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2010 International Perforating Symposium

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1 2010 International Perforating Symposium
Presentation IPS IPS

2 StimGun KODIAK Enhanced Perforating System
Initial Concept Technical Challenges Progress HTH Technical Services, Inc. Joe Haney Owen Oil Tools (CoreLab) Dan Pratt, Chris Montanez, Mike Miller IPS

3 The Beginning 1992 – David Cuthill and Bob Haney 2007 – HTH and Owen
Combine perforating with propellant stimulation Surface Test - propellant inside gun Problem with propellant 2007 – HTH and Owen Start development of a new type of propellant IPS

4 Initial Concept IPS

5 Quick and Simple Perforation Breakdown

6 Why? Initially, the thought was to enhance the perforating process when you can’t run the StimGun Assembly™ Wells with minimal fluid column (< 500 ft) Wells with complex or difficult casing or tubing configurations Very short intervals Limited Entry IPS

7 Enhanced Perforating? Change in focus - from charge penetration to flow Formation breakdown IPS

8 Quick and Simple Perforation Breakdown
Technical Challenges IPS

9 Propellant Rapid, but controlled, burn rate
Reduced sensitivity of burn rate to pressure Extremely low sensitively to shock, friction, impact, and static electricity IPS

10 Gun Integrity For standard and non-standard operating conditions – zero potential for failure needed Gun expansion – within set limits IPS

11 Adequate Rate of Venting of Gases
We need a high pressure pulse in the perforation tunnel We have to go through two “chokes” Both the perforation exit hole in the gun and the in the casing are of critical importance IPS

12 Propellant Development
Five different propellant / energetic materials selected for evaluation IPS

13 Testing, Testing, Testing

14 Testing, Testing, Testing

15 Surface Tests IPS

16 IPS

17 Internal Gun Pressure Data

18 Gun Integrity All systems “dry” tested All systems “fluid” rated
Over 100 tests No problems IPS

19 Venting IPS

20 Multiple new charge and scallop designs evaluated

21 Product Development Review

22 Propellant Requires high order detonation to fully ignite
Requires minimum charge gram weight to disk thickness to fully ignite IPS

23 Gun Integrity No problems – for the “system” IPS

24 Venting The current system with specially designed charges, it is adequate IPS

25 Final Design Configuration
Balance Between Venting Capacity Burst Pressure of Gun Burn Rate Propellant Volume IPS

26 KODIAK Enhanced Perforating System Surface Test

27 Quick and Simple Perforation Breakdown
Progress IPS

28 Downhole Testing Wyoming Montana Texas IPS

29 MOC Gov’t 4 IPS

30 Does Kodiak work? Yes Rapid rise time High Pressure 5 ms pulse

31 Montana Tests 6’ x 3 3/8” x 4 spf x 60 deg guns Shallow gas 5½” casing
1700’ depth 50’ to 200’ tamp fluid Four runs (2 wells) No operational problems Gun expansion OK No wireline damage No packer problems (all zones – packer was close) IPS

32 IPS

33 IPS

34 On to Commercial Testing
Texas TCP – vertical well 11’ x 3 3/8” x 4spf Corkscrewed 120’ used J-55 tubing, the 60’ of new N-80 above gun was fine Lesson learned On to Commercial Testing IPS

35 KODIAK Enhanced Perforating System – First Commercial Tests
Successes Shallow gas wells IPS

36 KODIAK Enhanced Perforating System – First Commercial Tests
Problems Inadequate venting rate at depth Flaw in the Initial Concept IPS

37 Flaw in the Initial Concept
Simple operation to breakdown perforations Not that simple You need energy (a lot of energy) to breakdown perforations With a lot of energy, you can have problems with wireline, tubing, plugs and packers Different formations have different energy requirements IPS

38 Back to Testing IPS

39 Montana Testing Improved Venting Reduced Propellant Load
Series One IPS

40 Series Two IPS

41 Lesson Learned - Operations
We have determined that simply reducing propellant load to 85% and setting some fairly basic procedural guidelines - eliminates a majority of the potential operational issues IPS

42 Product Applications IPS

43 Current Enhanced Perforating / Perforation Breakdown
Shallow wells (<5000’) IPS

44 Near - Future Propellant Stimulation / Perforation Breakdown
Moderate depth wells (<10,000’) Limited Entry Horizontal wells IPS

45 Path Forward IPS

46 We are excited about potential of the technology
It work’s (although it is not quick and simple) There are several commercial applications that we are now focusing on IPS

47 In Conclusion IPS

48 KODIAK Has tremendous potential to improve the perforating process
Fits well into the StimGun family of products IPS

49 Questions? Comments? IPS

50 IPS

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