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映画 DVD の活用 同志社大学 北尾 謙治

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1 映画 DVD の活用 同志社大学 北尾 謙治 http://kkitao.e-learning-

2 リサーチの 1 例

3 You ’ ve Got Mail 1998 年 俳優 Tom Hanks Joe Fox, whose family owns a large bookstore chain, Fox Books Meg Ryan Kathleen, who owns a small independent children ’ s bookstore

4 この映画を選んだ理由 学生が興味を持つ 日常会話 男女が登場 同じファンクションが種々のフォームで表 現

5 手順 DVD から字幕を取り出す エクセルに 1 行 1 文で貼り付ける それに情報を付け加える 話者 話者の性別 文が会話、トガキ、歌かなど ファンクション


7 統計 1 時間54分 10, 949 語 ( 会話は 8,512 語) 1,894 文 ( 会話は 1,578 文) その他 e メール、トガキ、歌、テレビなど

8 1 文は 5.39 語 FKGL 2.73 ( 3年生レベル )

9 9 Vocabulary Level JACET8000 を使用して 約 96% が 5000 語以内, 日本の大学生のレベル 各レベルの語彙リストも入手可能


11 ファンクション どのような状況で、誰が誰に話してい る時に使用されているか 女性と男性、若い人と老人の比較など

12 12 「依頼」 Conventional forms (56 例 ) Imperative 23 (close people; very small requests; adult to child; intentional rudeness due to annoyance) Please … / …, please. 8 (between customers and service people; used by itself to emphasize a request) Could you/someone … 3 (boss to employee; customer to service person)

13 13 (naming what one wants) 3 (between customers and service people) Let ’ s … 2 (caretaker to child; boss to employee) Will you … 2 (boyfriend/girlfriend) I/We ’ ll take … 2 (customers to clerks) Would you… 1 (between friends) (Do you) want to… 1 (caretaker to child) I want… 1 (child to caretaker) Will you… 1 (boyfriend/girlfriend) I ask you to… 1 (clerk to customer) You can… 1 (customer to clerk)

14 14 So … already! 1 (customer to customer [intentionally rude]) Do you think … 1 Can we … 1 (speaker to protesters) You are (not) … 1 (acquaintances) I beg you. 1 (acquaintances, emotional situation) Do you mind … 1 (strangers; sarcastic intonation) I would appreciate it if you would … 1 (acquaintances)

15 15 Non-conventional forms (6 例 ) Is there anything you can do? 1 (customer to clerk) It ’ s your turn to … 1 (customer to clerk) Orange (Aren ’ t) you going to … 1 (customer to clerk, as part of a joke) There you go … 1 (customer to clerk) If you don ’ t … 1 (customer to service person; angry threat) Zip, zip. 1 (customer to clerk)

16 16 教育利用 Data-driven learning 学生に ファンクションを見つけさせる 男女の表現を見つけさせる、比較させる 年齢の異なる人の表現の違いを見つける、比較 する

17 17 ポライトネスの学習 Brown and Levinson’s positive and negative politeness 1. Bald on record – make a request directly 2. Positive politeness – meet H’s need to be liked and to feel included in the same group, e.g., through showing interest in H, using in- group identity markers, using first name, joking

18 18 3. Negative politeness – a show of respect for H and H’s desire to be unimposed upon, e.g., by expressing request as a question, apologizing, not assuming, minimizing size of request 4. Off-record – make the request in a way that can be interpreted in more than one way, e.g., by hinting

19 ポジティブとネガティブポライトネスは 学生には理解しにくい You’ve Got Mail はそれを教えるよい例 キャスリーンはビジネスのライバルの ジョーを見かけるが、避ける 彼女はレジに行って支払いをしようとする 19

20 YouTube でスーパーマーケットのシーン を見せる RKs9o_2A RKs9o_2A 2015/4/28Kenji Kitao20

21 21 The cashier finishes adding up Kathleen’s purchases. Cashier: $72.27. (The cashier requests the amount by stating it. Bald on record. task- oriented) (Kathleen holds out a credit card.) Cashier: This is a cash-only line. Cash only. (The cashier refuses by stating a general principle.)

22 22 Kathleen: Oh, my God. I just have a credit card. I'm sorry. Is that okay? (Negative politeness strategies:. Apologize, ask permission [not assuming]) Customer: No, it's not okay. There's a sign. Kathleen: I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. I never do this. But I ask you to make an exception in this one case. (Negative politeness strategies: Apologize; Indicate reluctance [ “ I never do this. ” ] Minimize imposition [ “ in this one case ” ])

23 23 Customer 1: You have no cash? She has no cash. Customer 2: No, she has no cash. Customer 3: Get on another line, lady. (Bald on record; annoyed and intentionally rude) Kathleen: I have a dollar. That's all I have. I have a dollar. One dollar. Is there anything you can do? (Negative politeness strategies: Give overwhelming reasons; not assuming)

24 24 Joe comes up to her. He offers her cash, but when she refuses, he turns to the cashier. Joe: Rose. That is a great name. Rose. This is Kathleen. I'm Joe. This is a credit card machine. Happy Thanksgiving. It's your turn to say ” Happy Thanksgiving ” back. (Positive politeness strategies: Claim common ground [notice and attend to H; exaggerate interest in H]; Use in- group identity markers [first names]; Complimenting)

25 25 Cashier: Happy Thanksgiving back. Joe: Knock, knock. Cashier: Who's there? Joe: Orange. Cashier: Orange who?

26 26 Joe: Orange you going to give us a break by zipping this credit card through the credit card machine? Come on. You can do it. Zip, zip. There you go. (Positive politeness strategies: Being optimistic [ “ Come on. You can do it. Zip zip. ” ]; joking; involving both S and H in the activity [though the joke]) (The clerk runs Kathleen ’ s credit card.)

27 クラスでの利用 Brown and Levinson’s categories を説明 You’ve Got Mail のシーンを見せる そのシーンのセリフを与える 会話の中のポジティブとネガティブポライ トネスを見つけさせる (グループワー ク) クラス全体で討論 27

28 第 3 部 字幕データベースの利用 978 DVD

29 ミントアプリケーション M ovie - Boxed 10 アラビアンナイト カサブランカ カルメン 市民ケーン キングコング オズの魔法使い ローマの休日 名犬ラッシー シャレード レベッカ ap/mboxed/mb8.html

30 The End

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