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NIPOL ® IR Polyisoprene Elastomer ZEON CHEMICALS L.P. Distributed by Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC.

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1 NIPOL ® IR Polyisoprene Elastomer ZEON CHEMICALS L.P. Distributed by Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC

2 PropertyNIPOL ® IR 2200 NIPOL IR 2200L NIPOL IR 2200N Natsyn ® 2200 Natsyn ® 2205 Natsyn ® 2210 CAS # Mooney ML 100°C Heat loss, % max Not reported Volatile matter, % Ash, % max Extractables, %Not reported <3.0 T g, °C-75 Not reported Cis-1,4 content, %98.0 ~ Specific Gravity0.91 FDA Compliant*Yes Package size, kg Package size, lb) Shelf life3 years 18 months NIPOL ® IR2200 = Standard grade for Tires and Industrial Products NIPOL IR2200L = Low Mooney Viscosity Grade NIPOL IR2200N = BHT-free type (antioxidant free) * All grades of NIPOL IR synthetic rubber comply with applicable portions of the following FDA regulations: 21CFR Adhesives 21CFR Pressure Sensitive Adhesives 21CFR Components of Paper and Paperboard in contact with dry food. 21CFR Rubber articles intended for repeated use. Comparison of NIPOL ® IR and Natsyn ® Polyisoprene

3 NIPOL ® IR vs. Natsyn ® in a Furnace Black Loaded Compound Three NIPOL IR polymers of different viscosities were compared to Natsyn 2200 in a carbon black-loaded compound. The viscosities of the NIPOL IR polymers were slightly higher, while scorch and cure times for the NIPOL IR compounds were markedly slower, than those of Natsyn Press cures equated to t c 90 indicate that NIPOL IR 2200 has higher modulus and tensile strength. All three NIPOL IR polymers exhibited improved tear strength, compression set resistance and resistance to flex-crack growth. Ingredients1234 Natsyn ® ─── NIPOL ® IR 2200─100.0── NIPOL IR 2200L──100.0─ NIPOL IR 2200N───100.0 Zinc Oxide3.0 Stearic Acid2.0 AGERITE ® STALITE ® Antioxidant1.0 N330 Carbon Black40.0 Calight RPO Plasticizer5.0 AMAX ® Accelerator1.0 Sulfur2.0 Totals154.0 AMAX and AGERITE are registered trademarks of R.T. Vanderbilt Holding Company, Inc. and/or its respective wholly owned subsidiaries. NIPOL is a registered trademark of Zeon Chemicals L.P. Natsyn is a registered trademark of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. COMPOUNDS

4 RHEOLOGICAL PROPERTIES MOONEY VISCOSITY, ML 1+4, ASTM D 100 o C (212 o F) Viscosity, mu MOONEY SCORCH, ASTM D 121  C (250  F) Minimum Viscosity Minutes to 5 pt. rise MDR, ASTM D 150  C (302  F), 0.5 o Arc M L, dN·m M H, dN·m t s 1 (min) t c 90 (min) Cure Rate Index, min Cure Rate, dN · m/min

5 ORIGINAL PHYSICALS Press Cured t c o C (302 o F) Hardness, Shore A % Modulus, MPa Tensile, MPa Elongation, % Tear, Die C, kN/m COMPRESSION SET, METHOD B, Press Cured t c  C o C, % RETAINED PHYICAL PROPERTIES, After Aging in Air, o C (212 o F ) Hardness, Pts. Change Tensile, % Elongation, % Tear Strength, % FLEX-CRACK GROWTH, ASTM D 813, DE MATTIA FLEX MACHINE Press Cured t c o C Crack Growth, mm/kilocycle Range, kilocycles34 – – – 145 DUPONT SPIDER FLOW MOLD, 20 psi, 3/8″ORIFICE, 30.0 GRAM CHARGE Weight of Spider, grams



8 Before using, read, understand and comply with the information and precautions in the Material Safety Data Sheets, label and other product literature. The information presented herein, while not guaranteed, was prepared by technical personnel and, to the best of our knowledge and belief, is true and accurate as of the date hereof. No warranty, representation or guarantee, express or implied, is made regarding accuracy, performance, stability, reliability or use. This information is not intended to be all-inclusive, because the manner and conditions of use, handling, storage and other factors may involve other or additional safety or performance considerations. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of any material for a specific purpose and for adopting such safety precautions as may be required. Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC does not warrant the results to be obtained in using any material, and disclaims all liability with respect to the use, handling or further processing of any such material. No suggestion for use is intended as, and nothing herein shall be construed as, a recommendation to infringe any existing patent, trademark or copyright or to violate any federal, state or local law or regulation.

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