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Engaging Our Youth By Leya Murphey “Smokeless doesn’t mean harmless”

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1 Engaging Our Youth By Leya Murphey “Smokeless doesn’t mean harmless”

2 Establish Goals and Set a Foundation Advocate for tobacco free environments Promote tobacco prevention in elementary schools Attend trainings to increase knowledge and awareness of tobacco issues Participate in activism events

3 Practice what you Preach Watch your mouth! Dress appropriately Make sure they are aware that certain things come with age When its seen on television, its cool… but When your seen doing it, its acceptable.

4 Youth 2 Youth Communication Be a Role model Promote positive citizenship In the younger generations eyes, you are an Educator. “Because what is said matters.”

5 Give Them the Facts Bad Breath Receding gums which can eventually make your teeth fall out Red sores on your lips Cracking and bleeding lips Stained teeth Leathery, white patches on your gums

6 Tell em’ What's in it Formaldehyde Cyanide Arsenic Lead Cadmium

7 Opening the Door to Opportunity as your youth group makes a campus or policy change you make connections state wide as well as nationally American Heart Association American Cancer Society American Lung Association Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids Project Filter Just to name a few….

8 Even They know People That Need to Quit Be willing to listen to their story Have information available – (business cards, pamphlets, etc.) Never blame a tobacco user for their addiction Never criticize a tobacco user. – (Especially if they are asking for help).

9 How Youth Group Can Change Public Policy Address the issues to key policy makers, We create a logical argument backed by obtained research as well as statistics for policy change Petitions, presentations, and surveys were used to collect data. After all information is collected we ask for policy change. “Our Motivator” Healthier youth = better future.

10 Idaho fights tobacco: No Bull About it In 2008 Project Filter teamed up with the Magic Valley Tobacco Free Coalition in attempts to overthrow the US Smokeless patch that is worn by all of the Professional Bull Riders at the Nampa, Idaho Stadium.

11 Each bull rider is paid a certain sum of money for each patch they wear during their performance. US smokeless Tobacco was paying them $600 to wear their patch We offered to pay them a small amount more ($650) if they removed the smokeless tobacco patch and wore ours in its place.

12 We Made a Ruckus! It made such a positive impact that nearly all of the riders wanted to wear our patch! 33 out of 43 to be exact That’s 76.744186046511627906976744186047 %

13 It was only a matter of time before the Tobacco industry heard about our cause and threatened to pull the purse money. This is both positive and negative. We made the impact that we wanted however we were not going to jeopardize any of the PBRs ability to earn a living, so we eliminated our offer.

14 The END Thanks for Viewing

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