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2009-06-041 Inspire – status report Christina Wasström 2010-05-06.

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1 2009-06-041 Inspire – status report Christina Wasström 2010-05-06

2 2009-06-042 Status report - content General news Monitoring and Reporting Data sharing Services Metadata Specifications General Annex I Annex II and III

3 2009-06-043 General news INSPIRE conference 22-25 June in Krakow, Poland Data Quality workshop (by invitation only)

4 2009-06-044 Monitoring and Reporting New version of Guidelines is published to clarify the scope Tool for reporting out for test until 3 May

5 2009-06-045 Changes in M & R Guidelines New text Can the data set or the service be used for direct or indirect environmental policy purposes? Does the data set falls under the scope of at least one of the themes listed in the annexes of the Directive? If multiple identical copies of the same spatial data set exist, which will be the INSPIRE reference version and therefore the one to be brought into conformity with the Implementing Rules? Old text Can the data set or the service be used for environmental policy purposes or for policies which have an impact on the environment? Does the data set fit in one of the themes of the annex of the Directive? Will the data set be an INSPIRE reference version and therefore be brought into conformity with the Implementing Rules?

6 2009-06-046 Changes in M & R Guidelines Member States should list all the spatial data services and the network services that make it possible e.g. to discover, view, download, and/or transform any of the listed data sets or operate on any spatial data set falling under INSPIRE Directive. In addition, network services that provide specific capabilities but are needed for making the infrastructure work should also be listed, e.g. invoking services. The list should be organized per type of service. For each service it should be specified if it is a spatial data service and/or a network service. If spatial data services can be referred to specific spatial data sets this should be specified. As applies to the data sets, also services without metadata and that are not (yet) compliant with their implementing rules should be listed.

7 2009-06-047 Data and service sharing Implementing Rules for data and service sharing ”access to spatial data sets and services of the Member States by Community institutions and bodies under harmonised conditions ” came into force in April

8 2009-06-048 Services Implementing Rules for download and transformation services was decided by the Committee in December Translation is ongoing Suggestion for a new implementing rule concerning Spatial Data Service

9 2009-06-049 Metadata Minor changes in the regulation Discussion paper on Data quality

10 2009-06-0410 Changes in IR Metadata Subtitle ” (Text with EEA relevance)” is deleted RESURSETYPE in annex, part D is change to singulars From 1.3 Spatial data services (services) To 1.3 Spatial data service (service)

11 2009-06-0411 Specification Framework for maintenance of the artefacts from Drafting Team for Data Specification Artefacts Triggers Organisation Versioning rules Process Management of the toolset Comments by the end of April (!)

12 2009-06-0412 Specification, annex I Implementing Rules was decided by the Committee in December Translation is ongoing Code List Code List in separate register now moved into the regulation, decision 17 June

13 2009-06-0413 Specifications, annex II and III 19-20 April Kick-Off for facilitators and editors Autumn 2010 version 1.0 Spring 2011 version 2.0 Summer 2011 version 2.0 out for comments and test End of 2011 version 3.0 2012 draft Implementing Rules

14 2009-06-0414 INSPIRE Thematic Working Group for Annex II and III, draft version Nomination 311 experts from 23 countries (Australia and China included!) …… from those nominations a number of TWGs were selected 28 facilitators/editors 167 experts …… more experts have been registered after the first nomination

15 2009-06-0415 Elevation SurnameNameCtryOrganisation AllanLynneUKOrdnance Survey LMO Escriu ParadellJordiES Institut Cartogr à fic de Catalunya Gonz á lez Cristobal EduardoESNational Geographic Institute LMO HovenbitzerMichaelDEFederal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) LMO HowlettChrisUKUnited Kingdom Hydrographic Office LMO Iv á n GyulaHUInstitute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing LMO KurczyńskiZdzisławPLWarsaw Technical University P ä tynen VeijoFINational Land Survey of Finland LMO DonatoVincentFR Service Hydrographique et Oc é anographique de la Marine LMO KearnsTimESRI

16 2009-06-0416 Land Cover SurnameNameCtryOrganisation ArnoldStephanDE Bundesamt f ü r Kartographie und Geod ä sie BKG LMO BaltusChristelBEService Public de Wallonie-General Directorate for Agriculture, Environment Natural Resources (SPW- DGARNE) SDIC BieleckaElzbietaPLInstitute of Geodesy and Cartography LMO BankoGebhardATUmweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency Austria) LMO Strand Geir Harald NONorwegian Forest and Landscape Institute MauchaGergelyHUInstitute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (F Ö MI) LMO SarafinofDimitriFR Institut G é ographique National LMO Seklstedt Å sa SE Lantm ä teriet LMO Kuntz Steffen DEInfoterra GmbH Valcarcel SanzNuriaESNational Geographic Institute/National Centre of Geographic Information LMO

17 2009-06-0417 Ortho-imagery SurnameNameCtryOrganisation CurtinotPierre-YvesFR Institut G é ographique National LMO Forner Mikl ó s HUInstitute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (F Ö MI) LMO HollandDavidUKOrdnance Survey LMO IlvesRistoFINational Land Survey of Finland LMO Kerdiles Herv é JRCJRC-IPSC - Monitoring Agricultural ResourceS Unit MarchettiPier GiorgioITESA LMO Pal à ComellasVicen ç ES Institut Cartogr à fic de Catalunya LMO RadkovRadkoBGAgency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration - ECOREGIONS SeifertMarkusDEBavarian Administration for Surveying and Geoinformation LMO TrollvikJon ArneNONorwegian Mapping Authority VanderstraeteTonyBEAGIV Peces Morera J. Jos é ES Instituto Geográfico Nacional

18 2009-06-0418 Geology + Mineral Resources SurnameNameCtryOrganisation AschKristineDEBGR LMO Ber á stegui Batalla XavierESGeological Institute of Catalonia LMO BERGMANStefanSESGUS CASSARDDanielFRBRGM LMO Follestad Bj ø rn Andreas NOGeological Survey of Norway LMO HUGHESAndrewUKBGS JANJOUDominiqueFRBRGM LMO LARSENUffeDKGEUS LAXTONJohnUKBGS NALECZTomaszPLPGI- Polish Geological Institute PenSimonNLTNO Geological Survey of the Netherlands LMO SERRANOJean-JacquesFRBRGM LMO S ö res LaszloHUEotvos Lorand Geophysical Institute, ELGI LMO VUOLLOJouniFIGTK

19 2009-06-0419 Statistical Units + Population Distribution More experts from users and statistical offices SurnameNameCtryOrganisation BianchiniRobertoITInteruniversity Research Centre for Sustainable Development of Sapienza University of Rome SDIC BrestersPieter WristerNLStatistics Netherlands (CBS) LMO Garc í a Ferrero SaraESSpanish National Research Council (CSIC) LMO HaldorsonMarieSWStatistics Sweden LMO LipatzJean-LucFRINSEE LMO KmiecikAlinaPLIntergraph Poland Sp. z o.o. MaackUdoDEFreelance Geospatial Consultant Martinez VidalMiguel AngelESNational Statistics Institute LMO MigaczMiroslawPLCentral Statistical Office LMO Placeholder Editor SU+PDAMI / in-house PlaceholderEuroStat,

20 2009-06-0420 Buildings SurnameNameCtryOrganisation BarlowSimonUKIntelligent Addressing Limited Bergstr ö m EddieSE Lantm ä teriet LMO FerenczZsuzsannaHUInstitute of Geodesy Cartography and Remote Sensing (FOMI) LMO Gr ö ger GerhardDEUniversity of Bonn, Inst. for Geodesy and Geoinformation HooijFrankNLCadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency (Kadaster) LMO JohanssonKarl-GustavSE Lantm ä teriet LMO LaurentDominiqueFRIGN-F LMO MortierFrederic RogerBEGeneral Administration of Patrimonial Documentation (GAPD) LMO SkjelboKarenDKDanish Enterprise and Construction Authority LMO Velasco Mart í n-Var é s M. AmaliaESSpanish Directorate General for Cadastre LMO WysockaEwaPLHead Office of Geodesy and Cartography LMO

21 2009-06-0421 Soil SurnameNameCtryOrganisation ArnoldussenArnoldNONorwegian Forest and Landscape Institute LMO EberhardtEinarDEFederal Institute for Geosciences and natural Resources (BGR) LMO ENGELSPatrickBE SPW-DGARNE: Service public de Wallonie – Gen. Dir. for Agriculture, Envi. and Natural Resources SDIC JandirkBulensNLWageningen UR, Centre for Geo-Information, Alterra Le BasChristineFRINRA LMO KeesVersluijsNLRIVM MarahrensStephanDEFederal Environmental Agency SankaMilanCZMasaryk University SenarAinaraESTrabajos Catastrales S.A. (TRACASA) SDIC Van LiedekerkeMarcJRCJRC Ispra IES - LMNH Unit - Soil Action

22 2009-06-0422 Land Use Miss link to LUCAS SurnameNameCtryOrganisation AndrzejewskaMariaPLEnvironmental Information Centre UNEP/GRID Delgado Hern á ndezJuli á n ESNational Geographic Institute/National Centre of Geographic Information (IGN/CNIG) DevosWimJRCJRC- IPSC - Monitoring Agricultural ResourceS Unit Go ñ i IsabelESTrabajos Catastrales S.A. (TRACASA) SDIC HazeuGerard WillemNL EEA Alterra, Centre for Geo-Information SDIC KrauseKai-UweDEFree and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Ministry of Urban Development and Environment, Agency for Geo- Information and Surveying of the (LGV) MikkolaAaroFINational Land Survey of Finland LMO RichterWaltherDERhineland-Palatinate State Office for Surveying & Geoinformation (LVermGeo) Salg é Fran ç ois FR Direction G é n é rale de l ’ am é nagement, du logement et de la nature (DGALN), Minist è re de l ’é cologie, de l ’ energie du developement durable et de la mer (MEEDDM) LMO QuakWilkoNLGeonovum LMO, Delft University of Technology van NoordtAnneloesBEDepartment for Town and Country Planning, Housing Policy and Heritage of the region of Flanders

23 2009-06-0423 Human Health and Safety SurnameNameCtryOrganisation DauertUteDEUmweltbundesamt GiannopoulosGeorgiosJRC- IHCP JarosinskaDorotaEEA LillethunArvidNONorwegian Mapping Authorit Massetti LucianoITCNR-IBIMET Ortega D í az ElenaESEnvironmental Secretary of Regional Government of Andalusia Region (Consejer í a de Medio Ambiente) Smolders RoelBEVITO Asikainen Balkanyi Tommi Laszlo European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) EuroStat

24 2009-06-0424 Utility and Governmental Services More expert e.g. waste management SurnameNameCtryOrganisation ArambarriJonES Fundaci ó n Universitaria Iberoamericana Gonz á lez P é rez Pedro A.ES Diputaci ó n Coru ñ a LMO HauganFrankNOAsplan Viak Internet SDIC Br ö nnimannFr é d é ric FRIGN-F LMO MiserezKatleenBEFlemish Environment Agency LMO PfaffingerNorbertATAustrian Federal Environment Agency LMO SesticMaksimBHINOVA informaticki inzenjering, d.o.o. SDIC SchwarzbachFrankDEDresden University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Geoinformation//gdi.initiative.sachsen

25 2009-06-0425 Environmental Monitoring Facilities SurnameNameCtryOrganisation AbeniusJohanSESwedish Environmental Protection Agency LMO AlcornTrevorIRMarine Institute LMO ArduinoGiorgioITRegione Piemonte LMO BertrandNicolasUKCentre for Ecology and Hydrology LMO GrelletSylvainFR OIE- Office International de l ’ Eau LMO Jensen EEA Placeholder StefanEEA LehneDieterDEMinistry for the Environment, Energy, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of the State of Hessen (HMUELV)) LMO PastorekPeterSKState nature conservancy of Slovak Republic LMO Rudolf HeinoDEM.O.S.S. Computer Grafik Systeme GmbH Niederlassung Dresden SchleidtKatharinaATUmweltbundesamt LMO

26 2009-06-0426 Production and Industrial Facilities Too small group SurnameNameCtryOrganisation Bris Garc í a DanielESMinistry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce (MITYC) LMO ERIKSSONArneJRCJRC, Institute for Energy, Petten SDIC GeerlingHeinrichDEArchitectural Office Heinrich Geerling GiacomelliAndreaITCritigen Olivella Pedregal CarmeES Direcci ó General de Qualitat Ambiental. Department of Environment and Housing. Generalitat de Catalunya. NavarrettaAntonelloITCSI Piemonte Placeholder Editor PFAMI / in-house

27 2009-06-0427 Agricultural and Aquacultural Facilities More experts ”monitoring & reporting” within theis field SurnameNameCtryOrganisation CostantiniEdoardo A.C.ITCRA-ABP AngileriVincenzoJRCJRC -IPSC - Monitoring Agricultural ResourceS Unit EscobedoCarolinaESMinistry of the Envioronment, Rural and Marine Affairs LMO NormanRautheDEFederal Agency for Agriculture and Food LMO Placeholder Facilitator AFAMI van DiepenFransNLMinisterie van Landbouw Natuur en Voedsel kwaliteit (LNV) LMO YordanovYavorBGSoil Resources Agency LMO VassilevVassilBGAgency for sustainable development and Eurointegration- ECOREGIONS

28 2009-06-0428 Area Management/Restriction, Regulation Zones & Reporting Units More experts mining, costal zone, national and regional level reporting SurnameNameCtryOrganisation BergheimStein RunarNOAsplan Viak Internet as BorsaMaciejPLZBDGK Katowice ViarengoLucaITCSI Piemonte LihtenegerDarjaEEA Mestres Vallv é Josep MariaES Servei de Seguiment i Informaci ó d'Activitats. Department of Environment and Housing. Generalitat de Catalunya OverliTor GunnarNOAsplan Viak AS Placeholder Editor AMAMI / in-house Y ü ksel EbubekirTrMoEF

29 2009-06-0429 Natural Risk Zones SurnameNameCtryOrganisation Bojilov VencoBUAgency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration - ECOREGIONS Čerba OtakarCZThe University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic / Czech Center for Science and Society Canet CastellaRaquelESDireccio General Proteccio Civil. Departament d ’ interior, relcions Institucionals I Participacio LMO Exadaktylos GeorgeGRTechnical University of Crete SDIC HARRISON MatthewUKBGS Llorente Isidro MiguelESGeological Survey of Spain Pfeiffer ManuelaDEState Office for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas LMO Placeholder Facilitator NZ AMI THOMAS FlorianFRIGN-F LMO CristianoGiovandoEC-JRC, LMNHU- Forest

30 2009-06-0430 Atmospheric Conditions + Meteorological Geographical Features SurnameNameCtryOrganisation CryanSheilaEuropean Environmental Agency FalkenrothEsaSESwedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute LMO GUILLAUD Fr é d é ric FRMETEO-FRANCE LMO NativiStefanoITItalian National Research Council (CNR - IMAA) SDIC PetzErwinATZentralanstalt f. Meteorologie und Geodynamik LMO RINNEILKKAFIFinnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) LMO SluiterRaymondNLRoyal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) LMO STRAUSSBernardFRMETEO-FRANCE LMO VentourasSpirosUKSTFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory WrightBruceUKMeteorological Office LMO

31 2009-06-0431 Oceanographic Geographical Features + Sea Regions SurnameNameCtryOrganisation BrandiniCarloITCNR Ibimet (National Research Council - Institute of BioMeteorology) AMI List HermidaNuriaESSpanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) MillardKeiranUKHR Wallingford Mose JensenHansDKInternational Council for the Exploration of the Sea, ICES PattanaikJaydeepESRI RoesbekeMarcBEAgency for Maritime and Coastal Services - Coastal Division - Flemish Hydrography (Flemish government) LMO Tello Mar í a Olvido ESSpanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) LMO

32 2009-06-0432 Bio-geographical Regions + Habitats and Biotopes + Species Distribution SurnameNameCtryOrganisation BARBIERYvanBESPW - DGARNE / Service public de Wallonie - General Directorate for Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources CarlisleMargaretUKUniversity of Aberdeen DIEDERIKTIRRYBESADL KULeuven R&D Friis- Christensen AndersDKNational Survey and Cadastre, Denmark LMO HinterlangDirkDE Landesamt f ü r Natur, Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz NRW LMO MaximIurieROTeamNet International MayRudolfDEFederal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) Medina Domingo LeopoldoESSpanish National Research Council (CSIC) NilsVallandNONorwegian Biodiversity Information Centre (NBIC) NOUSI EfthymiaGREPSILON International SA PandoFranciscoESNational Research Council - Global Biodiversity Information Facity (CSIC - GBIF) PeterseilJohannesATUmweltbundesamt GmdH RobertJongmanNLAlterra Wageningen UR RoscherSabineEEAETC/BD Schmidt AnneNLAlterra Green World Research, Centre for Geo-Information SsymankAxelDEFederal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)

33 2009-06-0433 Energy Resources Small group, but could work anyway SurnameNameCryOrganisation Burgos CasadoPabloEsMinistry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce (MITYC) HamorTomasHu Philipov IvanBuAgengy for sustainable development end Eurointegration – ASDE Ecoregions Placeholder Editor ER AMI / in-house SEMRADPeterJRCJRC, Institute for Energy, Petten SuriMarcelSKGeoModel Facilitator AMI List

34 2009-06-0434 Summary TWG E l e v a ti o n LandCoverLandCover O rt h o p h o t o GeologyGeology S t a ti s ti c a l B u il d i n g s S o il LandUseLandUse HumanhealhHumanhealh U ti li t y E n v. M i n it o ri n g P r o d u c ti o n A g ri c u lt u r a l AreamanagementAreamanagement N a t u r a l ri s k z o n A t m o s p h e ri c OceanogrOceanogr B i o g e o g r. EnergyresoursesEnergyresoursesΣ UKX XX X X XXXX 9 GermanyXXXXXXXXXXXXX X X 15 HungaryXXXX X X6 PolandXX XXX X X 7 FranceXXXXXXXX XX XX 12 Belgium XX XXXXX XX 9 Austria X XX X X 5 Norway XXX X XX X X 8 Sweden X XXX X X 6 Denmark X X XX 4 Czech Rep. X 1 Greece X X 2 SpainXXXXXXXXXX XXXX XXX17 Ireland X 1 Σ6979595546622364482

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