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WHAT HAPPENS IN CANADA POST-WWI Canada in a Post World War World.

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1 WHAT HAPPENS IN CANADA POST-WWI Canada in a Post World War World


3 The Long Wait When the war came to an end soldiers expected to return home shortly but this was not the case. Soldiers outnumbered ships available. This resulted in a long wait time to get home. It could take several months to get home. Soldiers were made to continue to take part in drills and military manoeuvres.

4 The Long Wait Armistice occurred on Nov 11, 1918. On May 5, 1919 soldiers still waiting to go home were informed that their ships were in need of repairs. Soldiers rioted in response at Kinmel, England. They attacked their camp canteen. Five soldiers killed, 15 arrested – sentenced 1-7 yrs hard labour.

5 Interesting Fact 25 Canadian soldiers were executed by their battalion leaders for crimes committed while at war. These crimes ranged from refusal to obey and order to desertion. Needlessly adding to the death toll of dead soldiers.

6 The Spanish Flu Many soldiers all over the world contracted an influenza known as the Spanish flu while living in the trenches. When the soldiers were finally able to come home they brought with them this very deadly disease. Exhibits the same symptoms of the common flu but far more deadly.

7 The Spanish Flu Killed approximately 21 million (that’s more than those who died fighting in the war). Approx. 50,000 Canadians died ( Some small villages of Canada almost entirely wiped out. When people ventured outside they wore masks.

8 The Spanish Flu

9 Employment 350,000 veterans return to Canada. At the same time approx. 250,000 Canadians lose their jobs. High workers surplus. 15% unemployment rate in Canada by the early 1920’s. Munitions factories no longer needed. Farm’s no longer needed to produce so much food – no soldiers to send food to. Wheat prices dropped 60% Maritimes lost 42% of their manufacturing jobs.

10 Soldiers Despair It was difficult to adjust back to civilian life. Both physical and emotional scars made it difficult to reintegrate into society. The physically handicapped (i.e. missing limbs) had extra difficulty finding work. The mentally ill (i.e. shell shock) were often misunderstood.

11 Soldiers Despair A pension was difficult to obtain despite the promises made to them by the government while the war was on. Those who managed to qualify were usually provided with no more that 25% of what was a full pension. A widow needed to demonstrate a great financial need, stay unmarried and prove themselves worthy if they were to get a survivors pension.

12 Shell Shock

13 “To Women Workers” The title of a poster released after the war came to an end. During the war women were a vital part of the workforce but after the war they were viewed as a hindrance. Poster painted working women as selfish and uncaring. Men were in greater need of employment because they had families to support. Women were reluctant to go back to the home – Many had enjoyed their taste of freedom.

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