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The system of welfare in Russia and other countries.

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1 The system of welfare in Russia and other countries.

2 Repeat the sounds and words [ ә‘veilәbl ] [ benefit ] [ ә‘laυәns ] [ welfεә ] [ ‘eldәli ] [ ‘Λnim’plכid ] [ mә’tә:niti ] [ ‘iŋkΛm ] [ ‘widәυd ] [ tæks ] [ dәυl ] [ dis’eibld ]

3 Complete the sentence using the one of the following adjectives. poor, rich, homeless, disabled, unemployed. 1. Winter is a difficult season for … who often die of cold and hunger. 2. Should … pay higher taxes to support … ? 3. The government has created new workplaces for … 4. The school has special facilities for … like lifts, wide door and special toilets.

4 Key  the homeless  the rich  the unemployed  the disabled



7 Benefits Who receives State / retirement pension Retired people / pensioners Widow’s pension Women whose husbands die Maternity pay Women, who leave work to have a baby Child benefit Each child until he/she leaves school or longer if the child continues education

8 Unemployment benefits A person, who is out of work for up to a year Family credit Families with children, who have very low incomes Invalidity pension A person, who is unable to work after a sickness period

9 What types of benefits are available to? National Insurance benefits are available benefits are availableto the unemployed the sick the retired

10 Social Security benefits are available to Single parents The long-term unemployed Pensioners whose pension is too low


12 Bad points: elderly people…  Become ill and disabled;  Become a burden to children;  Suffer the fear of death;  Have financial problems;  Become incapable of living independently, need regular care and nursing;  Lose friends and spouses ;  Live a boring life.

13 Good points: the elderly…  Do not have to go to work;  Have adult children, who are not a burden any more;  Have a lot of time to meet with friends, read, travel, go in for sports, work in their garden;  Get wiser, have more experience and the ability to help with advice.

14 Our grannies and grandpas and their pensions

15 Medium pension of our grandparents

16 Russia is one of the oldest countries in Europe There are more than 40 millions pensioners During last 9 years the number of pensioners have been increased on 9.5%

17 April 2007  Medium pension = 3084 roubles = 3084 roubles  Minimum wage = 3713 roubles = 3713 roubles

18 How do elderly people live in our village?  1989 working people in the state farm “Usolsky” – 805  1997 - working people – 486  Income – from 1500 rubles to 3000 rubles 2006 year.  Minimum wage = 3354 r.  Medium pension = 2850 r.  Many unemployed.

19 Our wishes:  Worthy pension;  Happy old age;  Good living conditions;  Free medical service;  To meet with friends;  To travel often;  To take part in parties.

20 A welfare state is a state, where  There is no crime;  There is no unemployment;  People are rich;  People have some degree of dignity.


22 Choose the right answer 1. The system of medical care doesn’t work because of …. а) free medical care; b) shortage of money; c) insurance 2. Some elderly people think that they are … to children. а) ransom; b) security; c) burden 3. In Russia medical service is…. а) very expensive; b) free of charge; c) reduced 4. … can get payments for their husbands who died. а) the disabled; b) the widowed; c) the retired 5. In a Welfare State the unemployed receive….. a) pension; b) allowance; с) dole 6. Women who leave work to have a baby receive…. a) maternity pay; b) family credit; c) mobility allowance 7. In Britain people who work must pay…to the National Insurance Fund. a) fee; b) tax; c) contribution 8. …. are people who are unable to work to earn money on their own. a) the poor; b) the disabled; c) the elderly

23 Key  1.b  2.c  3.b  4.b  5.c  6.a  7.c  8.b

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