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4 th Annual Meeting – 16 May 2014. Call to Order and Moment of Silence Wayne Andrew Dehnke 17 May 1945 - January 12, 2014.

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1 4 th Annual Meeting – 16 May 2014

2 Call to Order and Moment of Silence Wayne Andrew Dehnke 17 May 1945 - January 12, 2014

3 Proposed Agenda 8. Report of the Nominating Committee and Election of Trustees – Chair Nominating Committee 9. Appointment of the Auditor for Financial Year 2014 – Dennis Anderson 10. Other Business 11.Next Meeting – … 12. Termination 2. Approval of the Agenda 3. Minutes of the 3 rd Annual Meeting Held on Friday, 7 June 2013 – Secretary 4. Report of the Board of Trustees – President & Executive Vice-President 5. Financial Statements for the Year Ending 31 December 2013 – Treasurer 6.Report of the Auditor – Stella Penner of Calvista LLP 7.Amendment of the By-laws – Secretary

4 Minutes of the 3 rd Annual Meeting Doug Brooks, Secretary

5 Board of Trustees’ Report Barry Ashton, President

6 Three-Year Summary of PPCLI Foundation Financial Results

7 with Unaudited First Quarter 2014 Results Added

8 In 2013: In-Kind support for the 100 th Anniversary was obtained: The Globe and Mail$100,000 University of Calgary 55,000 Canadian Tire 40,000 Bison Transport 40,000 Red Arrow Motorcoach 20,000 Greatwest Kenworth 10,000 R&D Trailers 10,000 Beaver Bus Lines 10,000 Total $285,000

9 2013 Annual Report Highlights


11 Presentation of a cheque to the Foundation for $10,000 by The Honourable Vaughn Solomon Schofield, Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan. Receiving the gift is Major-General (Ret’d) John Sharpe, Vice-President Partnership and Major Gifts, while looking on is Brigadier-General (Ret’d) Cliff Walker, President of the Royal United Service Institute of Regina, who organized a veteran’s workshop and Armistice Gala Dinner on 10 November 2013.

12 Heroes Hockey Challenge 2013 Abbotsford – Guests of Honour with Stanley Cup “a Nation needs its Heroes“™

13 In 2013: Membership Category End 2011 End 2012 End 2013 End-2015 Goal Individual45104181400 Corporate51285100 Honorary14192025 Total64135286525

14 Sustainability Sustainability is about more than just finances. We need to create a robust structure not entirely dependant upon volunteers.

15 Board of Trustees’ Report Kent Foster, Executive Vice-President & Chair Fundraising Group

16 Fundraising Group Executive VP & Chair Fundraising Group Partnership & Major Gifts Grants & Government Programs Individual Giving Gifts/Donations Membership Dues Planned Giving Regional Teams Edmonton Calgary Winnipeg Ottawa Frezenberg Toronto Special Events Heroes Hockey Challenge (HHC) Veterans' Tribute Night (VTN) Canadian House of Heroes (CHoH) Manitoba Social 1 in 1,000 Raffle Forging a Nation Centennial Art Show Other Special Events Administration

17 Planned Initiatives An individual giving campaign including individual donations, gifts and Planned Giving. Frezenberg Youth Education Program – raise $125,500 to facilitate attendance by 23 Canadian Youth. Develop specific research projects with appropriate partners in the mental health research field including PTSD and prosthetics development. Veterans Transition Network Promotion of long term support for PLS project.

18 Challenges Improved Communication Consider relevance of Partnership and major gifts committee post 100 th Anniversary Joint initiatives with other like oriented charities Using the right mix of volunteers and professional expertise Increase individual contributions Review FRG structure going forward-related to revenue streams Review regional teams in relation to Special Events and post 100 th activity–these are key to our future success

19 Future Events Calgary Memorial Baton Relay Gala Dinner – 15 August 2014 Toronto Memorial Baton Event – 6 September 2014 Ottawa Commemoration Events 18-21 September 2014 Spring 2015 HHC Frezenberg Commemoration 7-11 May 2015 & Youth Education Program Heroes Hockey Challenge Edmonton – 23-24 May 2014 Forging a Nation: Canada Goes to War, Centennial Art Exhibition Edmonton, 5 June-16 August with Official Opening– 6 August 2014 Edmonton Commemoration Events – 7-10 August 2014 Memorial Baton Relay 10 August – 18 September 2014

20 Treasurer’s Report Dennis Anderson



23 Report of the Auditor Calvista LLP

24 Amendment of the By-laws Presented by Doug Brooks, Secretary Change to Membership Categories, AGM Quorum, and other Cosmetic Changes

25 Report of the Nominating Committee Bill Hewson Chair, Nominating Committee

26 Nominating Committee Members Doug Brooks Craig King Bill Hewson, Chair Barry Ashton (Ex-Officio)

27 Present Board Of Trustees Appointed by PPCLI Guard Colonel Peter Dawe, MSM, CD Appointed by Regimental Executive Committee Chief Warrant Officer Paul Francis, CD Major Slade Lerch, CD Elected at the 2011 AGM Major-General (Ret’d) Barry W. Ashton, CD, President Brigadier-General (Ret’d) Keith Corbould, CD, Vice-President Grants & Benefits Major-General (Ret’d) C. William (Bill) Hewson, CMM, CD Major (Ret’d) John C. Hunter, CD Colonel (Ret’d) James Kempling, CD Colonel (Ret’d) William H. (Bill) Minnis, MSM, CD

28 Present Board of Trustees Elected at the 2012 AGM Mr. Dennis A. Anderson Mr. Phillip Crawley, CBE, Publisher and CEO, The Globe and Mail Mrs. Marilyn Elliott, FICP, CFP, CLU, Treasurer Lieutenant-General (Ret’d) Kent R. Foster, CMM,CD, Executive Vice President & Chair Fundraising Group Mr. Warren Spitz, President & CEO UCS Forest Group Elected at the 2013 AGM Mr. Jared G. Joynt, APR, Vice President Communications & Public Relations Major-General (Ret’d) John L. Sharpe, CMM, CD, Vice President Partnership & Major Gifts Brigadier-General (Ret’d) Matthew K. Overton, CD Captain (Ret’d) Douglas G. Brooks, P Eng, Secretary

29 Election of Trustees It is proposed that: Major-General (Ret’d) Barry W. Ashton, CD; Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) Malcolm D. Bruce, MSM, CD; Brigadier-General (Ret’d) G. Keith Corbould, CD; Major-General (Ret’d) David A. Fraser, MSM, CD; Major-General (Ret’d) C. William Hewson, CMM, CD; Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) Martin M. Kenneally, CD; and Brigadier-General (Ret’d) Craig R. King, OMM, MSC, CD, MBE be elected Trustees of the PPCLI Foundation for a three year term commencing 16 May 2014

30 Appointment of the Auditor for 2014

31 Other Business and Next Meeting The 5 th Annual Meeting is to be held...

32 Recognition of Retiring Trustees John Hunter 2010-2014 Jim Kempling 2010-2014 Bill Minnis 2011-2014

33 Vote of Appreciation

34 Termination

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