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1 Faculty of Philosophy University of Novi Sad

2 History Founded in 1954, the Faculty of Philosophy is one of the two oldest faculties of the University of Novi Sad. The Faculty started its teaching and scientific activities on six study groups. It developed gradually, new departments were founded, three independent institutes were formed and the Faculty began its publishing activity and opened the library. The Faculty established the postgraduate studies in 1961 and the first doctoral thesis was completed in 1969.

3 The old Faculty building in the centre of Novi Sad

4 Its current building Mladen Đuričić

5 Today the Faculty is divided into 17 departments Department of Comparative Literature Department of English Studies Department of German Studies Department of History Department of Hungarian Studies Department of Media Studies Department of Pedagogy Department of Philosophy Department of Psychology Department of Romance Studies Department of Romanian Studies Department of Ruthenian Studies Department of Serbian Language and Linguistics Department of Serbian Literature Department of Slavic Studies Department of Slovak Studies Department of Sociology Dajana Milisavljević

6 Students in 2010/2011 4175 students are actively studying at the Faculty 3370 BA students 353 MA students 119 Doctoral students 1007 BA graduates 150 MA graduates 64 Attained doctoral degrees

7 Study Programmes The Faculty of Philosophy offers 42 accredited study programmes at all three levels of study: - Bachelor Studies - Master Studies - Doctoral Studies Aleksandar Radlovački

8 Exchange Students 2010/2011 2011/2012 Croatia Russia Canada Macedonia Montenegro Libya Greece Slovenia Russia Switzerland Macedonia Montenegro Poland Greece

9 Student mobility EM ECW Basileus (active since 2008) EM ECW JoinEU-SEE (active since 2009) CEEPUS Campus Europae (CE) (active since 2008) Other exchange programmes (DAAD, Global UGRAD Programme, etc.) and individual mobility EXCHANGE PROGRAMMES Milica Tešić

10 Incoming students 43 students from 13 countries (Poland, Spain, Lithuania, Austria, Croatia, Finland, Belarus, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Romania) 2010/2011 2011/2012 53 students from 11 countries (Germany, Poland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, France, Romania)

11 Outgoing students 6 students to 5 countries via JoinEU-SEE and Basileus programmes (Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria) 2010/2011 2011/2012 28 students to 12 countries via JoinEU-SEE, Basileus, Forecast and EM2-STEM programmes (Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, USA)

12 Projects DHRHHE, Roehampton University, UK MASTS, University of Belgrade, Serbia REFLESS, University of Belgrade, Serbia JOINSЕЕ, Karl-Franzens- Universität Graz, Austria ICYW, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad, Serbia MOTED, University of Münster, Germany, Institute of Education, Westfälische Wilhelms - Universität Münster (WWU) CUBRIK, University of Alicante, Spain TEMPUS Projects in which the Faculty of Philosophy participates COST COST Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health (ISCH) COST Action IS0901 DAAD DAAD South-Eastern European Network for Cultural Sciences Media and Memoria, University of Konstanz, Germany Regional Research Promotion Programme (RRPP) - 21 projects financed by the Ministry of Education and Science - 10 projects financed by the Provincial Secretariat for Science and Technological Development - 2 bilateral projects (Slovenia and Croatia)

13 Agreements with institutions from abroad in 2010 and 2011 Faculty of Political Science, Philosophy and Communication Studies - Timisoara (Romania) Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Rijeka (Croatia) Faculty of Political Sciences - Sarajevo (BiH) Faculty of Arts and Philosophy - Parma (Italy) Alpen-Adria-University - Klagenfurt (Austria) Volunteer Centre of Hanban (China) University of Fribourg (Switzerland) Iustinianus Primus Faculty of Law - Skoplje (Macedonia) University of Strasbourg (France) Open Society Institute Budapest Foundation (Hungary) University Spiru Haret in Bucharest (Romania) J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek Rijeka (Croatia) Camões Institute (Portugal)

14 Conferences organized by the Faculty International Conference Languages and Cultures in Time and Space Scientific-Professional Conference Current Trends in Psychology Achievements and Prospects in the Development of Slavic Studies Distinction and Unification. Regional and Supraregional Memories Media and Poverty and Social Exclusion English Language and Anglophone Literatures Today (ELALT) In memory of Laza Kostić Congress SinFonIJA 3 - Syntax, Phonology and Language Analysis

15 Publications in 2010/2011 25 monographic publications 5 published thesis 12 magazine publications Thematic books of proceedings and coursebooks The first e-dissertation: Sabina Halupka-Rešetar, REČENIČNI FOKUS U ENGLESKOM I SRPSKOM JEZIKU

16 Faculty Building Reconstructions Reconstruction of the route power lines from the substation to the building of the Faculty of Philosophy Reconstruction of the lighting system in the Faculty building Reconstruction of the projection room Replacement of aluminium portals on the Faculty building

17 Equipping the Faculty premises Equipment for audio-laboratories Equipping the mezzanine of the Central Library with computers for free use Equipping the hall at the third floor with computers and hot spot Buying and setting booths and equipment for simultaneous translation System for the implementation of video conferencing Buying computers and projectors for classrooms and seminar libraries Buying a smart board

18 Guests of the Faculty of Philosophy VLADETA JEROTIĆ, academician DIETER HALWACHS, Graz, Austria BILJANA DOJČINOVIĆ, PhD, Belgrade KENT COLLINS, USA VLADIMIR VULETIĆ, PhD, Belgrade FRANC MARUŠIČ, PhD, Slovenia CONRAD TURNER, USA Embassy in Belgrade Mrs DENISE DE HAUWERE, Ambassador of Belgium ULRICH ENGEL, PhD, Bonn, Germany Gary Lupyan, PhD, USA ŽARKO OBRADOVIĆ, PhD, Minister of Education and Science Mr JOHN MORRISON, Ambassador of Canada ANDREAS JUCKER, PhD, Zurich

19 Guests of the Faculty of Philosophy ADISA TEO, PhD, Thailand ONJAKI, Angola Monsieur BERNARD COLOMBAT, Paris, France MR NILS RAGNAR KAMSVÅG, Ambassador of Norway MR CLEMENS KOJA, Ambassador of Austria JELENA BEREZOVIČ, PhD, Russia TAMÁS SEREGI, PhD, Hungary KURT A. RAFLAUB, PhD, USA JEAN-PAUL MEYER, PhD, Strasbourg, France FRANK SCHUBERT, PhD, USA SILVIA FERREIRO MARTINEZ, PhD, Spain ROGER SOLOMON, USA MR PHILIPPE SAUVAGEAU, Quebec, Canada FRANÇOIS-XAVIER DENIAU, Ambassador of France

20 Awards DINKO GRUHONJIĆ, MA, the Award for Ethics and Courage KORNELIJA FARAGO, PhD, the Déry Award LJILJANA PEŠIKAN-LJUŠTANOVIĆ, PhD, the Golden Serbian Literature Award BRANKICA DRAŠKOVIĆ, MA, the first prize at the Festival of Rock Documentaries (DORF) FILOZOFSKI FAKULTET, the silver medal of the Red Cross GORDANA VILOTIĆ, the Best Librarian Award ADRIJANA STOJANOVIĆ, a student of English Language and Literature, the Sveti Sava Award SANJA BLAGOJEVIĆ, a student of Journalism, the Grand Prix at the 15th International Festival of Journalistic Reporting INTERFER 2010 MAJA DRAGIĆ, a student of Journalism, the Golden Plaque at the Fourth Regional Festival of TV Miniatures Pres vitez SANDRA BABIĆ, a student of Journalism, the Milena Blagojević Award DUŠANKA ZVEKIĆ DUŠANOVIĆ, PhD, and GORDANA ŠTASNI, PhD, the Stojan Novaković Award for Student's Books SRPSKI KAO NEMATERNJI JEZIK OD 1. DO 8. RAZREDA ALEKSANDRA SMIRNOV BRKIĆ, MA, the Stojan Novaković Award for Student's Book ISTORIJA SA ISTORIJSKOM ČITANKOM I RADNOM SVESKOM ZA V RAZRED OSNOVNE ŠKOLE


22 Organised language courses for the University COURSE IN PORTUGUESE - around 70 students per year - beginners and advanced levels - Lusophone Evening at the Faculty (30 th May 2011) program prepared by the students of Portuguese language COURSE IN CHINESE - around 80 students per year - beginners and advanced levels - Short courses in calligraphy and usage of chopsticks - Competition in Chinese language for students of UBG and UNS

23 Library Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky (1821-1881) A Historical Overview of the Magazine Mlada Srbadija as a contribution to the study of Serbian journalism (2011) Slaveno-serbski magazin (2010) Meša Selimović (2010) Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy – a repentant nobleman (2010) BOOK EXHIBITION 2010/2011

24 1st December – the Day of the Fac ulty

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