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Brazil: Brazil: Más allá de la samba Miguel López 3.12.2014.

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1 Brazil: Brazil: Más allá de la samba Miguel López 3.12.2014

2 List_of_compositions_by_Heitor_Villa-Lobos: V-L: Chôros Julian Brea- Choro 1 Andrés Segovia - Villa-Lobos - Preludio Nro.1 Bidu Sayão - Bachiana nº 5 – Cantilena Karita Mattila: Aria from Bachianas Brasileiras no. 5 JOAN BAEZ ~ Bachianas Brasileiras No 5 Aria

3 Brasilia - Oscar Niemeyer

4 Oscar Niemeyer Ver: Oscar N – Obras:

5 Brazilian Literature (1) Two major periods: colonial and national. Brazilian colonial literature  historical and geographical issues, Portuguese conquest, the wars fought by native peoples, explorations of the Brazilian interior Jesuit missionaries  reporters In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries  Bahia  Minas Eighteenth and nineteenth centuries  development of writing that was concerned with more nationalistic subjects.

6 Brazilian Literature (2) In the late-nineteenth century  becoming more concerned with local and nationalist themes. Mario de Andrade  from Romanticism and Naturalism to experiments in language and folklore. Andrade's only novel, Macunaíma: o Herói sem nenhum caráter (1928) is often cited as a major example of linguistic experimental literature. In the twentieth century  Jorge Amado and Clarice Lispector  focus on Brazilian history and culture in their works. The favorite theme of Brazilian literature  national identity + The political and social scene in Brazil

7 Brazilian Literature (3) Brazilian Literature (3) Modernist writing  President Vargas's call to Brazilian intellectuals to integrate and address issues of everyday reality in their works and thus participate actively in the act of nation-building. By the mid-1940s, Brazilian modernism was being slowly replaced by a new generation of poets and writers. Today  multicultural identity (Not until the 1980s blacks as an integral, vital, and positive part of society

8 Euclides da Cunha 1866-1909 Sertão (Backcountry-”the end of the world”) Os Sertões- Rebellion in the Backlands (1902) Themes: The land, the man, the fight. Journalist, reporter style, novel. Social criticism. Main character: Antônio Conselheiro ”Anthony the Counselor” The literature of the north-east.


10 Jorge Amado (1912-2001) 1978 Bahia Latin american boom Jubiabá (1935) Modernism (= no realism) Magic realism = blends magical or fantastical elements with reality

11 Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands “Heated passions, conjugal harmony, the rhythms of the samba, and the delectable joys of cooking” “Caught up in the pandemonium of carnival, the roguish and irresponsible Vadinho dos Guimaraes dies during a parade, leaving behind his long suffering wife, the irrepressible Dona Flor. As a widow, Flor devotes herself to her cooking school and an assortment of interfering but well-meaning friends who urge her to remarry. The lonely widow finds herself attracted to Dr. Teodoro Madureria, a kind, considerate pharmacist, who is everything the reckless Vadinho was not. Yet after their marriage, though content, Flor longs for her first husband's amorous, and exhausting, sensual pleasures. And Flor's desirous longing is so powerful that it brings the ghost of Vadinho back from the grave--right into her bed.” (WP, Amazon)

12 Joe Carioca José Carioca - Zé Carioca



15 Os Gêmeos

16 TOM14, from Brazil, en Barcelona: The Twins/Os Gêmeos (music russian 30 sec, in Portuguese)

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