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Presentation to IOOS FAC Josie Quintrell April 2014.

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1 Presentation to IOOS FAC Josie Quintrell April 2014

2 11 IOOS RAs

3 IOOS Association Non Profit 4 Objectives Advocacy For IOOS Funding Legislation Common Issues Represent Regions in DC Administration (OMB, NOAA, etc) Hill Partners Emerging Issues Changed name last year

4 Recent Activities APPRO LETTERS ICOOS Reauthorization Program Planning and CoordinationOMB, NOAA, DOC

5 The Need: Independent Cost Estimate $54 b over 15 years $45 b Federal (including satellites) $8 b Non-Federal $.98 Central Functions Based on Blueprint and Regional Build Out Plans

6 Strat Plans: Certification Requirements 5 Years Themes - Marine Ops, Coastal Hazards, Ecosystem, Fisheries and WQ, Climate Outcomes Products and Services System Elements: Obs, Modeling, DMAC, Product Development, Mgmt, Engagement

7 Requirements, Con’t Qualifications of staff O&M plans Operating Procedures How RA will balance regional needs with need for established data sets Annual operating plans DMAC Budget Plan, including “Diversifying Funds”

8 Diversifying Funding All RAs have a business plan or strategic plan Will update for certification Identify needs, users, products, assets- observations, modeling, DMAC SWOT – strength, weakness, opportunities and threats - analysis Diversify funds, priority for all

9 Success Stories State Funding: 2005 CA $21 m bond for ocean current mapping: BUT no more M.J Murdock Charitable Foundation: La Push Buoy, NANOOS NERACOOS: Boston LNG Permit Condition

10 Success Stories Con’t Competitive Funding - –Data Management –ROP –Fed Agencies (NSF, DHS, EPA, USGS) In Kind Support –State, Tribal, Academia Highly Leveraged

11 Public Private Partnerships

12 Membership: Dues and Don’ts Some Do - SECOORA, NERACOOS and GLOS Some Don’t - feel that membership is open to all Provides sources of non-Federal funds, source of “rainy day” funds

13 GoMOOS: Ahead of its time? Precursor to NERACOOS Jobs from the sea Regional Utility Owned assets Contract provisions on Intellectual property Data sharing Market research

14 Lessons Learned Government provides long term commitment Foundations - O&M is challenge Boston LNG permit requirement- could be something to pursue more, BOEM, leasing of public trust resources should require monitoring

15 Lessons Learned, con’t. Lack of national observations hinders development of national value-added products RA Capacity Private sector concerns about unfair competition

16 RA serve as pre-operational bridge to private sector and Federal operational centers Provide regional context for Federal agencies Mission to expose and serve data for all Unique IOOS RA Mission Bridging the Valley of Death?

17 Opportunities? Sell adds on websites? IOOS Foundation? Charge for services? Development Director at IOOS A? Intellectual property - can address through contracts but what is? Asset ownership – GoMOOS owned assets (buoys, etc) Challenges: Everyone’s #2 Priority Oil spill, Hurricanes, SAR, Enabling utility - who funds? Private comp do not want to pay – PORTS

18 FAC help: Practical advice for diversifying and growing funding for IOOS - there is an urgency What are IOOS strategic advantages? How to focus limited resources? Where is the ROI that would be attractive? How to fund an enabler? Build high level interagency leadership – Summit recommendation

19 Questions?

20 Enabling IOOS IOOS is enabler … but How to enable IOOS to do it’s job? No one funds an enabler - Private sector and public want to fund those that deliver –NWS is not funding IOOS –CG is not funding IOOS –Navy exercise –

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