scholarships
Member of the Varsity Club School spirit Leadership qualities Demonstrate the six pillars of character including respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship Recipient: Caitlin Arens

42 The Rodney Stuart Kroehler-Peter Winston Friend Awards
The male and female members of the graduating class deemed most outstanding in the opinion of the directors Academic achievement Extra-curricular activities Community service Leadership Character Recipients: Jennifer Huang and Michael Wise

43 Hinsdale Central Scholarship Fund
Established to provide funds for assisting our graduating seniors with their college or other post-high school educational funds. Genuine need for financial assistance in continuing the student’s education is key Recipients: Steven Gianakas and Elliot Wilm

44 Senior Honor Medal Given to the senior whose contributions to Hinsdale Central High School have enriched the student body and community Whose qualities of character, leadership, and service have made Hinsdale Central High School a better school Recipient: Mitchell Gurick

45 U.S. Army ROTC Scholarship
Student must have a meritorious record in academic studies, extra-curricular participation and athletic activities Must have demonstrated exceptional leadership potential, as well as an expressed desire to serve in the United States Army Recipient: Nathan Wiegand

46 Montgomery GI Bill Applicant needed to pass an Arms services vocational aptitude battery test in order to enlist Commit to the Army for 3 or more years to serve his country Needed to qualify morally and educationally Recipient: Joshua Gay

47 U.S. Military Academy at West Point
Demonstrate excellent academic performance Be physically fit Show leadership potential Commit to serving five years as an officer in the Army Recipient: Kyle Fredrickson

48 National Merit Finalists and Scholarship Awards
National Merit Finalist standing Test scores Academic record Activities Leadership Essay and letters of recommendation

49 Congratulations Class of 2011!

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