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Military Psychology: Research Dr. Steven J. Kass.

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1 Military Psychology: Research Dr. Steven J. Kass

2 Military Psychology Research in History Military Psychology Research Includes: – Recruitment, selection, placement, training, retention – Prediction/enhancement of combat performance – Human factors in design of complex weapon systems – Specialized skills training – Coping skills in foreign lands, adverse conditions – Adjustment/stress – Data analysis for decision/policy making – Diversity

3 World War I: – Intelligence testing, selection, & classification World War II: – Human factors studies RADAR, electronic communications, complex weapon systems – Mackworth’s vigilance research on radar operators in RAF. Navy Combat Information Centers (CIC) – man-machine interface issues (e.g., sonar, radar) APA Division 21 – Applied Experimental & Engineering Psychologists (HF) – Problems of human capabilities and limitations in use of complex systems (e.g., high performance aircraft, submarines, C&C centers) – Research on protecting soldiers from environmental elements. Military Psychology Research in History

4 Post WWII – RADAR-aided ATC (Ohio State Univ) – Land-based air defense/interception (Columbia Univ/MIT) – Shipboard Combat Info Center air defense (NRL- Chesapeake Bay) – Battlefield Surveillance (Univ of Michigan) – Field operations, tactics, equipment (Ft. Ord, Cal) – Hypothetical command center for nuclear war (System Development Corporation) Military Psychology Research in History

5 Human Resources Research Office (HumRRO) – Est 1951 to study US Army training methods – Still conducts I/O related work for Army and other agencies – Located in Alexandria, VA Military Psychology Research in History

6 Military Research Centers & Labs Army US Army Human Research Engineering Directorate (HRED) – Est 1951, Aberdeen Proving Ground (MD) – HF research on interface design (e.g., field phone interface, display symbology for weapon systems, pilot controls) – Basic psychological research on human sensory input/handling of information – Field experiments measuring performance of soldiers operating developmental hardware systems – Application of human engineering design guidance for development and testing of materiel systems For more info see:

7 Division of Neuropsychiatry at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), Washington DC, 1951 – Stress Studies Neuroscience animal/human experiments on stress reactions Sleep deprivation studies – Stimulants/sleep aids Stress associated with military lifestyle For more info see: Military Research Centers & Labs Army

8 US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM), Natick, MA – Studies on soldier performance as impacted by harsh environmental stressor, such as heat, cold, altitude. Physical fitness Biomechanics Biophysics of protective clothing For more info see: Military Research Centers & Labs Army

9 US Army Aeromedical Research Lab (USAARL), Ft Rucker, AL – In-flight & simulator assessment of helo pilots under stressful flight conditions – Pilot fatigue – Performance with night vision goggles – Effects/benefits of pharmaceuticals (e.g., stimulants) – Effects of extreme conditions on pilot performance – E.g., shock, g-forces, vibration, noise, visual enhancement systems. For more info see: Military Research Centers & Labs Army

10 US Army Research Institute (ARI) for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (many offices around US) – Personnel selection, classification, placement, and retention For more info see: Military Research Centers & Labs Army

11 US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD), Aberdeen, MD – Medical defense against chemical battlefield threats Treatment Prophylaxis Antidotes For more info see: Military Research Centers & Labs Army

12 Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) – Aircraft Division (Lakehurst, Patuxent River) – Training Systems Division (Orlando) – Weapons Division (China Lake, Point Mugu) Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) – Formerly Navy Command, Control, & Ocean Surveillance Cetner (NOSC) & Navy Research, Development, Test, & Evaluation Center (NRaD) – (Charleston, San Diego) Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) – (Carderock, W. Bethesda, Crane, Dahlgren, Panama City, Indian Head, Port Hueneme) Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) – (Keyport, Newport) See Links for more info: Military Research Centers & Labs Navy

13 Naval Health Research Center (NHRC), San Diego – Fleet operational readiness thru RDT&E – Evaluation of biomedical & psychological aspects of Navy/Marine personnel health & performance Naval Aerospace Medical Research Lab (NAMRL), Pensacola – Aviation performance and medicine Spatial disorientation, motion sickness, effects of meds – BRAC’d for 2011, moving to WPAFB Naval Submarine Medical Research Lab (NSMRL), Groton See links for more info: Military Research Centers & Labs Navy Research is fun

14 Military Research Centers & Labs Navy Naval Operational Medicine Institute (NOMI) – Naval Aerospace Medicine Institute (NAMI) – Naval Expeditionary Medicine Institute (NEMTI) – Naval Special Operations Medicine Institute (NSOMI) – Naval Survival Training Institute (NSTI) – Naval Undersea Medicine Institute (NUMI) – Surface Warfare Medicine Institute (SWMI) For more info:

15 US Air Force Research Laboratory (realigned) “Super Lab” to conduct research on all aspects of aviation – Wright Lab (Wright-Patterson AFB, OH) – Armstrong Lab (Brooks AFB, TX) – Phillips Lab (Kirtland AFB, NM) – Rome Lab (Griffiss AFB, NY) For more info see: Military Research Centers & Labs Air Force

16 Military Research Funding Program 6 – Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation (RDT&E) – 6.1 Basic Research – basic mechanisms to explain psychological/physiological systems 6.1 Basic Research Application of research not important at this level – 6.2 Applied Research – meeting a problem that has been identified mostly in-house research – 6.3 Advanced Material Development – feasibility preliminary development of new technologies – 6.4 Engineering Development – procurement final development/procurement of technology to solve new problem or fix old problem

17 6.1 Funding Navy: Office of Naval Research (ONR) Air Force: US Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Army: – Army Research Institute (ARI) for Social & Behavioral Research (I/O, Personnel) – Army Materiel Command’s Human Research & Engineering Directorate (human engineering) – US Army Medical Research & Materiel Command (medical research) – Army Research Office (behavioral research)

18 Military Psychology Training Advanced degrees in Psych (MA, Ph.D.) Experimental design & statistics Practical experience Generalist, team player Ability to study multiple variables

19 Military Psychology Research Opportunities Basic mechanisms research on animal models – Historical labs: primate lab, pigeon missile Laboratory experiments w/state of the art equipment – Technology: Virtual reality, simulators, centrifuges – Innovations: tactile feedback, microdisplays, augmented cognition – Motivated participants Field research – Solving real problems Social psychology – Group dynamics, team training/cohesion, leadership, persuasion, etc. Collaborative work w/world renown researchers

20 Military Psychology Publishing Military Psychology research is published in: Technical Reports – DTIC repository for gov’t reports Conference Proceedings – E.g., I/ITSEC, HFES, AsMA Journals – E.g.,Military Psychology; Human Factors; Aviation, Space, & Environmental Medicine; J. of Aviation; J. of Applied Psychology; Work & Stress; Ergonomics

21 Military Psychology Research The Future Cuts in research funding due to war efforts in Afghanistan & Iraq Base Re-alignment And Closures – Joint Service labs to increase efficiency International research programs Clinical research for increased number of war vets (PTSD, Stress, Neuropsych) Hi tech advances

22 Other Military Experiments Link to Dr. Steve’s Research Page: YouTube Videos: Mind control experiment: LSD experiments: Dolphin soldier pt1: pt2: pt3: pt4:

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