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Nationalist Revolution Sweep the West, 1789- 1900 Chapter 24.

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1 Nationalist Revolution Sweep the West, Chapter 24

2 Latin America Peoples Win Independence Ch. 24, Section 1

3 Toussaint L’Ouverture Creoles Simon Bolivar Jose de San Martin Miguel Hidalgo


5 Toussaint L’Ouverture  Led a slave revolt that ended slavery on the island of Hispaniola

6 Creoles  Spearheaded the independence movement in Latin America

7 Why do you think that Latin-American-born Spaniards, a group that suffered far less oppression than other groups, would be the group to lead the revolution against Spain?

8 Simon Bolivar  The Liberator  Led his forces against the Spanish army in the Battle of Ayacucho  The last major battle in the Spanish colonies’ war for independence

9 Jose de San Martin  Military officer who liberated parts of Spanish-speaking South America  Won independence for Argentina and Chile  Gave up command of his army afterwards

10 Miguel Hidalgo  Priest  Issued Grito de Dolores  Called for a peasant rebellion in Mexico  Led the independence movement in Mexico


12 Europe Faces Revolution Section 2

13 Schools of political thought Nationalism Nation-State Balkans Louis-Napoleon Alexander II

14 Schools of political thought  Conservative  Wealthy property owners and nobility  Argued for protecting traditional monarchies in Europe  Liberal  Middle-class business leaders and merchants  Wanted to give more power to elected parliments  Only the educated and landowners could vote  Radical  Wanted drastic change  Thought that government should practice the ideals of the French Revolution

15 Nationalism  The belief that people’s greatest loyalty should not be to a king or an empire but to a nation of people who share a common culture and history

16 Nation-State  An independent geographical unit of people having a common culture and identity.

17 Balkans  The region of southeastern Europe  Now occupied by Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, the European part of Turkey, and the former republics of Yugoslavia

18 Louis-Napoleon  Nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte  Took the title of Emperor Napoleon III

19 Alexander II  Son of Czar Nicholas I  Moved Russia towards modernization and social change

20 Nationalism Section 3

21 Empires that suffered from nationalism Junkers Otto von Bismarck Realpolitik

22 Empires that suffered from nationalism  Austria  Russia  Russification  The process of forcing Russian culture on all ethnic groups in the Russian Empire  Ottoman Empire



25 Junkers  Strongly conservative members of Prussia’s wealthy landowning class

26 Otto von Bismarck  Prime minister of Prussia  Conservative Junker

27 Realpolitik  “The politics of reality”  Describes tough power politics with no room for individualism

28 Revolutions in the Arts Section 4

29 Romanticism Emotion Realism Impressionism Impressionist painters

30 Romanticism  An early 19 th- century movement in art and thought, which focused on emotion and nature rather than reason and society.

31 Emotion  Key element of romanticism

32 Realism  19 th -century artistic movement in which writers and painters sought to show life as it is rather than life as it should be

33 Romanticism vs. Realism SimilaritiesDifferences

34 Impressionism  A movement in 19 th -century painting, in which artists reacted against realism by seeking to convey their impressions of subjects or moments in time

35 Impressionist painters  Goal  To show a moment in time at a glance

36 Nationalism How did nationalism influence the artistic art movement s we discussed?

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